Empty Walls

January 21, 2018
By thegeyerguesthouse, Scottdale, Pennsylvania
thegeyerguesthouse, Scottdale, Pennsylvania
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James's life has been cycling for three years since he moved to a new city. He wakes up every morning, goes to a job he despises, and comes home, watching crime shows as though they'll fill the void that seems to be growing within him. With no friends, no actual silverware, and no posters on the wall, he feels like a failing member of society. 


For him, things used to be different. He remembers the days when he was proud of being an outcast, when he was thrilled to make PTA mothers uncomfortable. Now as a customer service worker, he bows down to them each and every day. It hadn't been like that when he was young, when it was him and his brother, Chris, against the world. But he couldn't afford to think of that.


His isolated life crashes down around him when he makes a connection with a seemingly homeless boy named Bel. A boy with a sweet temper and a dark secret would forever change James's dismal view of the world around him.


Empty Walls

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