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Devine Bloom

November 2, 2020
By Nisu, Elgin, South Carolina
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Nisu, Elgin, South Carolina
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Read it you might like it that the whole point right?

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Lemme know how I did.

(Alastra’s P.O.V)
Darkness, that is the only thing that I remembered. 
Not only was my mind so empty of thought, the terrible sudden jolt of overwhelming pain flooded through my nervous system. My body trembling harshly when I attempt to sit up. My breaths were off paced, and few whines escaping from my lips as I try so hard to settle the tensions in my body. Soon I take a moment to put my mind at peace to take in the setting around me. It seems I was in a huge spacious bedroom. There were few larges windows scattered among the dark blue painted walls. The floor was a beautiful dark wood of some kind, it looked as if it was waxed and kept clean often to give it such a shimmering glow. The room was filled with the fancy interior, not to mention the very comfortable bed I’d been occupying. In front of the bed, just a little further out in front of me was a huge door. I could only assume it was an exit
out of the room.

I thought to myself, maybe I could see if anyone was out there, but when I look back to inspect myself, my body was covered with assorted wraps and bandages, not to mention such an aftershock of pain when I woke up. What happened to me? I thought to myself along with other questions that quickly entered my conscious thought I tried so hard to remember what happened to me but it was only a blur. The time came to pass, and soon the front entrance of the bedroom slowly opened itself to let in a tall man in fancy clothing, every part of him glimmered and shined from the small amount of jewelry and the gloss of his apparel. To be in the presents of him made me so flustered. I pulled the blankets to cover my broken and bandaged body.

???: “Oh my... I wasn’t expecting you to awake for at least another day... Here I brought you some water. Drink you must be thirsty.”
Alastra: “...Thank you, sir...”
???: “So... How are you feeling?”
Alastra: “Everything hurts...”
???: ” That’s to be expected. You are still recovering after all.”
Alastra: “Yeah no kidding...but, what happened to me?”
???: “Hm?... Oh! You don’t remember? Heheheh...
Well, allow me to refresh your memory."

He takes a moment to clear his throat, then he begins his story.

???: “Two nights ago, I was strolling around the castle that you are currently in now when suddenly I hear the sound of screaming and crying along with the sound of wolves coming from deeper within the forest. Out of curiosity, I decided to go and investigate and see for myself what was going on. Then what I found was a young woman being chased by a pack of wolfmen. Sound familiar at all?”
Alastra: “...”
???: “Anyway, what I thought you to be screaming instead you were laughing. This was peculiar to me knowing that a normal woman such as yourself would be screaming in pure unbridled fear at the sight of such creatures... Yet you, you were laughing as if you wanted such a fate. Yet your face was streaming with tears as you run further and further into the forest. I watched for a while as you scrabbled around agilely through various rocks and trees. Continuously laughing to yourself when you saw them gaining closer to you. That was until a stray root caught you by surprise causing you to fall flat on your face. You were only on the ground for a second or two until you quickly righted yourself. but that was all the time the wolfmen needed to finally catch up to you.”

In his words, it all finally flooded back to me overwhelming me with the futile reasons why I went into the forest in the first place. Each memory was more painful than the last the emotions of fear and sadness stained my face... I felt so ashamed this man had to take me in... I should have died... why did he even care?

???: “Aw, you seem frightened, but hang in there because this is where the story gets good. Anyway, it’s not as if you die at the end of this story. As I was saying When the wolfmen descended upon you they tore through your clothes and ripped at your pale white skin. You struggled at first I assume because of the pain, but then you fall into it laughing and crying at the same time. I swear I’ve never seen such insanity in a woman’s eyes in my life. Now I’ve seen the wolfmen chase after wild elk, rabbits, and so on but never a human such as you. I was curious to see how they would go about it. I’m sure that your death would be quite messy had I not intervened. You wanna know why?”
Alastra: ” I suppose...”
???: “Well While I watched them playing and toying with you, I caught a whiff of the most divine, the most mouth-watering aroma wafting to me in the night air. I must say my dear I’ve never smelt anything more delicious before in my whole life. Then I simply thought to myself that I couldn’t let such a beautiful gift go to waste. So I stepped in that’s, right I saved your life. After that, I brought you home and had the servants tend to your wounds. ”
Alastra: ” What happened to... them?”
???: ” What? Do you want to know what becomes of the wolfmen? Well, I slaughtered them of course. Not all of them just a few to prove a point the rest ran away fearful of me...Were you worried about them? Even though they tried to kill you? Hn... HAHAHA!!!” 
Alastra: “I dunno... I mean it’s not really their fault... I provoked them with my existence...”
???: “Oh well that is so quaint, though you shouldn’t feel so remorseful for them if you do. After all, they were just wolfmen, mongrels really. Besides, the castle servants are all wolfmen. And the forest is littered with them so a small pack of them won’t be missed.”
Alastra: “... Did you say... castle?”
???: ” Yes I did say castle, You are in my home The Estrial Palace. I live... alone. Aside from the company of my various servants.”
Alastra: ” Who are you?”
Thomashi: “My name is Thomshi Byarsabeth, and I... am a vampire....”
Alastra: “...”
Thomashi: ” What no, screams of terror? Not even a whimper? Not quite the reaction I was expecting... Though your eyes are wide... and your skin is slowly losing its color... Well, heheh, you can be at ease I have no intention of hurting you... not willingly anyway.”

I scoot over the edge of the bed in another attempt to get up the rest of my body exposed now bandages wraps covered my chest and my lower body, along with other wounds on my arms stomach, and legs. My feet now embracing the cold floor.

Alastra: “... Where are my clothes?... Ugh... did you do anything to me?... Though I suppose I shouldn’t care...I lost my purity a long time go...” 
Thomashi: “I assure you I have not taken advantage of your poor weak’s a shame you’re not pure... Anyway, I couldn’t just leave you in those blood-soaked rags now could I? So I had the servants give you a bath and tended to your cuts and bruises.”
Alastra: ” Am I supposed to just stay like this?”
Thomashi: “Yes, yes, You will be given a new gown in time my dear. As soon as you give the servants your size.”
Alastra: ” Thank you...”
Thomashi:” You are welcome... Now, it is time you answered a question of mine... What were you doing out so far in the wood, to begin with?”

I was silent for a moment as I recall my reasons to myself. My eyes start to flow with tears. I didn’t want to speak of such cruelty that I faced.

Alastra: “I’m from the settlement, I was sold to what others would call a Dollhouse, a place for men to have their way with women... if you know what I mean. I was sold to it by my disgraceful parents said that money was worth more than me. I was just another mouth to feed to them no matter how hard I tried, no matter how well behaved I was... I was nothing... Flash forward a few years in the future I spent my days entertaining and being abused and used by men. Most of them insulted my damaged body, called me horrible names. I was just a...toy... I always have been... When the fateful day of two days ago arrived I finally escaped from the awful place... I forced myself into the woods fully knowing of the dangers that lied ahead. I planned on dieing. I’d finally convinced myself that I truly was worthless in the eyes of men. No one would miss me. No one cared. When I finally showed myself to the pack of wolfmen, I laughed, Over and over, I told myself that my life had no meaning. I didn’t wanna make it easy for them, So I decided to have a little thrill before I died I ran. I ran for my life. As for the rest, you know what happened...”

When I look back at him, he stood silent, he sighed to himself then spoke.

Thomashi: “You really are lucky, I must say you are not as fragile as you look. Though you have a lot of cuts and bruises, Nothing, as I can see, is broken, You will heal in due time, I’m sure.”
Alastra: ” Is that a compliment?”
Thomashi: “You may take it that way... Well, my dear if it is death you seek I can ensure a very pleasurable one. You have no need to torcher yourself to such wild beasts when I can be much more delightful for you. I must say I’m looking forward to the near future if that is the case? Until then you will remain in bed till you fully recover. The servants will tend to anything you require all you need to do is gently ring that bell on your bedside table. Okay?”
Alastra: “Okay...Thank you...”
Thomashi: " You are most welcome. Well... This has been most delightful, OH! How rude of me... I would love to know the name of my sweet new pet..."
Alastra: " ...Alastra, Alastra Ruichu."

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