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The Monsters in this Family

June 2, 2022
By Cole666 BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
Cole666 BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
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TW: Graphic violence and sexual assault

Murder Phineas Flint had two kids. These kids never really grew up together. When their father was caught, they split into two different worlds. Evelyn Price took over the family business of murder, the government didn't know of her real identity as a daughter of Phineas Flint. That was at least the case until she walked right into Adam Mitchell. Adam Mitchell is the son of Phineas Flint, he took over another path from being with his father. He became an agent of the law.   Evelyn decided to screw with Adam's head and invited him over for dinner. This is when we meet Evelyn's two foster sons Damion and Noah. All chaos erupts from there.

Colette N.

The Monsters in this Family

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