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Devine Bloom

November 2, 2020
By Nisu, Elgin, South Carolina
Nisu, Elgin, South Carolina
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Darkness, that is the only thing that I remembered.
Not only was my mind so empty of thought, the terrible sudden jolt of overwhelming pain flooded through my nervous system. My body trembling harshly when I attempt to sit up. My breaths were off paced, and few whines escaping from my lips as I try so hard to settle the tensions in my body. Soon I take a moment to put my mind at peace to take in the setting around me. It seems I was in a huge spacious bedroom. There were few larges windows scattered among the dark blue painted walls. The floor was a beautiful dark wood of some kind, it looked as if it was waxed and kept clean often to give it such a shimmering glow. The room was filled with the fancy interior, not to mention the very comfortable bed I’d been occupying. In front of the bed, just a little further out in front of me was a huge door. I could only assume it was an exit
out of the room...

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Devine Bloom

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