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Everything Is Not What It Seems

April 16, 2013
By wheniwrite, Largo, Florida
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wheniwrite, Largo, Florida
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Author's note: This piece was inspired by the opening theme song for Wizards of Waverly Place. I thought it seemed perfect for this. What I hope everyone gets out of it? I hope they get to see a side of Hermione and Draco's no love-all hate relationship that no one believed would be there!

The author's comments:
I hope you enjoyed the chapter! More to come soon! -wheniwrite


At Hogwarts, nothing is ever what it seems. Magic is a part of their everyday life.
Of course, there's things behind the scenes that many people don't know about.
Like I stated, not everything is what it seems.

Chapter 1

Hermione seems to have no secrets, but she did. Oh, she did.
Her first secret was when she, Ron and Harry went and faced Quirrell alone in their first year. But that one secret she had outweighed the others occurred in their fifth year.
It was a normal, calm day when Hermione, Ron and Harry crossed into 9 3/4, talking rapidly about the upcoming year. Ginny was behind them, staring dreamily at Harry when he or her brother wasn't looking. Everything was fine until Draco Malfoy, a Slytherin boy in their year, bumped into Hermione.
"Watch it, you flithy muggle."
Hermione gritted her teeth, pulling her wand out. Ginny placed her hand on Hermione's, shaking her head.
"He's not worth it. Let's just go find a compartment and get settled down."
Sighing, Hermione nodded and climbed onto the train, finding a compartment. They got their suitcases up in the racks, talking about their summers.
Time passed by as the train travelled through the countryside. Soon, the lights clicked on as it got darker. The witch lady had been by twice and Ron and Harry were snacking on a bunch of chocolate frogs, comparing cards.
Hermione stared out the window, mouthing spells under her breath as the rain slapped against the window. Ginny was reading, occasionally looking up at Harry and blushing.
As she stared out the window, her mind wondered to places she shouldn't have been in.
Draco had his arms around her waist, pressing her into him, his fingers toying with her shirt. Although Hermione didn't say it, she did want him to touch her.
His lips were at her ear, his breath sending goosebumps over her skin.
"You'll always be my dirty little secret."
Hermione blushed a little, glad that it was cold enough to make them think it was the cold. Hermione hated having feelings like this for Malfoy. It drives her insane, since she shouldn't have these feelings.
The door to the compartment opened and a girl with black hair and red highlights and a lip ring stood there.
"Can you tell me where the front of the train is?"
"Of course."
Hermione stood, walking over. She pointed in the direction opposite of where she'd come from.
"It'straight that way. Are you new here?"
"Yes, I am. I just transferred from Beauxbaton."
"Oh, really! Did you come to the school last year for the Triwizard tournament?"
"I wish. I get sick easily, so Madame Maxime suggested I stay back at the academy. The nurses are always on call for me, ready in case I came down with something."
"Well, maybe you'll end up in our house!"
"I hope so."
The girl started to walk away, hair bouncing away.
"Wait, I didn't catch your name."
"Sapphire. Sapphire Bansheath."
"I'm Hermione. Hermione Granger."
Sapphire smiled and turned away, walking down the compartments. Shutting the door, she spotted her cousin, Blaise Zabini.
"I've been looking all over for you, Sapphire. Where have you been?"
"I got lost."
"You need to be more careful."
Blaise moved his hand under her hair, fingers brushing over the dark mark on her shoulder that she got tattooed on a year ago. His other hand settled on her wrist, where the real mark laid hidden.
"You do know how dangerous it is if someone caught you. If he knew..."
"I know, Blaise, I know. Everything will be fine. I just need to watch my step, that's all."
"Does Aunt Cloe and Uncle Coal know about this?"
"They went backpacking in Europe. So, no, they don't. They would have lost it if they had known. They won't be back until after I get out of school. Thus, they won't know."
Zabini sighed. His cousin always thought irrationally. It wasn't good for her health, either. If she got sick, and the nurses couldn't do anything, Aunt Cloe and Uncle Coal would have a grade A fit.
"Come on, Sapphire. Join me in my compartment."
Draco was staring out the window, his mind on the mudblood he'd run into at the train station. He couldn't ever get Granger off his mind. Why did he care about her? Granger was a muggle! His parents would freak out if they knew.
The door creaked open, snapping Draco out of his thoughts. He looked towards the door, disinterested in Zabini and some girl. Draco had to admit that she was pretty, but there was something on his mind.
She didn't compare to Granger.
"Draco, this is my cousin, Sapphire."
"Her mother was removed twice. Long story."
That was all this Draco boy said. He returned to looking out the window and ignored her. Sapphire frowned. How is he ignoring her? She is a veela, after all. Most boys can barely ignore her.
Maybe he had a different girl on his mind.
Pansy shoved the girl aside, flinging herself into Draco's lap.
"Pansy, get off."
Draco pushed her off, returning to the window, getting lost in the country side. Pansy frowned, stood and stormed out, pushing pass Zabini as he helped Sapphire up.
"Are you okay, Sapphire?"
"Yeah, I am. Who was that?"
"That was Pansy. She thinks of herself as Draco's girlfriend, although he has no feelings for her and would never be with her willingly."
"She's crazy."
"I agree."
Sapphire and Zabini took their seats, talking quietly in low voices for the rest of the ride.
Hermione, Harry and Ron claimed a carriage for themselves as well as Neville and Luna. It was quiet as they rode up to the stairs of the castle.
Malfoy, Pansy, Zabini, Crabbe, Goyle and a figure whose red and black hair seemed familar climbed out of the carriage in front.
"Isn't that Sapphire Bansheath?"
"Why is she hanging with the Slytherins?"
"Yes, that's her. She might have gotten shoved into that carriage with them."
The carriage stopped and they all climbed out. Zabini had his arm over Sapphire's shoulders and Sapphire was talking brightly to him, a smile on her face. Her arm was around his waist and they looked like a couple.
"Do you think Zabini and Sapphire know each other?"
"Maybe. Or maybe they are dating."
"Who knows? Let's get going. We're going to miss the sorting!"
"Alright, alright."
The grand hall was decorated with the usual banners and floating candles. Everyone had gone to their tables, chatting and grinning, talking about their summers. Talk quieted down when the doors opened, professor McGonagall leading all the first years and then Sapphire at the end, the only fifth year in the line.
Hermione waved to Sapphire and she smiled back, moving her attention to professor McGonagall. One by one, the first years slowly disappeared. Then, Sapphire's name was called.
She flicked her hair over her shoulder, a small smile on her lips, hips swaying as she walked up to the stool. Some of the boys were drooling, Harry and Ron included. Hermione smacked them both, bringing them out of their daze.
Draco frowned as the veela put some of the charm on the boys. It didn't work on him, since he always had another girl on his mind. Looking over to the Gryffindor table, his bored eyes looking on Granger.
Her curly brown hair feel down pass her shoulders and his mind went to last year at the Triwizard dance, when she was all dressed up for the competitor.
She looked pretty, although he was more used to her like she was right now.
Hermione, turned halfway in her seat, spotting Malfoy staring at her. She flushed and looked over as Sapphire's name was called.
Sapphire sat on the stool. The hat was only on her head for a second when it came to it's results.
Hermione was surprised. Why was Sapphire placed in Slyhterin? Something was not right here, and Hermione wanted to know what.
Sapphire stood off the stool, walking over to the Slytherin table and plopped into a seat next to Blaise Zabini, resting her head on his shoulder.
The feast ended and the first years, as well as Sapphire, were lead to their new home. Zabini and one of the Slytherin perfects lead her to the Slytherin room. Sapphire smiled and hugged her cousin, heading into the girls' dorm.
Hermione sat on her bed, staring out the window. She was thinking about what had happened today. Who is Sapphire? And what, exactly, is she involved in? Hermione wouldn't know until she investigated. With a yawn, she climbed into bed and went to sleep.
Sapphire was about to get into bed when a burning sensation began in her left arm. Gritting her teeth, she rolled her sleeve up, watching the number turn from 62 to 61. She sighed and unrolled it, going to sleep in her bed.
Hermione was walking from Charms to Herbology, a very normal day for her. But then someone's hand grabbed hers, pulling her into a dark hallway. Looking up, she was surprised to see it was Malfoy.
Sapphire was running, running down a dark hallway. Her head whipped around, looking behind her, red hair caught in between her lips. She whipped back around and ran faster, breathing hard. Her arm started burning and Sapphire collapsed, writhing in pain.
"What do you want, Malfoy?"
His fingers brushed over her cheek, sending rushes of red over her skin. He leaned over and rested his hands on her face, his lips inches from her.
Sapphire woke up, breathing hard. Her arm was still burning and she stood quietly, slipping out of bed and out of the girls' dorm, managing to sneak out of her house and found her way to the grounds outside. A figure was waiting for her.
"Did you honestly think you could run, Sapphire?"
"How did you get here, Harrison?"
"I have my ways, love."
Harrison reached out to touch her and Sapphire smacked his hand away. Harrison grabbed her wrist, yanking it up, her sleeve rolling down.
"Do you see this number, Sapphire?"
"Yes, of course I do."
"I can easily lower this number count and make your death come much sooner, Sapphire. The Dark Lord does not know that you are here. If he did, he'd have both of our heads."
"I know, I know. That's why no one but Blaise knows."
"You told Blaise?"
Harrison's hand rose and then a voice, soft yet firm, spoke.
"Don't touch her, Harrison."
Hermione could barely breath. Malfoy tilted her face up, leaning in. Her breathing grew heavier as his lips descended to hers.
Harrison's eyes narrowed as Blaise walked over.
"What do you want, Zabini?"
"For you to let my cousin go."
He frowned and then flung Sapphire away. Zabini barely managed to catch her so she wouldn't hit the ground.
"You know there will be hell to pay if the Dark Lord finds out that she's here."
"I know that. We both know that."
Malfoy's lips pressed to hers, pressing Hermione to him. She was surprised at this change in his behavior. This wasn't like him at all.
Hermione awoke with a gasp, sitting up. Sweat trickled down her forehead, trailing down her nose and onto her sheet. Blush creeped into her cheeks.
Why was she dreaming about Malfoy kissing her? He didn't like her. He made that perfectly clear when they first met. Could his feelings have changed?
Hermione shook her head, laying back down. She was going to get no sleep tonight.
"Leave, Harrison, now. You shouldn't even be here."
"I'll go for now, but I will be back again. And watch the number count. She could go one of these days."
Blaise gritted his teeth as Harrison left. He led Sapphire back up to the castle.
From the shadows, the eyes of one of their own watched on, moving into the light as they went in.
It was Snape.

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