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What Shouldn't be Seen

February 17, 2011
By Corey Gibb, Barrington, New Hampshire
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Corey Gibb, Barrington, New Hampshire
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Author's note: This will be my test on becoming an author, if I get a positive review for this, I'll write another story. Maybe I'll attempt to get them published.

The blindingly white moniter stared back at Kyle, as if wanting to say, "Hey, you have that English report you have to write, but you can't, I know you cant." Kyle groaned in frustration, he sat up and walked over to the radio turning it up, hoping whatever was playing would give him inspiration. He had to write a five page report on Egypt's revolution. A song fought through the static. "When I thought I fought this war alone, you were they're by my side, on the frontlines."

He smiled, it was his favorite band, Poets of the Fallen with one of their latest songs, War. He sat back down at his computer, ready to type what would be the best report ever. He was pumped and filled with the power of the song. He then heard a strange sound from overhead, he looked up and noticed the lightbulb above him had gone out. He stood up and shrugged, it was an excuse not to do the report. He walked downstairs to the basement, grabbed a fresh bulb and replaced the socket.

"Now, back to the story.." The same sound came from the hallway as another lightbulb died, then agian from his sisters room, and agian from his Fathers room. "What the.." All the lights in the house were dead, covering each room and hallway in a dark curtian. Kyle stood, the dim light from his computer kept his room illuminated. He grabbed the flashlight off his dresser drawer. Kyle always had a fear of the dark, ever since he was a kid it was just something he could never shake, like a bad omen.

His palms were sweaty as he turned on the flashlight, bathing the area infront of him in light. "Thank God.." He carefully stepped down the stairs, making sure not to step on his cat Nora, she was just as black as the darkness around him. Kyle lit the candle on the kitchen stove, giving the kitchen a satasfying glow and a hint of Lilacs. He smiled as Nora jumped up on the counter beside him. "Hey Kitty-kitty." He scratched behind her ear.

Kyle jumped as a noise came from the door, he smiled and laughed at himself. "Must be Dad." His father worked late night shifts at the local Power plant, his mother had died in a terrible car accident. He jumbled the lock, and opened the door, but nothing was there other than the barely lit garage and the basketball hoop he had planned on setting up. He shivered as he felt something brush past his leg, it must have been Nora. He shut the door and dropped down onto the couch, grabbing a blanket, suddenly very cold.

Kyles eyes jerked open, he coudnt move and something was holding him down. "Dont Struggle.." the voice seemed to come from everywhere and was filled with darkness. "I dont want my new body damaged.." He tried to scream, but his voice was gone and what came out was a pitiful mewl. Kyles vision began to fade, his body filling with a cold, numbing sensation. "No..." He stared up at the beast holding him down, and gave in to its numbing touch.

He awoke face down on a black floor, he pulled himself up to one knee, and saw that it just wasnt the floor that was black, everything was. They're wasnt a single light in the room, nothing to show a way out. He coudnt breath and everytime he tried, a substance other than air filled his lungs, but it didnt seem like he needed to breath here. He slowly took a step forward, the ground beneath him seemed to shudder with every step he took, as if alive.

A flash of light shone from out of the corner of Kyles pheriphial vision. It must have been a way out! He thought as he ran towards it. But something held him fast, it wrapped around his legs and refused to let go. He fell to his knees and crawled for the light.The beast let go with an ear piercing screech as the light bathed it. He was breathing hard and his eyes squinted at the sudden change from darkness to light.

"Kyle..wake up...its time for school." Kyles eyes opened to the sight of his father, his 5 o' clock apparent on his face. "Rough night huh? Imagine my expression when I came home to find my son, passed out on the couch with every lightbulb in the house blown out." Kyle rubbed his eyes, could that all have been a dream? Was that menacing creature just his imagination?

"Think Fast." His father threw him two pieces of toast. "Go Print out your report and get ready for school." He took a bite out of his toast, slightly burnt like his father always made it. Kyle opened the door to his room, the radio was still playing, it was some song he coudnt recognize. He turned off the radio and turned on his computer, knowing he hadnt wrote that report and he'd have to accept an F.

He clicked on the folder where he saved the work, buut his report wasnt there, only a file called "Acceptance." He opened it, maybe he had labeled it that instead, Word took a little bit longer than usual to open up and the same blank screen stared back at him. But there was something different, three words in bold font sat in the middle of the screen. They said:

Accept the Dark

Kyle swore he could feel a presence on him as he walked off the bus, the message on his computer had scared the crap out of him, but it must have been some sort of coincidence. Maybe he had started a writing earlier and never got around to finishing, yeah, that must have been it. One big scary Coincidence.

He looked up. Ridgefelt Highschool was splayed across the front of the school, he shifted his backpack onto his shoulder and walked in, hoping a half and hour of Trig would set his mind at ease of all the dark memories of last night. Luckily the hallways were as bright as could be. The type of bright the schools used to wake you up on Mondays so you didnt fall asleep during class.

Kyle sat down in his seat, his buds from his Ipod sat tucked in behind his hair. He was listening to his all-time favorite artist, Poets of the Fall. He quietly played air guitar as he waited for the class to start. He hummed "Find the lady of the light whos still raving in the nig-." His arm was prodded, he turned to his right, to come face to face with the girl who had poked him. "Hi!" She was tapping a pencil on the desk, she seemed very energetic, even though it was monday. "By any chance are you listening to Poets of the Fall?" Kyle smiled, finally someone who could understand Good music. "Yeah I am, they're my favorites."

The girl smiled. "Really? Me too!" She put down the book she was reading. "My names Melody, nice to meet ya!" Kyle glanced at the book, the font on the title was fancy and the binding was huge, it was something he would never read. "Well, im glad to meet another appreciator of good music." He took out his right earbud and looked at the board. The teacher had began writing while they were talking.

The old man wrote slowly, matching the speed of his words. "Now class, I know how you all hate doing algorithems, but we've got to do this until you all understand it, and it seems none of yo-" The lightbulb above him flickered, then went out. "Well thats strange." He turned back to the board, he managed to write half of a division symbol when the lightbulb popped, along with all the others in the room, the same sound echoed throughout the hallway. Some kids cheered.

The teacher coughed. "There will be enough of that." The room began to quiet down. "Im going down to the Principals office to find out what happened, none of you move, I'll be back soon." He opened the door to the hallway and stepped out. As soon as the door shut, the classroom exploded with words, mostly on what could've caused the freak accident. Kyle was hyperventilating, he was living his nightmare all over agian.

Thirty minutes had gone by and the teacher still wasnt back, worried conversations rose from the class. "He was an old guy..he could've fallen and gotten hurt." Melody wasnt effected by the chatter though, she was busy drawing in the dim light of the class. "I just love the dark, dont you?" Kyle had his hand wrapped around his pencil, his knuckles bleached white. "Yeah..Love it." He looked around, some people didnt even care, one kid in the back of the class had fallen asleep, snoring loudly.

A girl with black hair and a lip ring stood up, on closer inspection, the ring had a skull on it with eyes that shown bright red. "Maybe someone should go look for him.." With every word the skulls bright eyes shone in the pale light coming from the windows. Kyle stood up right away, anything to get away from this dark room. Unbeknowest to him, Melody had stood up as well. A few kids gossiped and made Ooo'ing noises. One or two asked if they were dating.

A tall blonde kid came from behind the board. "I found a few spare flashlights." He tossed one to Kyle, the other to Melody. It felt so reassuring to have a beacon of light in his hand. Melody on the other hand, was having a great time. She held the flashlight up like a gun. "This is so cool! Its just like a horror movie!" Kyle sighed as he stepped out the door with Melody, he knew something was wrong, and he was walking straight into it. As the door shut behind him, all that could be heard was the sound of Melody singing the infamous theme of the Pink Panther.

Kyle stood at the end of the east wing, Melody was sitting on the floor, a pout on her face."I thought I could stick the landing!" He laughed, Melody had attempted to do somersaults and a spin, but ended up on her butt. "Dont laaaaaugh!" she marched down the stairwell, her flashlight tracing erractic beams of light on the wall.

Kyle slowly followed, making sure not to trip on the steps. He took out his Ipod, hoping an increase in volume could calm his nerves..Just another bad concidence. There was no way the darkness in his dream could have done this. "Are you part turtle or something? Hurry up!" Kyle groaned, Melody had way too much energy to deal with. Not to mention her voice managed to pierce the highest setting of volume on his music.

They had reached the basement. It was warm, that uncomfortable type of warm where your whole body felt off and you thought your mouth coudnt get any dryer. Melody was already at the fuse box. "Im not an expert at electricity..but I think the fuses burst." Kyle aimed his flashlight at the box, since his father had worked at the power plant, he knew his way around a fuse or two. "Hold the light at the box, I think i know what to do." She did as she was told as Kyle went to work on the box. It seemed someone had actually pulled the fuses apart. "I can't do anythi-" Kyle gripped at his head, he could feel the inside of his head pulsing.

He walked away from the box. "Kyle..?" He coudnt hear her, a loud buzz droned out eveything around them. Melody placed a hand on his shoulder. "Kyle whats wrong?" The noise only got worse, it felt like someone was scratching a chalkboard in his head. The backup lights above them began to dim. "W-whats going on Kyle?" The room exploded with light as the bulbs burst. Melody screamed as shards flew past them. Kyle coudnt take it anymore, he collapsed, hitting his head on the wall. The noise finally stopped, but the darkness continued to creep over his eyelids. "Kyle!!"

The noise was gone, but darkness filled the void it left behind. It shrouded his eyes, imprisoning him in the shakles of his mind. "Will he be okay?" It was Melody's voice. "Miss. Ray, I have Kyle under close watch. Hopefully he'll wake up soon. When he does I'll be sure to notify you." She sounded like she coudnt care less. "The Principal said he'd like to have a word with you since Kyle is unavailable at the moment." "Alright.." She sounded dissapointed. He tried to open his eyes, or to say a word, but nothing came out. Whatever this was, he wasn't about to allow it to get control. Kyle began to struggle, throwing himself around in the darkness of his head. He opened his eyes, but he still coudn't move. The nurse had come over, as Kyle's nose had began to bleed. "Maybe he was hurt more than I thought.." Why didnt she see that he was awake? Thats when he realized it..He wasnt controlling his body. Kyle stood up, suprising the nurse. "Kyle! You need to lie down! You have a really bad concussion." His body ignored her, opening the door and stepping out into the crowded hallways. One kid bumped into him, the impact sending him into a locker. "Well if it isnt Kyle.." He looked up, standing over him was Vince, he was that type of kid who you always wanted to sock right in the face. He was the quarterback of the football team, a grade A Jackass. "I heard you passed out in the basement with Melllody.." His group of friends behind him laughed. "Listen you little dweeb." Kyle wasnt short by any standards, almost 5'11, but Vince was a freak at almost 6'5. "Stay away from Melody.." It wasnt a well kept secret that Vince had a crush on Melody. Vince threw him back at the locker, his head hit the locker hard. He felt blood drip down his neck. Vince laughed a triumphent bully laugh. "Loser." He walked off, his group of mindless friends followed close behind. Kyle could only watch from inside his head as his body reacted. It panted heavily and stood up. "How dare you hurt my body.." Tendrils made of shadows slid out of his feet, advancing on Vince. Kyle watched in sheer horror as they wrapped around Vince's legs, tripping him. Vince stood up quickly, trying to keep his cool, but failing miserably. "Who the f did that!?" The whole hall went silent. No one had seen the shadows as they had retreated back into Kyle. He could now control his body. He shivered, it felt like his blood ran with Ice. "Kyle!" He knew that voice. Melody ran up beside him, taking his hand in hers. "Are you okay? I dont know what happened! All the lights exploded and you passed out..I got the nurse to come help." She hugged him, Kyle was still stunned at the fact she was holding his hand. But so was someone else. "What did I just get finished telling you Kyle!" From out of nowhere, a brick hit Kyle in the side of his face, or what seemed like a brick. Vince stood over him agian, this time he wasn't fooling around. "What the hell Vince?" Melody stood beside Kyle, helping him up. "Vince.." Kyle stood his fists clenched. The hallway lights above them began to flicker. He looked up, his voice exploding with malice. "You shoudn't have done that.." Row by row, the lights went out, plunging the hallways in a darkness that could only be found in children's nightmares. The shadows were back, and this time Kyle willingly gave in, Vince was an asshole and deserved what was coming to him. A girl screemed as she felt the shadows tendrils slither by her legs. "What is your weakness..." Kyle watched through his eyes as the shadows crawled up Vince's body, It was a sickly sweet pleasure..he was helpless, and it made Kyle feel great. "Don't worry Kyle, I've got a flashlight." Melody had pulled out a small flashlight with a penguin keychain at the end. She turned it on, sighing with relief. "Much better.." She aimed it at Kyle. "Dont you think so?" It was a very strange feeling. Melody had bathed him in light, it was a warm, lifting feeling. The lights had come back on. But with that, the shadows that had been giving him energy left him, and all the pain from the punch and the slam to the locker came rushing back. He collapsed to his knees, blood dripping from the back of his head. "Kyle! Did Vince do that to you!?" She helped him up. "I'll kill that Jerk later..Cmon, the days almost over, I bet the nurse will let you rest in her office until your Dad can pick you up." He coudnt speak, he only nodded as Melody pulled him in the direction of the nurses office.

"Kyle, you cant just dance around the subject. Explain to me how you got expelled from school." Kyle sighed, after the incident, he got bandaged back up and brought to the nurse, only to be handed a note saying how he was expelled. "I dont know Dad..there was a fight, he got hurt badly I guess." His father sighed, he never thought of his son to be a scrapper, he didnt raise him like that. "Listen, Im willing to let this go, just go get some rest." The car slowed to a stop, Kyle got out right away. He needed to figure out what was going on. He threw his bag on the floor and took the stairs three at a time.

He opened up Google and typed in "Paranormal Shadows." He got about 300,000 search's. Hmm..He thought. Next he tried "Bodysnatching Shadows." Only about 3,000 this time. The first link was some taboo nonsense that only led to buying 20 Dollar 'Shadow be gone' Pills. The next link actually had a chatroom where people talked about their experiences, but they were all crazy, probably afraid of their own shadow. Kyle leaned back in his chair. He couldnt ignore it anymore, there was something inside of him.

"Boy. Why are you putting your nose where it shouldnt go?" Kyle jumped, was this the beast? "Is this the shadow?" "Yes its the shadow you Imbicile..and you need to keep yourself out of where you dont belong." "Then get the hell out of my he-!" "Kyle, a friend of yours is here!" 'This isnt over'..he thought. He walked downstairs, only to find Melody and his Father talking. "Oh Hey Kyle!" She was at his side in an instant, her arms wrapped around his waist. His father gave him an all too knowing look which made Kyle blush.

"Cmon Kyle lets go up to your room!" She half drag half forced him up the stairs, should he tell her? Or should he keep it a secret for now? "Keep the door open up there you two!"

Hey guys! I'll continue updating in a few hours, but I wanted to know what you guys wanted me to do. He can tell Melody about the shadow, or he can wait a bit longer. If I dont get any comments (Because im relativly new here) I'll just decide myself.


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