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June 5, 2011
By ElizabethPerry BRONZE, Grand Junction, Colorado
ElizabethPerry BRONZE, Grand Junction, Colorado
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"There is Happiness for those who follow their fate, for those who don't, Glory." -Adel (princess Tutu)


Dinah ran through the woods, searching, searching. Finally she came upon the familiar quiet of the Mausoleum. She slowed and walked among the gravestones. Finally she came upon a tall tree near the center of the yard. I don’t remember this being here. Imbedded in the tree was a small plaque:
For those who know
What lies beyond?
Swing and snow
Till the day is gone.
For love’s light is lost
And can’t be found,
To open the gate
You must spin round.
For before the church bells ring,
Loves last song will finally sing.

How sad. She noticed a small swing hanging from a thick branch. She shrugged and hopped on. Only the wind blew her slightly forward and back. She hummed and had only her thoughts to keep her company. I’ve got to calm down, she told herself, I wonder what they all will say tomorrow.



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