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Prank Week

November 25, 2015
By lolwhynatalie BRONZE, Glen Burnie, Maryland
lolwhynatalie BRONZE, Glen Burnie, Maryland
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"Well I'm a waste like you, with nothing else to do, may I waste your time too?"

-"Sassafras Roots", Green Day


Rush Week just ended and everyone in the sororities and fraternities are looking forward to the upcoming Prank Week. During Prank Week, all boys and girls in a fraternity or sorority can form teams and enter into Prank Week.

Will one team take things a bit too far? Secrets will be revealed and not everyone will be who they seem to be. Who is telling the truth, and who is just lying?

Follow Claire and her friends as well as Raymond and his friends through Prank Week in this new story. With the rotating point of views, you'll never have a time where you get bored! 

The events in this story are purely fictional and are not based on any real events. The characters are based loosely on real people. These people have given their consent on our portrayment of them.

Copyright 2014

This story belongs only to us, and stealing or copying part of it without our permission is completely wrong.

Natalie P.

Prank Week

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