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Twelve Countries, One Girl.

October 2, 2011
By littleleyah SILVER, ozona, Texas
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littleleyah SILVER, Ozona, Texas
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Author's note: Next year I will embark on my own journey by being an exchange student in Italy. I was inspired to write this novel while thinking about my upcoming adventure.

This is it, I thought to myself while I walked out of my small high school into the cool December air. I was a high school graduate. I graduated early as a junior in the first semester. While walking home and contemplating what the hell I was going to do with my life, it hit me. I will travel the world! It was perfect timing! My parents were out for the weekend to do some late Christmas shopping, so I could make my escape!

I ran home listening to the leaves crunch beneath my feet. When I was halfway there I felt my knit scarf fall off of my neck. I turned and looked at it, but I didn’t get it. It was a waste of time. I finally reached my house. I walked in and the sweet smell of cinnamon hit me. I didn’t realize how cold I was until I realized I was shaking. I took off my brown Uggs and walked into our small study.

I pulled out the large computer chair and sat down. When I logged on I quickly typed in.
Total Balance: $27,832.

What the hell?! Well, it did make since. Ever since eighth grade all I did was work. And every summer I worked doubles. My mom never let me touch my bank account either. I quickly called my bank and waited patiently while the strange background music played.

“Hello,” a cheery female voice said. “My name is Alexandra how may I help you?”

She was my friend Malinda’s mom.

“Mrs. Jackson?”

“Alaina! Hi, sweetie how are you?”

“I’m good, thanks. But I wanted to know how I can have access to my account while abroad?”

“Well do you have an ATM card?”

Thank God she wasn’t the nosy type. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Ok call the number on the back of it and speak to an agent. They will place a travel flag on your account. Your ATM or Debit Card must have a primary checking account linked to it to avoid interruptions, will that be a problem?”
“No that’s great thanks!”

I did as she instructed me to and within 30 minutes I was good to go. I ran upstairs and packed one suitcase with a week worth of clothes. I could go shopping, right? I added a box of tampons, a first aid kit, and my laptop. I had 3 batteries charged for my laptop to avoid the drama of having to find a charger that would fit the outlets of wherever I was. I packed a pair of cute sandals, and a pair of tennis shoes. I would wear my Uggs to the airport.

It felt like I was forgetting something. I ran to my desk and got my wallet. The contents of it included: $75, my passport, insurance card, shot records, and my ATM card. I was good to go!

Then I realized something. I had nowhere to go. I picked up my violet suitcase and stuck my wallet in the back pocket of my Kiss Me jeans. I raced downstairs and threw my suitcase on the couch. I logged back on to the family computer.
Depart from?
San Antonio International, TX
Arrive in?

I thought about that one for a while. Then I came up with The Plan. This is where I will go:
Hong Kong- 7 days
Tokyo- 7 days
Egypt- 7 days

South America:
Mexico City- 4 days
Peru- 5 days

London- 4 days
Dublin- 4 days
*take the ferry to France**
Paris-4 days
Rome- 5 days
Berlin- 4 days
Vienna-4 days
Barcelona- 6 days

That is what I’m going to do.
Arrive in?
Hong Kong International.
Depart date: December 20, 2011
Travelers: 1

And then I clicked, “find flights.”

I picked the round trip package. It cost $814. I had to hurry it was 12:00 P.M. and my flight left at 4:00 P.M. I will depart from San Antonio land in Dallas, fly to LA, and then go to Hong Kong. Altogether I’m looking at a 16 hour flight. I grabbed my keys, cardigan, and slipped on my brown Uggs. Then left for the hour drive to San Antonio.

When I opened the doors to the airport I felt like I was opening the doors to my destiny. I walked in and saw families being reunited, exchange students getting pepped up, and Marines getting ready to be deployed. I walked over to the ticket counter and checked in for my flight.

“ID ma’am?” A short plump lady with a halo of scarlet hair asked.
I reached into my back pocket and pulled out my driver’s license.


I pulled out my wallet again and handed her the passport.

“Here’s your boarding pass and ticket. Your flight leaves in 1 hour and 30 minutes.”

“Thank you.”

She mumbled what sounded like mmhmm. I walked over to baggage check where a handsome man in his early twenties was working. “Hi,” he said kindly.



“Oh yeah, sorry.” I felt my face turn scarlet. He just laughed and took the violet suitcase.

“Here you go turn it into that lady over there.” He pointed to an older woman who was quickly piling bags and putting them onto a conveyor belt. She took it and instructed me to go to security. I walked over and was told to remove everything from my pockets, take off my shoes, and put my carry-on into a small bucket. My carry-on was a small backpack with my phone, gum, my wallet, and an extra $20.

I walked through the metal detector with ease and then they let me go. I pulled out my Iphone and checked the time. It was 3:00 P.M. my flight leaves in an hour. I walked into a little bookstore and bought a book about traveling and a book titled, Little Blue Envelopes. I walked around looking for anything else I would need. It was December and I knew it would probably cold wherever I went so I bought this cute white hoodie with a picture of Earth and on the back it said World Traveler.

The clerk was an elderly woman. “Hello dear.”

I smiled and replied, “Hi.”

“You sure are a cute little thing.” I blushed and laughed. I watched as she quickly scanned my items. “$9.84, sweetie.” I handed her my $20. “Where are you going, darlin’?”

“Everywhere,” I said and walked out. I saw a Smoothie King directly across from the Barnes and Noble. “One small strawberry-banana smoothie, please.” I told the small, pixie looking girl working at the counter.

“$2.20” I handed her the money, when the first call for my flight was announced. I walked to the gate and got in line behind the other people waiting. I checked my phone again it was 3:40 P.M. I knew there was one thing I hadn’t done. I tapped the green phone icon and dialed her number.
It felt like an eternity before she answered.
I could hear my heart pounding.
“Alaina? Where are you?”
“The airport.”
“I’m going on an adventure Mom. Today was my last day of high school. A-a-a-and umm I didn’t know what to do with my life. Don’t worry I’m using my money.”
“Alaina you better not even think-“
“It’s time to board my plane. I’m sorry. I’ll call you when I land.”
“Bye Mom.”

And that was it. The hardest task was completed. I turned off my phone and put it in my Victoria’s Secret backpack.
“Last call for flight 350 to Dallas.”

The line began moving forward while the flight attendant checked tickets and boarding passes. Here we go, I thought. She checked mine and pushed me forward. I walked through the tunnel and finally was on the plane. I picked the 3rd row and sat next to the window. Luckily nobody sat by me. After 10 minutes of listening to too peppy flight attendants explaining various things, the pilot came on and spoke. Then we began going down the runway. I said a prayer and then we were in the air.

The plane was relatively quiet, aside from the group of sixth graders who were laughing and playing a game of Would You Rather in the back. I stared out the window and watched the clouds we were passing.

“Excuse me?”

It was a blond flight attendant. She was very pretty. She wore a little bob haircut and absolutely no makeup. Her eyes were pastel green. They looked like the color Dove Cool Moisture soap.


“Can I get you anything? Our soft drinks and peanuts are free.’

“One Sprite and 3 packs of peanuts, please.”

She grinned. I hated her for it because it made her even more attractive. She looked like she was 21. When she brought it back I thanked her and then began thinking. Am I doing the right thing? I’ll be out of the country for almost two months. When I get back my parents are going to kill me then bring me back to life and kill me again.

“Miss?” I called the flight attendant. This time a little brunet bounced over to me. She wasn’t as attractive as the blonde. She seemed more…sexy.

“Yes?” She asked. She had bright blue eyes and a dazzling smile, gorgeous, but not as attractive.

“Do ya’ll have notepads and pens?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“May I have one notepad and a pen?”

“Right away!”

I hate flight attendants they’re too…robotic. She brought me what I asked for and I wrote down The Goal.
The Goal:
To become open minded.
To eat a snail in France.
To find romance.
To discover myself.
To learn one sentence in every country.
To do something new and gain a sense of adventure.
This is what I have to accomplish before I come home. I folded the small sticky note and put it in my little backpack. Then I fell asleep.

“We will be reaching our final destination in approximately 5 minutes please clean up your area. Thank you!” I woke up and one of the sixth graders was sitting next to me. I didn’t realize I screeched until he looked at me.

“Gosh you sure are beautiful,” he said and I’ll admit he’s pretty handsome. His hair is black and shiny, his eyes are a silvery-gray, and his skin is a pretty tan color. I wish he was 17 too. “Umm thanks kid, but I’m a legal adult…way outta your league.” I heard his friends laughing and he turned red. We finally hit the runway and came to a stop. “Thank you for traveling with us!” All the attendants said in unison.

I walked down the tunnel and repeated the entire process again.

The author's comments:
How do you like it so far? Should I continue? Let me know what you think ;)

Okay, long story short I’m on the plane to Hong Kong International as we speak! It’s 8:00 P.M. and the plane lands in China at 9:45 A.M. This plane is actually pretty fancy. I’m in the second row by the window and there’s a hot guy sitting next to me. The Notebook is on the T.V., there’s like 5 magazines and a snack pack on the seat in front of me with a tray, and unlimited soda!

I pull out my phone because I haven’t checked it since I told Mom. On the screen I have 57 text messages, 31 missed calls, and 28 Facebook notifications. I go through the texts first. 12 are from Mom.
Alaina call me back!
Alaina where are you!
Alaina I’m going to kill you!
Alaina please…
Alaina I love you I don’t want you to get hurt.
Alaina I’ll call the police
Alaina I’ll be nice just tell me where you are.
Please Alaina.
What the hell are you thinking???
What airport Alaina?
Your dead meat.

15 are from my dad.
What the hell!!!
I’m going to have them bring you back!
Ok sweetie just come by yourself please.
Why are you doing this?
Laney bug please.
I don’t want you to get kidnapped.
This is dangerous Alaina.
Call me.
That’s it your grounded.
Alaina you can’t just do this your only 17.
:’( Layna don’t do this come home.

3 are from my crush Alex
Alaina where r u!
Plz were all worried.

1 is from my friend Luna
OMG! OMG! U r soooo effen nutz!!!! Supposedly ur traveling the world! Ahh where r u loca !?
10 are from random numbers
Wow!!! Where r u!
Dude your effen awesome!
U r n sooo much truble XD
I worship at your feet!
Holy hell I wish I was like you!
Hi, this is Joseph!
Are you in China???

20 are from other friends; all asking the same question.
20 missed calls are from my parents. 2 are from my friend Luna. 5 are from my grandma. 1 is from my crush, Alex. 2 are from my cousin, Alyssa. 1 is from my ex boyfriend Ezra.
18 of my notifications were posting on my wall asking the same thing, “Are you in China?” 10 were messages asking the same thing.

I’m in a big pickle. I made a mental note to call ASAP when we land. What could I say? “Oh Mom I’m in China, but I won’t tell you where I’m going because I don’t want you to come get me.” I mean, if I tell them my plan they’ll have the Embassy pick me up. Or worse….THEY’LL pick me up. All I know is I don’t know anything.

“You okay?” It was the hot guy sitting next to me. Oh. My. God. He is so delicious. He has tan skin brown Zac Efron hair and grayish green eyes. I’m melting like butter on the sidewalk in the middle of Death Valley.

“Umm no not really.” I contemplate whether or not he should know the rest. “Why?”

“Long story.” I reply praying he won’t make me explain. “Well it is a 13 hour flight. I think we have time.” Ohmygosh! He winked! He winked at ME! “Well I graduated today. I’m only 17 and this was supposed to be my junior year. But I graduated early. I didn’t know what to do with my life so….so I decided to see the world. My parents are out of town so I made arrangements and everything. I called my mom right before I boarded the plane and I’m in huge trouble. “

“Brah, that’s badass! I mean wow! Did you like use their money?”

“Nope I have a lot of money saved up.” He definitely is impressed.

“My name is Xavier.” He stuck his hand out for me to shake it. I went to shake and as if we were in a movie or something he kissed my hand! It felt as if it caught on fire. “I’m 18, by the way.”

“Why are you going to Hong Kong?”

“Vacation. Where else would be a cool place to spend Christmas!”

And then it hit me. I left my family days before the most important holiday of the year. I suddenly felt like crap. “Well I’m really tired so I’m going to take a nap.”

“Ma’am?” And a perky little flight attendant approached him. “Yes sir?” She gave him a seductive little smile….the tramp. “My friend is tired. Can you get her a blanket and pillow?” She gave me, “The Eye.” You know how when somebody obviously doesn’t like you so they give you that look? Yeah, she gave me that look. “Right away,” she said unhappily. He smiled at me.

“Here,” she handed him a white pillow and a yellow blanket that had American Airlines written on it. “Sleep tight,” he smiled at me.
I’m dying.
I turned and looked out the window. Below the airplane tons of lights were sparkling and we passed through so many clouds I feel like we’re in a cotton candy machine. I feel moisture coming out of my eyes.
Why am I crying?
Then I passed out from exhaustion.

“Hey.” I turned my head to see Xavier poking me with a giant smile. “Yeah?”

“It’s 6 A.M. I want you to see the sunrise over the ocean.” I turn and look. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The ocean is a beautiful blue and the sun is bright orange, the clouds are pink and pastel purple.
Without thinking I turn and KISS Xavier.

“Oh God! I’m so sorry!” He pulls my chin and kisses me lightly on the lips. “I kinda needed that. What’s your name?” I blush.
He nods and then turns back to his magazine. I fall back to sleep.

“ Yo, Alaina.”
I know it’s him because of the voice.

“Look out your window.” I turn and see Hong Kong! I was captivated by the view. I pulled out the little Kodak camera I bought at LAX from my bag and take a few shots of the scenery. “Passengers, we’re going to be landing in Hong Kong in about ten minutes please use this time to clean up your area.” Xavier hands the flight attendant our pillows and blankets along with our snack pack trash.

Then I feel the plane touchdown and we all stand up and thank the pilot. I walked down the long tunnel and walk into the airport.

And I feel something vibrating.

Oh yeah it’s Mom calling.

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This is a excellent story! Keep it up!