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The Rose Bandit

July 24, 2012
By callmeIN GOLD, Atlanta, Indiana
callmeIN GOLD, Atlanta, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
‘Maybe Richard will find another way. Just tell him, Alice. Tell him that his own Confessor never stopped loving him. And that if he can’t undo the magic, if he can’t return to her then, she’ll be waiting for him, in the Underworld. Forever.’
-Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell,
Legend of the Seeker


Rosalie grew up in the small town of Get, where blacks and whites repel each other more than oil and water. She seemed destined to marry, have children, and live an unremarkable life.
But then she travels to Philadelphia to attend a teaching school, and her life will be changed forever. For better... and for worse.


The Rose Bandit

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