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The Unexpected Surprise

January 17, 2014
By Anonymous

It had been a long dreary day for Cassidy. It was the beginning of winter and close to Christmas. She had spent all day at the hospital, by her mother's side. Her mother was very ill with cancer and was facing her last couple days of life. She took her around the hospital to at least get her out of her bed. They went to lunch, they played card games, and just talked about nothing all day long. She didn't leave the hospital until midnight, and the next morning when she awoke, she got horrific news.
"Cassidy, your mother passed away last night," her dad explained sorrowfully.
She had no words to say, she just looked at her dad as tears started rolling down her face. She knew it was coming but didn't want to believe it. She ran up the stairs, jumped in her bed, and hugged a picture of her mom tightly. She lay there, sobbing, praying, and trying to tell herself it was a dream. But sure enough, it was not a dream. She didn't know what she would do without her mother.
Her dad came up to talk to her, but he couldn't find the right words to say to her. She didn't want to talk about her mother or talk to anyone about anything. Not knowing what to do or how to get through to her, her dad called her boyfriend, Chase.
Chase got there and just like her father, she didn't want to talk to him. Chase went and talked to her father and they didn't know what to do to help her. They decided that maybe the best way to let her cope was to leave her by herself, like she wanted and hopefully she will be okay.

The planning of the funeral was tough. Just the thought of having to say good-bye to her mother made Cassidy cringe. She still didn't want to have anything to do with anyone, until the day of the visitation. Chase came over the morning of the visitation to try to take her to lunch.
"Why don't you want to talk to anyone?" He asked.
She just sat there and stared at him with glossy, blood shot eyes, holding the picture of her mother.
"Tonight you're going to have to face a lot of people, so will you at least talk to me, to help you a little bit?"
"I just don't know what to say, all I can do is cry. I miss her so much and it's only been two days, everything I think about, it's always been done with her. I just can't think of something I've ever done without her, she was my best friend," expressed Cassidy.
"I know it's going to be hard to not be able to go talk to her whenever you want or go do what you did with her, but there are so many other women that will be there for you. They would not mind if you called them to talk or asked them to go shopping."
"I know but it just isn't the same, no one will ever be able to replace my mom."
"I know that but your mom is in a better place, she is now watching over you in whatever you do. Let's get out of the house for a change and go get something to eat."

Although Cassidy would have rather stayed in the house, food sounded really good to her. Chase took her to her favorite restaurant. He was able to get her to talk and even crack a couple smiles. After lunch, they still had time to spare. Chase took her to a store and let her pick out her favorite movies. He picked out her favorite candy and got her hot chocolate before going back to her house.

When they got back to her house, they started watching the movies. Not long after the beginning of the first movie, Cassidy crashed. Her dad took this opportunity to talk to Chase.
"Thank you for getting her out of her room," expressed her dad gratefully.
"It was definitely a challenge, but it's better than nothing! How are you coping?"
"You know, I'm okay, I try to be strong for the kids but it is definitely hard. It is hard to be with someone for over 20 years and then all of a sudden they're gone. I am more worried about the kids than myself."
"If you ever want a break, or would like me to take the kids to do something fun, I am more than happy to jump in and do it!"
"Thank you, I may need that sometime!"

The family went to the funeral home about an hour before the visitation. Cassidy's father had asked Chase to join them at this time to help be some support. Walking into the room where Cassidy's mother was, was hard for all of them. It was hard for them not to shed a tear, but they were able to keep themselves composed. Cassidy, Chase, and Cassidy's dad were trying to stay strong for her little brother, Evan, and sister, Kenzie. They didn't want them to get overwhelmed and rambunctious before the guests arrived. When it got closer to the visitation, Cassidy's dad asked Chase if he would keep Evan and Kenzie occupied in the next room. Chase didn't hesitate, as he loved playing with them.

As the visitation went on, Chase, Evan, and Kenzie played games and read books as Cassidy, her dad, and grandparents welcomed everyone. Every once in a while family or good friends would stop in to see Evan and Kenzie. Cassidy would even take some time away to recoup from everyone coming through and play a couple games with her siblings. As it was getting later in the night, Evan and Kenzie were getting tired and restless. Chase went to their dad and asked if he would like Chase to take them home.
"That would be so nice of you, I don't know how to thank you enough for everything you are doing for me!"

Chase brought the kids home and got them ready for bed. He even read them bed-time stories and tucked them in before saying goodnight. He then took this time, as he knew this was only the beginning of what was yet to come. Cassidy and her dad didn't get home that night until about 11. He dad thanked Chase once again and he left.

When Chase arrived at Cassidy's house the next morning, her dad told him she had been sick that morning.
"She woke up nauseous, and then started throwing up. I think it might have something to do with the stress but I am not quite sure. It was early this morning so I told her to go back to sleep and see if she feels better. Will you go check on her please?"
"Yes, I will go see how she is doing!"

Chase went upstairs and found Cassidy was sleeping. He decided to wake her up as he knew she would need sometime to get ready for the funeral. When he woke her up, she told him she was feeling better but was going to shower to wake her up. Chase went back downstairs and relayed the message to her dad. Her dad was thrilled as he didn't want her to feel bad during the funeral. While Cassidy was getting ready her dad asked Chase if he could help get Evan and Kenzie ready. After a while everyone was ready to go.

The funeral took place in their church. Their church had high ceilings, stain glass windows, and many pews in their sanctuary. And there at the front of the church was the casket, with flowers all around and two pictures, one of just her and one of the family. As soon as the funeral started, everyone was crying. So many people had wonderful memories of her in their lives. A couple family members and close friends shared some of their favorite memories. The service at the church wasn't long as they were going to finish the service at the burial site. After everyone completed their stories, the casket was taken from the front of the church and put into pall bearer where it was going to be transported to the cemetery.

It was cold, cloudy, and snowy at the cemetery when the rest of the service was being completed. The ground was covered in fluffy white snow and everyone was wearing black coats. The only color that was seen were the flowers people brought to put by the casket. Cassidy wasn't ready to say good-bye for the final time as they closed the casket and lowered it into the ground. She threw her arms around Chase and squeezed tight as tears ran uncontrollably down her cheeks. Evan and Kenzie squeezed tightly to their dad as they started to bawl. Their family and friends said their last good-byes and left but the Cassidy, Evan, Kenzie, and their dad weren't ready to leave. Chase stayed with to support Cassidy and also to say his last good-byes as he was very fond of their mom. They stood there looking into the ground in disbelief. They had no words to say. After standing there Cassidy's dad suggested they all went to lunch, so in remembrance of their mom they went to her favorite restaurant, where they had gone many times before.

Cassidy rode with Chase and she asked him to stop at the grocery store near the restaurant. He was confused on why she wanted him to stop, so he asked.
"Why do you want to go Meijer?" He asked.
"I need to get thank you cards and some food."
"Alright, do you need help or money?"
"No, I can get it and I have enough money, it won't take too long. Thanks though."

Little did Chase know Cassidy really was getting a pregnancy test. She said all the other stuff to make up an excuse because she didn't want anyone to know if it turned out negative. It didn't take her long, and they were on their way to breakfast.

Breakfast was a nice little get together for them, as they talked to each other. They were finally able to smile and giggle while telling jokes and their favorite memories. The stress of planning the funeral and making plans were finally gone. They all knew they were going to have a long road ahead of them but this is a start. Sticking together as a family was their main goal and they were going to stay together from here on out.

Once they got home, everyone changed into sweatpants and sweatshirts to be comfortable for the rest of the day. While everyone was changing, Cassidy took the pregnancy test she had bought. When she saw the result, she didn't know what to do. It was confirmed that she was pregnant.

She was terrified. She sat in her room in disbelief.
"I can't be pregnant, no, no,no this is just a dream."
She tried to convince herself but it wasn't a dream. After she came to terms with reality and the fact that she was pregnant, she went downstairs. She was still unsure of how she was going to tell Chase and her dad.
"I can't break the news tonight," she thought.
It had been such a long day, there was no way she could tell her dad the news that night. She couldn't keep it quiet though, she wanted to tell someone, so she decided to tell Chase.

"Chase, you wanna go for a walk?"
She figured this was the best way to talk to him without her family hearing. They started walking and once they far enough away from the house, she told him.
"I have some pretty big news, that you aren't going to believe," she said.
"What is it?" He asked
"You know how I asked you to stop at the grocery store, well what I really needed to get was a pregnancy test."
"Wait, what?"
"I'm pregnant."
"No way, I don't believe this."
"I know, me too, but the pregnancy test came back positive."
"Well, I'm here for you and I am going to help you raise this baby. We are going to do it together. When and what are you going to tell your dad?"
"That's the problem. I don't know when or how I should. I can't tell him today, there is absolutely no way I can tell him today. I think I am going to tell him tomorrow, you want to be there tomorrow when I tell him?"
"If you want me to be there, of course I will!"

They went further on their walk and talked about their plans and how they were going to care for the baby. Cassidy had already decided she was going to keep it, as she believed it was a gift from God sent because of her mother's passing. After she found out she was pregnant, she thought about what her mom would say. She knew her mom would be disappointed, but she would want Cassidy to make the decision whether to keep it or give it up. Cassidy knew her mom would support whatever decision she made and would help her.

The next morning Cassidy was scared to tell her dad. She didn't know how he'd react and she was worried he would be upset since she already decided to keep the baby. Chase went to their house, and both of them knew they needed to tell her dad but were so nervous to do so.
Cassidy told her dad they had something important to say, so they sat him down at the kitchen table. Chase and Cassidy were starting to sweat and there cheeks slowly went from a pale color to a bright cherry color because they were so nervous.
"Dad, take a deep breath," as Cassidy prepared him for the news.
"Yesterday, I found out I am pregnant."
The room got silent, so silent they could hear a pin drop.
"Excuse me?"
"Yes dad, I am pregnant."
"I have no words to say to you guys, I am disappointed, but you are my daughter and we vowed to stay together as a family yesterday," expressed her dad.
"I know, I struggled with the news too but I want to keep the baby as I believe it is a gift."
"We still have a long way until it's born, it is an option but we will talk more about it. Chase, what are your thoughts?"
"Well, sir, I am going to back her in any decision she makes, if she wants to keep the baby, I am going to help her take care of it, and be here for her. I am going to get a job to help financially, I want to be a father to it."
"I will support the decision you guys make together, but I want you guys to think long and hard about it. No matter what I am going to be here for help whenever you want it!"
"Thanks, dad!" Cassidy said with a smile.
"Thank you, sir!" Nodded Chase.

A few weeks later they went to the doctor to see if Cassidy really was pregnant. The doctor confirmed the news. Cassidy and Chase had many long discussions about whether they wanted to keep the baby or give it up. They eventually came to the agreement that they wanted to be parents and were going to keep the baby. Her dad supported her decision as he said he would. He also told Cassidy he found some letters from her mom when he was cleaning out drawers. One of the letters was the reassurance of her keeping the baby as it said:
"I know someday you will be a great mother, no matter how early or late in your life it comes. You have so many great people that will help you and I will always be watching you. Whenever you find yourself in a hard place, I will be here to listen, just start talking. I know you will do great things in your life, and I can't wait to watch you accomplish so many great things.
Love, Mom"
This was just what Cassidy needed to ease her mind about the baby, and she knew it was the start of something great.

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