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A Dreams Journey to a New World

November 24, 2015
By Prestilikca, Manchester, Massachusetts
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Prestilikca, Manchester, Massachusetts
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Long ago, there was once a dream. Despite her youthful appearance, the dream was old enough to forget her own creator. Once day, the dream notice that she was starting to fade away. The dream was scared; she didn't want to fade away from her world of wonderland. As the dream floated around, she got an idea. She decided to travel to earth and find a human to create her world. She left her quiet world to find the perfect person to form her wonderland. As she floated through a portal, the dream found herself somewhere in Asia. As she flew by several towns, she saw a young woman that looked to be in her twenties with black hair. She was coming out of a building with a sword over her shoulder. "She seems like a strong girl. That girl seems like a good fit to create wonderland." The dream said. She followed the young woman to a field full of flowers. The dream spun around the lady; making the black haired woman sleepy. When the woman fell asleep, the dream took her into her world. The young woman woke up to see that she was in a forest like out of a fairy tale. She sat up to look around. Her mind was boggled at her current location. "Please tell me your name!" A calming voice came out from nowhere. Despite her confusion, the girl shouted "My name is Cleo Jones!" She heard a soft giggle that sounded like it was from a child. "I am known as Destiny. I am a dream who brought you to this world to help create my Wonderland. I know this must be confusing but all you need to know is that you are in charge. You can have whatever you want in this world." Cleo agree to become the ruler of the world. She filled the forest with little creatures both from real life and from mythology. She became a warrior of the forest. Despite Cleo’s pure heart, she started to go crazy. After a month of her living in the world, she was living normally and happily among the creatures. Month two, she was going stir crazy and growing short tempered. By month three, she was insane. One day, she had completely lost it. She took her sword in her hand and sprinted into the forest. The dream; with fear in her eyes followed the girl. Cleo walked deeper and deeper into the forest. Any plant or creature who crossed her path was immediately slashed and slayed; making a trail of red mark her way. The sky turned black with purple and the trees looked dead. The dream watched in fear of her world going to pieces. "She is not the one who belongs in this world." The dream said. In order to stop Cleo, the dream took control of all the trees. The long branches turned into fingers. The trees captured Cleo, making her drop the bloody sword. Leaving a bloody trail behind, the trees locked the black haired girl in a cell. The dream turned into a physical form and floated in front of the cell. The dream had blue curly hair and black bunny ears. She was wearing a white dress with rainbow flowers at the bottom. She was barefoot and her skin was pale. "You have abused your power over my world and for that, you are forever banished." The trees started to surround the girl and below her was a glowing portal. She was sucked into the portal, leaving Wonderland forever and returning to earth. The dream left Cleo’s world and locked it away with a golden key. The door was shaped like a sword to match the girl's passion and how the world was destroyed. “I guess it’s time to search for a new woman to create my world.” The dream said. She opened another portal hoping to find her new participant for her wonderland. The dream found herself in Antarctica. In a little town was a girl with light brown hair. She was up on a stage and singing to the people. “Song of an angel and kind to people. She might be a great candidate for my wonderland. Like before, the dream put the girl to sleep. Destiny took the girl to wonderland and laid her down against a wall. “So this girl dreams of the town she lives in.” The dream saw that the brown haired girl was waking up. Turning back into her transparent form, the dream floated in front of the girl. The light haired girl woke up to see she was in a little town. “Tell me your name my child.” The young girl squeaked from hearing the voice. “My name is Gwen. Who are you?” The dream gave a slight sigh. “I am known as Destiny. I have brought you here to shape my world. Though this may be my world, you are in charge. You may do what you wish. Have fun young Gwen.” The dream floated above the brown haired girl and let her mind wonder. Gwen thought for a moment with her eyes closed. “I only wish to sing.” When the girl opened her eyes, she was on stage in front of thousands of people. Gwen smiled and grabbed the microphone; but the lyric were dark. Each note she sang turned the world where she stood into a state of terror. The notes turned the buildings into rubble and the people into zombies. Gwen changed her outfit into a purple and black dress. It was an old fashioned dress like something made in the 1500’s. Her hair turned into a high bun with curly pieces falling from places. The dream watched as the once sweet world filled with music but now it was filled with death and fear. The dream became a physical form. Gwen looked at the dream. “You have just corrupted and polluted my wonderland. For your crime against this world, you are forever exiled from this world. The dreams hand glowed and the curtains from the stage flew off the walls and surrounded Gwen like tornado. The brown haired girl let out a final scream before she was pulled into a portal by the curtains; making her leave the world forever. The dream was about to be attacked by Gwen’s zombie listeners and she flew out of the town. Using her power, the dream again locked the demented world. This door was a music note shaped and had a matching key. “I thought that girl would be good and turn me into a big dream. But instead she made a world of destruction and madness. I guess I have to find another girl.” The dream flew into the sky and traveled back into earth for the third time. This time, she was in Australia. She smiled at the cute creatures she passed by as she floated into a large city that was near the ocean. The dream was so captivated and fascinated by the pretty lights until she spotted a girl with bleach blonde hair. Destiny floated on top of a building and looked at the girl in curiosity. She was surrounded by men who offered her gifts but she politely refused them. “Such a pure and innocent girl, she would be perfect to create a kind world.” The dream though. As night fell, the dream followed the girl to her home. She smiled at the innocent girl and formed a portal. The blonde girl was dropped in the center of a town where she screamed from shock. “Please tell me your name child.” The blond girl looked down to see she was in peasant like clothes. “I am known as Annabelle.” The dream explained the situation and young Annabelle smiled. “Close your eyes and let your mind wander.” The dream left girl to her dream. She closed her eyes and was suddenly in a palace. She had a queens dress on and on top of her head was a pink tiara with gold gems. She ran out of the room to see people cheering at the sight of her. The dream thought she had picked the perfect subject for her wonderland. Everything was perfect, but as time passed on, Annabelle became more obsessed with herself. The country was falling into poverty while the blonde girl became drunk with lust, power, wealth and her own looks. The dream hated seeing the people like this. Annabelle tormented the people who disobeyed her and she became the true devil. Sending her back to her world was not enough punishment. Transforming back to her human form, Destiny stood in front of the violated girl. “As punishment for hurting all of the the people in your kingdom and for mistreating your power to create a world…” The dream covered Annabelle's eyes with her hand. “Until you wake up back in your earth, you shall see nothing but your worst nightmare!” A blast of light threw Annabelle back ten feet and the dream left the room. When Annabelle stood up, she saw herself in a mirror and screamed. Her once beautiful face was now a decaying corpse. Her outfit was stained with blood and torn at various places. The servants she saw were walking and bloody skeletons. Her eyes were now black holes with a blue dot in the center. It was a worst type of hell than anything Miku could imagine. The dream walked out of the kingdom and used her magic to create a crown shaped door. “I was so close to finding my creator. This time, I will be extra careful choosing my creator.” The dream flew out of her world for the fourth time. She found herself in America. Destiny saw a sign that said ‘Burlington, Vermont’ on the front. Through her curiosity, the dream floated into the town to see many nice people. As she floated, the dream saw a girl coming out of school. This girl was different from any other girl she used. This girl had a scar on her face that covered her entire eye and her hair was a red color. As she walked out of school, she was pushed to the ground. Everyone laughed at the girl as they went their separate ways. “What a sad girl…” The dream thought. For the entire day, the dream followed the girl around. The dream saw the girl help out townspeople, gave food to stray animals, and gave off a kind aura. The dream also learned that the girl was homeless and slept in an abandon warehouse. The dream decided to meet this girl face to face. The dream transformed into her physical form and floated down in front of the girl. “Hello. My name is Destiny. I am a dream from another world.” The girl smiled at the dream. “I knew someone like you existed in this world. I’m Naomi. Please come in and forgive my home.” The dream smiled at the sweet girl. She couldn’t be older than fifthteen. “Why do you live in a place like this? What about your parents?” The dream asked. “They died in a car accident. That’s how I got this scar. I didn't want to burden anyone so I decided to live here. It’s warm and has running water. I can’t be any more happy.” The dream knew that this is the girl for her world. She floated next to Naomi and said “I actually came here to see you.” Naomi looked both honored and confused. “The truth is that I’m dying.” The red haired girl gasped. “I have lived for so long that I am starting to fade away. The only way for me to live is for a human to come into my world and live their forever.” Naomi looked at the dream with worried eyes. “I have tried three different girls over this past week and each of their takes on my wonderland has become a nightmare.” The dream shed a tear and Naomi hugged her.”That is why I have come here.” The human let go of the dream. “I have watched you through the entire day and saw how kind and sweet you are. I am here to ask you to give up your human life here and come live with me in my wonderland.” Naomi smiled and jumped up. “I would love that!” The dream and Naomi smiled while hugging. The dream took the red heads hand and they appeared in an enchanted forest. This reminded the dream of the first girl who entered her world. Naomi closed her eyes and a small village formed full of happy people. “Are you going to live in that village?” The dream asked but Naomi shook her head. They both looked behind them to see the forest full of magical creatures. “Those people have their life and I have mine. I want you and me to rule over the enchanted forest together, bringing peace and harmony to the world.” The dream smiled and took Naomi's hand. Till all of eternity, the two of them ruled over the forest while the town was at peace. “Thank you Naomi. You have changed me into a dream bigger and happier than I ever could have thought.”

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