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December 11, 2011
By Tazzilynumeral SILVER, Takoma Park, Maryland
Tazzilynumeral SILVER, Takoma Park, Maryland
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I was born to kill my twin sister. And I failed. But I don't believe in ​accepting failure, and death isn't the worst punishment. Who am I? I'm the boy erased from my family tree, torn out of photos and hidden like an embarrasing memory. I'm the anthropormorphic personification of the Confederate States of America, the black sheep of my family,not because of what I tried to do, but because I failed. Who is my twin? My dear sister, rebellious teenager turned superpower golden child, the United States of America, a child in need of a reality check, and who better to give it to her than the person who knows her best? I've spent the past 150 years as a memory, stuck inside my sister's head; but everyone deserves a second chance, and what better way to teach a lesson than through experience? Soon I'll be the one in charge and she'll be the memory. And I'll have my place in my family back.
Six feet under isn’t too far if you have a way to the surface, and in a world where countries are personified as people, sometimes even 150 years isn’t enough time to put that final nail in the coffin. And I may not know much, but I know this:

You don't have to be alive to ruin a life.

Jordan D.


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