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The Legend of Dezevah Septak

February 7, 2012
By Sirbeastoomuch, Panama City, Florida
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Sirbeastoomuch, Panama City, Florida
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Author's note: I have an overall love for fantasy and drawing. The main character of this short story was originally just a drawing that I felt was crying out for some rich backstory!

For four-thousand years, the great watcher has remained vigilant. Guarding his people as the world around him collapses. He protects the Isles of Daeroo with sworn loyalty. With a mystic sword and titan-crafted plates, he measures the size of a heathen, but a barbarian he is not. A gallant mystic with the might of a God at his back, he was deemed invincible, incorruptible, and untraceable! A bringer of justice for all Daeroo, this warrior is commonly known as… Dezevah Septak.

Today I reveal to you the epic of this heroic protector… From the beginning…

In the faraway lands of Arronam lies a furious one-thousand age war between the Androk and the Aronien, but that tale is for another time. In the southern isles of Arronam lie two nations, the righteous Daeroo, and the evil Kakona, constantly entrenched in hatred between one another. Within the Daeroo isles lay mostly wide open farmlands and populous stone wrought fortress cities.

In the heart of Ironstone City rests the hero-to-be, Dezevah. At the time, Dezevah was merely an apprentice to a little known blacksmith known as Vull Kaero. Vull was an average smith, an honest working man helpful of those in need. He had found young Dezevah, a boy of tremendous physical build and a mild facial deformation, on the streets of Ironstone during a brisk winter’s day. He saw that this boy was in need and took him in as his apprentice. After getting to know the young one better, Vull learned that Dezevah has no father, no mother, no other family in the world. Vull then swore to become a father and great mentor for this unique child.

Twas about when Dezevah was about fifteen years of age when his true heroism shone. A banging came to the rough wooden door of the Kaero Forgeworks. Vull was immediately awoken and charged downstairs armed with one of his various hand-crafted swords. Four thieves brandished their crossbows at him, these thieves looked similar to those native to the wretched Kakona! At this moment of despair, Vull whispered to himself softly “… Septak help me…” (Septak is the patron god of the Daegál religion, a religion centrally practiced within Daeroo.) As soon as that prayer was whispered, Dezevah’s eyes began to glow a radiant blue. He finally woke up and was mystically empowered with the might of Septak himself! As he rushed down stairs he let out a deep bellowing roar as a mystic essence escaped his mouth! The Kakons fled before Vull was harmed.

After this incident Vull knew that Dezevah was sent by Septak himself! Vull set out to find the greatest trainer in all of Daeroo, Archalon Cuirass. Cuirass resides in an isolated temple atop Kar’val Mountain, far west of Ironstone city. So Vull and Dezevah set out to seek he who would train the son of a God…

As Vull and Dezevah arrived at Kar’val, it had been almost a year since they departed from Ironstone. As they knocked on the mighty temple door, a man in a vibrant crimson robe opened the door and escorted the two to Master Cuirass himself! Cuirass asked why the two had come. Vull then proclaimed how Dezevah must’ve been sent by Septak! Cuirass remained skeptical even after listening to Vull’s story about the Kakon thieves. Cuirass mockingly stated “Give me a sign, oh mighty brood of Septak!” As soon as that was said, Dezevah fell to his knees as a roaring came from the sky. A blue crystal, with the seal of Septak on it, shot through the roof and onto the temple floor! Dezevah’s eyes once again began to glow!

Cuirass was in shock. he then knew that he must train the boy to become a true warrior of justice. The great trainer also believed that Dezevah could be the one to bring glory to Daeroo…

After twenty long years of training on Kar’val Mountain, Cuirass knew there were only two tasks remaining for this now mighty hero. He must seek out the plates of the titans for his gallant armour, then he must seek out the Grand Temple of Septak to be coronated ‘The Chosen One’.

The Titan Plates would be exceptionally difficult to obtain seeing how Dezevah could either set out on a one-hundred year journey to the Mythic Lands or he could take a roughly four month journey to southwest Arronam to the Androk Kingdoms where the Stolen Titan Plates are kept within Amók Tower. Being the Androk capitol, Amók Tower is quite heavily guarded and would be exceedingly difficult to infiltrate.

So set out the hero of Septak, to the Androk capitol, to retrieve the Titan-Plates for his heroic conquest.

With the divine will of Septak about him, Dezevah approached the mighty gates of the Androk capitol. A foreigner to the gates of a warrior city, surely an average Daeroo traveler would be slaughtered. But not the Chosen One, not Dezevah. By the holy will of Septak, Dezevah was disguised perfectly as an Androk, an Androk senator to be exact. Being in the form of a senator, he then had access to the treasury in which the Titan-Plates were held.

Dezevah had made it all the way to the treasury chamber when he was accosted by the Arch-warlord of the Androk himself, Revaz Kedak Scarmaul. Being a wise and mighty warrior, Revaz saw through Dezevah’s clever disguise and immediately confronted him saying “A senator of my people you are not!... An Aronien spy you are not!... Then what are you foul intruder…?” Dezevah’s eyes began to glow once again as he said “I am the chosen one.” Revaz, before battling the hero, proclaimed “So let it be written, so let it be done.”

The two well trained warriors were entrenched in an epic duel, in the treasury chamber, deep within the corridors of Amók Tower. After nearly twelve hours of dueling, Revaz fell to his knees and said “Surely, you are the one… Take them! Take the spoils of the Androk and leave this place…” Dezevah then took only the Titan-Plates and equipped them. They melded to his skin to form a perfect fitting ultra-thick coat of indestructible plating… A suit of armour truly fit for a legendary hero… As he equipped the plates, darkness fell across the land, a neon blue beam of light shot through the walls of the Tower onto Dezevah. The skies then bellowed “Come to my temple… So it shall be done!” Dezevah then left the city as the whole of the Androk cowered in fear of his presence.

Dezevah was on his way to pass the channel of Ákmir to Daeroo, where the Grand Temple of Septak lies… When suddenly he heard the vicious wolf-riding cavalry of the Androk. Surely Revaz must have changed his mind regarding Dezevah’s release. With no vessel to easily take across the channel, Dezevah was utterly vexed. The wolf riders drew closer and closer, it was Dezevah’s time. His eyes enflamed again, as he took up his sword and parted the Ákmir channel! Time was short, he harnessed the uncanny speed of Septak to sprint through the parted sea. The wolf riders then began to pour into the channel.

Dezevah had reached Daeroo shores when he saw the wolf riders encroaching. These riders of the Androk had rushed headlong into their own demise. Dezevah, with the voice of Septak, bellowed “Your fate is sealed, sons of Thagon!” (Torek’Thagon is revered as the ancient unitor of the Androk kingdoms.) As Dezevah said this, the brutal waves of the Ákmir channel crashed down on the riders! They who were not crushed, drowned. They who were not drowned, consumed by the mastodon sea beasts. Dezevah had proved himself a stalwart hero by surviving the cruel cunning of the Androk.

The last phase of Dezevah’s ascension was at hand. He had arrived at the Grand Temple of Septak. It was the middle of the night when thunder began to stir. Dezevah kneeled before the front altar when he was struck by a bolt of lightning that broke through the roof of the temple! He was then permanently empowered with the power of Septak. For the final time, the skies cried out “Dezevah, my son, you are now the one. You shall guard Daeroo eternally with my divine right. Your eyes shall now glow forever blue. There is one last piece of myself I grant you!” A spare titan plate from Dezevah’s satchel was intercepted by the divine storm and then transformed “I give you Zeveuron! Legendary lightning blade of the Daeroo! Go now my son! You are now what you were meant to be…” The storm faded and Dezevah’s fate was sealed. He became the one. He Became Dezevah Septak.

The ascension of Dezevah was a great happening in the history of the Daeroo, but everything has an antithesis… An arch-rival. Dezevah Septak’s was… THE BARON…

Deep within the forges of hate within Krákanau Mountain, lies a dark lord on the rise. This is the first being of vigilance, but a seeker of justice he is not. The Baron is more a constructor of immolation, a new god of destruction. A subtle destroyer though, guarded with a silver mask, a black hood, and plates of ebony. This master of Krákanau Mountain was preparing for the seizure of the Arronam southern isles… and eventually the world.

The Baron had been In existence for eons but has been vigilantly waiting for his time to rise from within the black mountain. For the eons he has been in existence he has been forging a dark army deep within his mountain. The Darklings, these demons are known as, are forged from the dark core of the earth itself! They are faceless shrouds armored in ancient ebony plates. Loyal servants of the Baron, they serve to his will and his will only. Just previously to their release upon the land, their numbers had reached trillions! An army of this number could not be challenged by any army native to Arronam, especially not of the small southern isles.

The Dark one knew that his shade of evil that had loomed for millennia must soon take flight and shroud the skies of Arronam… Twas a bright and shining day when a dark figure arose at the peak of Krákanau Mountain and proclaimed a message that could be heard for miles “People of the world! An age of darkness has begun! Prepare yourselves! THE RECKONING HAS COME!!!” As he finished molten rivers of lava began to erupt and flow down the deep furrows of the mountain.

The Baron’s mighty shadow ensnared every face of the land as civilians everywhere shivered in fear. Surely an age of despair had spawned…

Meditating in his Grand Temple, the son of Septak was abruptly awoken by the Baron’s proclamation of terror. Dezevah had been warned that a lord of evil shall rise to challenge him. He knew that he must act quickly, for Daeroo was in grave danger.

The massive legions of darkling also erupted from the mountain. Giant hordes of shadowy beings marching across the once peace filled plains of Daeroo, turning everything in their path to nothing but the black ash of sorrow and despair. Peasants from all of Daeroo fled to the sanctuary of the Daeroo capitol fortress Amagonn.

Dezevah set out to the front lines of the Darkling invasion. As he reached the charred plains he realized that their numbers were too great to fight directly. After slaying many of them, he escaped from the front lines in a subtle manner.

Thunder crackled as the Baron proclaimed once more “The city, Amagonn, is within my range!.. And the world shall be forever changed…” The Baron’s words were of the truth, the cruel Darklings had forced every surviving Daeroo peasant and lord alike, into the capitol city. Everything else within the country’s borders lay in waste…

The citizens of Amagonn cowered in fear until an invigorating voice came from the high chamber of Amagonn. This was the voice of Emperor Amar Danan. In proud words he shouted “People of my great nation, take heed to what I say now! This hour is one of the darkest in our history… The armies of the dark one march across the land and come to the gates of our great city… They wish for nothing less than victory! SHALL WE GIVE THEM THAT PLEASURE!?” The overpopulated fortress city replied “NEVER!” The Emperor said finally “Then we shall fight this day!!!”

The canny warriors of Daeroo would not easily be conquered by the legions of shadow. As the last of the Daeroo fight for their survival from the darkling hordes, Dezevah discovered what he must do. The son of Septak must venture to Krákanau Mountain to challenge the Baron and save his people from sure destruction.

As Dezevah had fought his way to the peak of the mountain, he entered a seemingly empty, demonic royalty chamber with a black spike-riddled throne in the center. Out of a shadowy corner of the cruel chamber came an ominous yet calm voice “I was told another would come…” Dezevah stayed silent as the Baron revealed himself. The Baron then said “Follow me, mighty one. Come and see for yourself, the fate of your own kin…” Dezevah followed the Baron out to a balcony attached to the high mountain chamber. The baron pointed to Amagonn, the last remaining Daeroo fortress now surrounded by Darklings and said “Watch as Daeroo crumbles… Only one city stands and it is soon to fall. Even you, ‘The Chosen One’ cannot save them now… The Daeroo shall die out and their vigilant guarding can no longer do anything for them… Join me, and together, the whole of Arronam shall cower before our strength!” Dezevah was faced with a choice while he watched the last of the Daeroo die. Give in to the Baron and join in on the destruction of the world, or be what he was created to be, and protect his people eternally. Septak’s will reigned true in Dezevah’s mind. He finally spoke and said “The Daeroo shall never fall! I banish you from these lands, foul demon!” Dezevah drew Zeveuron and plunged it into the Baron’s chest. As the baron was disintegrated, his ashes whispered in Dezevah’s ears as they blew away “… My time shall come once more…” All that remained was the Barons silver mask… After the Baron was banished, Krákanau Mountain began to crumble, Dezevah hastily vacated.

The son of Septak had triumphed over temptation… and evil itself. Amagonn was soon to fall before the Darkling hordes when suddenly; they all evaporated into thin air! Daeroo was nearly conquered… But by divine will of Septak, they triumphed over the dark overlord. Dezevah had proven himself to the world once more. But of course this was not the final testament to the greatness of Dezevah Septak.

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the world and lore you set up is very interesting.