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The life of a Demigod (Chapter 1: Our New Lives)

March 16, 2011
By Hook11lives, Bridgeport, Washington
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Hook11lives, Bridgeport, Washington
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Hell found me. I was a demigod and I didn’t find out until I was 13. when I found out a flare lit up around the state and I started attracting monsters like crazy. I don’t even know you and im going to talk to you about my life. Well if im going to tell you first things first. My name is Carlos Lee Campos. We move around a lot but my mom lives in Pateros, Washington. I have a twin brother named Nico Adam Campos. The weird thing is we are nothing alike. I have black straight hair, black eyes, tan skin, and I kind of have an attitude problem. He has straight brown hair, green eyes, whitish skin, and is awesome at swimming. we don’t even look that much alike. Our dad left us when we were a baby.
Usually you would think we would be a normal family but we wernt. My mom said it was hell raising me and the complete opposite for my brother but I thought I was good. we changed schools a lot because we always got kicked out of them. But we finally settled down in one around the fifth grade.
Our lives changed when we entered Jr. high in 7th grade. there was a new girl in my class named Emma and she was butt ugly, annoying, and she always wore sunglasses. She got into everyones bussiness. On a friday during a dance at school, I saw her there. she asked me if I wanted to dance. I didn’t want to be rude so I said yes. we were dancing and she keep saying stuff like, "She will be proud" and" im sure they are" and "you smell good, I cant wait to taste you". She was saying these under her breathe I couldn’t even understand her. I was glad the song was over.
After the dance, she told me to come to her with my brother and I did. She told us to look into her eyes. we almost did until one of our chaperones said it was time to go home. I didn’t know it then but she had saved our lives.
The next school day, there was two new students. One had the same personality as Emma and she wore glasses, too. And one was so beautiful I thought I was going to die. She also seemed like she was a bossy type. Her name was Claire DeMonte. she didn’t make any friends the first day.
After school me and my brother are involved in an afterschool program for extra help. Claire showed up there too. I thought I was dreaming. I had every class with her AND the after school program with her. Things couldn’t get much better then this and of course they didn’t except one thing. After the math help, she came and talked to me. "do you want to hang out later tonight?"
"Umm, Sure, when and where? I replied
"How bout at the gas station down town, the super stop I think its called, at 7."
"Ok see you then." I was excited until,
She said to me "Wait, bring your brother, too."
My heart sank. I thought she liked me and not my brother, too. I waited for my brother to get done with his homework then we walked home.
That night my brother and I walked down town. "Do you think she is pretty?" I asked him
"Nah, not really, she is all yours."he responded.
"Thanks dude." I said" it kind of sucks having to share almost everything with you but one thing I am glad about is that we have different likes. Especially if its about girls."
He spoke "I know that’s good."
Then we froze.. Right in front of us was 2 snake girls. Am I dreaming, I thought. But no, in front of us the two snake girls were standing in front of Claire trying to convince her to open her eyes. I didn’t know why or how or if it was real. All I knew was the girl I liked was being attacked and I had to stop them. I remembered what my history teacher had taught us. For some reason it seemed like the snake looking people were from greek myths and they were medusa. I had to save Claire though even if those myths were true. Some how my body knew what to do and it just reacted. I charged only looking at the puddles of rain to make sure I didn’t get frozen into a statue. I had tyquando lessons so I thought I was ready for them. I ran towards one of them and stabbed her as hard as I could with my pocket knife and she disinagrated into a pile of dust. I didn’t see that the other one had went over to my brother and was attacking him. I tried to get over there as fast as I could but some how my brother moved the water off the ground and wiped the medusas ugly face off of her. She disinagrated on contact.
"How did you do that?"I questioned him
"umm...i don’t know, I just thought about my dad and I wanted to see him."
"that’s weird, wait, omg, I forgot about Claire, let me see if she is alright." Running over to her, I yelled" You can open your eyes, its Carlos." She opened her eyes as I got there. "Are you all right, what were those things?"
"Um..i have a lot to explain to you guys. Lets start with the basics. Well, you guys are demigods and.."
"wait, wait, wait, demi what? I don’t know what your talking about! Slow down for a second. You said we were demigods, what are they?"
"if you would of let me continue, I would have said they are half mortal and half god as in the greek gods. All of the ancient myths about the greeks and the gods are true. Well, most parts. What you guys saw back there were Gorgons or Medusa. They can freeze anyone to stone if you look at them. Where are they, they were Emma and that one new girl?" claire told us.
" No wonder they wore glasses all the time. We killed them, I killed one with my pocket knife and nico here, o yea nico killed one with some how controlling water. Cool, Right? I wish I could do that. You said we were half god. Does that mean we live forever?"
"No and in order to tell who your godly parent is you have to be claimed like that over there."
In the back ground, Nico was trying to move water again and a trident and waves moving behind the weapon was hovering over his head. We walked over to him and explained everything. He was excited and so was I. If my twin brother was the son of Posidon then I am too. The first thought that came to my head was to tell mom. I told claire about this idea and she told me she already knew. She said we had to get out of here quick and over to the closest safe place for demigods, Neah Bay, Washington. we needed to get to" God Kids Camp." There is a camp in every state. Washington is lucky because we have Mt. Olympus in our state. I asked Claire who was her parent.
"O mine, umm mines the bossiest and the ruler. Its Zeus."
"O that’s were u get it from. cool so you can blast people with lightning."
"SHUT UP!! Im not that bossy and yea if I wanted to."
"Uh, yea you are."
"Let's just get going, lets get to ur house."She said
We left the super stop and started to walk back to our house. My friend Kim texted me and asked me where I was. In a text I said" Im on my way home from the super stop." I was just about to push send when Claire grabbed my phone and threw it onto the sidewalk. "Don't ever use electronic devises unless it is an absolute emergency. It is like a flare that attracts monsters up to a 50 mile radius." "o yea and now that you know you are demigods a lot more monsters will be in coming your way."

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