Unnamed | Teen Ink


February 23, 2011


I groaned at Wilma. She knew I had to listen to her for the most part. Which means for something like this, at least, I have to obey her. I can’t go and get it elsewhere. It’s part of the deal. If I disobey my father will get involved, and he can, and will, over rule me. So I have to mind Wilma.

“Can’t we at least talk about this?” I begged. I knew she wouldn’t listen though.

“When Hell freezes over.” She grumbled at me, while putting away the groceries. I knew she meant well. Then she looked up at me, about to snap my fingers, and quickly added, “On it’s own accord!”

“Come on!” I complained. “You know that won’t ever happen! Nothing ever happens on it’s own accord. Everything happens because of something else that set it off, a chain event, the domino theory! You know that as well as the rest of my people-”



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