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Fire and Ivory

August 7, 2015
By Thalion SILVER, Peoria, Illinois
Thalion SILVER, Peoria, Illinois
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Africa, 2004.
I had been living in Nigeria for nearly four years. I worked for a company that ran safari tours. You know, show the tourists the landscape, the cute elephants, and such. A biology student from the US, I had moved away from home for only one reason.
I wanted adventure.
Some people say they found adventure, mystery, even love, in the strangest of places. I certainly did. I found them in the rather unlikely place: the jungles of Nigeria. Well, unlikely depending on who you ask. Some people (young girls, most often) might think of the jungle like in a movie. Beautiful, lush plants concealing magnificent creatures barely of this earth.
I have never fancied myself a romantic; I saw the reality of the jungles:
Hot, humid, bug-infested.
Yep, sounds like a great place to fall in love.


Fire and Ivory

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