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January 19, 2011
By Josh.W.Campbell, sandy, Utah
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Josh.W.Campbell, Sandy, Utah
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Author's note: One day I saw an add for call of duty black ops and thought since I was just learning german I could write something like that in a place I knew of and the language.

December 7th 2012 0700 hours
Jason Winchester a combat vet in the war in Afghanistan. Tall man with dark blonde hair, muscular and wasn't afraid of anything. Now retired gets up for work, not realizing what's about to happen. At exactly 08:15 hours the city of New York was overtaken by the Chinese; and hour later Los Angeles and Alaska were taken by the Russians. Last flights were to Europe; Jason took the last flight before the airport was overtaken. This was his journal found decades after it all started and ended, this is his story...

June 15th 2013 0900 hours

I open my eyes and just wait for some good reason to get up; no reason comes so I get up on my own. I have many weapons, but only use a few such as my colt revolver, two desert eagles, one M16 and my bowie knife. I walk out, what happened was I created an entire underground bunker system in the woods of Germany. “What’s the news?” I said.

“Well there are Russian operatives in Hamburg, which would be bad for our shipment” he said.

“I’ll get right on it” so I left for the last working non Communist city.

June 17th 2013 0400 hours

Couldn’t sleep, stayed up all night. I saw a wolf last night stalking the camp, it stared at me then left.

June 19th 2013 1200 hours

We got to Hamburg and it’s loaded with Russian guards, this may be harder than I thought. “Put on your silencers men, we want to be as silent as possible”.

“When I give the signal, move down to the loading dock” I gave the signal, and they all moved down, but when we got there it was going to be tougher. There were Russian guards everywhere.

“On my mark, lay down the suppressive fire.” When it was safe, I gave the mark and gun fire went off without a sound. The officers dropped down dead, red blood spurting out of their uniforms and that was our turn to move in.
“Which ship’s ours?” someone asked. “The black one.”

We got to the ship and inside was smelly and rusty, like no one had sailed it in 30 years. “Look in every room for a large package.” We searched for it for four hours until finally we found it in a black dreary room. “Take all you can.” We filled our bags up with ammunition, food and supplies.

June 22nd 2013 08:46 hour’s pm
We get back, and all the people are praising us. We turn out as heroes, and those who died turned out warriors.

“Ok, what about mission wolf fang?”
“We have info that you will need to speak to a man” he said. “Ok but where is he and the country?”

“Moscow, Russia”. We were both thinking the same thing, how will I ever even get to Moscow? And why was a spy over there?
“Alright I’ll see what I can do”

June 25th 2013 12:32 hours

We reached the gates of Russia, built when the Chinese took over America. “Alright men pull out the shovels, we’re digging under.” I commanded.
We dug under the steel wired gate, only to find another problem. Russian police pointing machine guns at us, but they weren’t dressed like the police.
“What is your name?” one of them said.
“Jason Winchester” I said.

“What is your purpose here?” he said. “I’ve come for some intelligence, a spy by the name of Alexi Volcoff” I said.

“Oh yes Mr. Volcoff, he lives in the main city of Moscow. Come comrade, we will take you to him and by the way we’re the Russian Spetsnaz” He said.

They took us to a blown down building, probably from bombing. Under it though, was an entire food cellar.
“Here we are comrade, make yourselves comfortable.” It was a dark grey place with furniture, nicer than I thought it would look. “We must sleep, for in the morning we head for Moscow.”
“Where can we sleep?” I said. “In here, it’s not perfect but still.” It looked like a barn, but still we chose it.

June 26th 2013 09:17 hours

“Wake up comrade; we have a busy day today” I woke with exhaustion, realizing today’s the day. “Here put these on comrade” He throws me a black leather jacket and terrible looking jeans.
Then the main Russian put on a nice shirt with dark black pants and no hat. The rest of my men put on something like my clothes, without the jacket.

Once we headed out, nothing could stop us. We got in this big car with enough room for all of us.

June 26th 2013 10:53 hours

The car stopped and we all got out, and walked down the street. “Ok comrade he works in the main capital building, you will be a man named Ralph Gustavo. The rest of your men will be your workers.”

“Ok” I said. “Good luck comrade, I will see you inside”

Inside was a gold statue of the ruler of Russia. One of the Russians went right next to me and said “Go to the last office to the right”.
I headed on over, and inside was tall dark haired man with a green jacket. “Ah comrade Gustavo come in”.
I took a seat and noticed a 45. Caliber pistol on his desk. So what are you doing here?”
“Well my names not Ralph Gustavo” I exclaimed. “Yes comrade I already figured that out because Ralph dresses better than that. “So what is your name?” he said.
“Jason Winchester.” He put his left hand under his desk for a second then put it back on the table. “So what do you want?” “I need info on when that Chinese ship supposedly holding nuclear items” he said. “Oh yes, the one coming in Massachusetts Bay.”
“Yes now tell me” Just then five guys walked in the room behind me. “I’m afraid I can’t do that comrade, there’s a bounty on your head that you couldn’t pay”
“I see”. Then I took one guys gun and aimed it at Alexi. “Now listen here, you’re going to tell me when that ship comes or I’ll mow you down”
“Ok the ship comes in on July 4th at 9 am.”
I left the office, and when I got out to the main hall of the building people started looking at me. Just then machine gun fire went off, and guys started dropping dead in a pool of blood.

“C’mon the police are coming.” We left to the Russian countryside, and the sun went out quickly. “Did you get the information you came for?”
“Yes, a Chinese ship is going to land in Massachusetts Bay and it may hold nuclear items” “I thought all nuclear items were used up?”
“Well some how they figured out how to bring them back” I said, remembering back in the 80’s when people thought this would happen. “Well comrade I will fight for you anywhere, where to next?”
“First my base of operations.”

June 29th 2013 06:35 hours

We returned to the underground hideout, and people stared at the Russian allies. “What are they doing here?” one person said.
“Calm down people, these are Russian rebels.” I went to the main area of our operations and told everyone where the ship was going and when. “If anyone wants to come, then come don’t stay here.”
After that the Russian who goes by the name of Victor Stricken, at least that’s what I saw on his coat came to my door. “Hello mind if I come in?” He said.
“No” I said. “Here” he hands me a knife, but it looks different. “What’s this?” I asked.
“A ballistic knife, shoots its blade when needed so use it only when its life or death.” He said. “Will do.”

July 2nd 2013 13:47 hours

We headed out two days ago and got to the Portuguese ship yard, only two last ship yards in Europe that are functional. “One ship please” I said. “Ok that will be one hundred Euros” said the ship merchant. “Here you go” I said. We took a gigantic cruiser, so we left as soon as we could, sailing out to the Atlantic”

July 2nd 2013 1900 hours

The alarms sounded and I rushed out to the deck. “What’s going on?” I asked. “They think a submarine is in the area” “Well do we have any type of defense?”
“No” he said.

What happened was there was a submarine, but it was going after the ship that was 100 yards from us. It never saw us on its radar, but we saw it on ours.

July 3rd 2013 05:12 hours

We arrived at Massachusetts Bay, and there was a lot of Chinese. “We can’t attract too much attention.” He said.
“Alright so how are we going to get on this bay without being noticed?” I said. “I have a plan comrade” Just then a Chinese guard jumped onto the boat. “Hold, who’s the captain of this ship?” He said.
“I am” said the Russian. “Do you have a permit for that ship?”He said.
“Da” Victor said.

He gave him papers, and the Chinese guard looked troubled. “You are good to go”.
Then he stopped me, and looked close. “What is your name?” he asked. “Um Ralph Gustavo?” I said, knowing he knew otherwise.
“This mans no Russian kill them all” I pulled out my colt and shot him through the back. I grabbed his body and threw it in front of where the other Chinese were firing, bullets tore through his skin. I put away my colt and pulled out my two desert eagles, bullets ripped through the steel. “We have to move onto land” I said.
A grenade flew over my head, blowing up behind me. I jumped in the water, and fired through the water. The guard tower guys brains flew out the back of their heads. Every guard went down, I surfaced.

“Alright comrade lets take their positions and trick the Chinese coming.” “Let’s get some sleep first” I found a nice cot to sleep in at the guard tower; it was 1 in the morning so our forces were tired.

July 7th 2013 14:05 hours
We headed back towards the harbor to pick up those who were still alive. We were just about to the Portugal bay, when we saw what happened. The bay had been destroyed, nothing left. “We have to take the device on land.” He said. “Do we have anything to pull it?” I said.
“We do, but it’s a bit of a squeeze”
So we lifted the giant nuke on a pick up truck, if it was shot once we’re done. We got half way through France when, gun fire and explosions went off all over. “The device, don’t let it go off” he said.
The only thing going through my mind was don’t let it go off “Go we’ll hold them off” he said. “You sure?” I asked.
“Yes now go before I change my mind” I took my soldiers and drove for my life, with the nuke.

July 8th 2013 08:47 hours

We arrived at our base, but no sign of the Russians. I took the nuke down to the science lab where they can concentrate it and make more. I wonder what happened to them….

Russian Intelligence Base: Geneva Switzerland

“Where is it” the officer yells. “I don’t know, he took the device to north Sweden.”
“No the knife he had, the ballistic knife”
“Why do you want that?”
“It has some special information that could turn this apocalypse around, now we know he’s probably in Sweden” Victor said. “What about me” He asked. “What about you?”

July 10th 2013 0:00 hours unknown area

I woke up and all I see is desert, no weapons no equipment. “Hello!” I yelled. No body answered, I think I’m somewhere in the Gobi desert. A town came into sight; I thought maybe someone can help me. I started walking into town, but no sound was heard. “Hello!” I yelled again.

I found a house and started to knock on it, when no one answered I kicked down the door. “Hi didn’t you hear me at the”. I paused, noticing the plastic skull. “Wait a minute” I searched outside and machine gun fire covered me all around, having no weapons I searched my pockets, amazed to find the ballistic knife. I came up and stabbed one guy through the chest, as he fell on his blood stained jacket I took his AK-47. Shooting the other guys down, and then an alarm went off saying seven minutes to blast. I took off knowing I walked into a nuclear testing ground, but more guns fired off I was pinned down.
I took my gun and fired off with cover behind a rock, but they still overpowered me. So I sneaked behind to where they are, surprising them while shooting with no mercy.

“Five minutes to blast.” I had to get the heck out of there, seeing a cave a few hundred miles away I ran for it. A Russian officer punched me in the face, so I punched back. He threw my gun out of my hand, and kept punching. I saw a near by stone, grabbed it and beat the heck out of him five times.
“Take that you communist” I said, racing for the near by mountains. “Two minutes to blast.” This is taking too much time, I thought. Noticing a nearby motorcycle I knew it was my way out, jumping on I grabbed a lever shotgun. Riding down the valley, I went as fast as I could until it said “One minute to blast.”
Go! I said to myself, and just in the knick of time I jumped into the cave as the motorcycle flew over my head. A bright light in the distance and then…“Boom!” A sonic wave just knocks me down; I covered my face in fear of nuclear poisoning. A big dust storm comes through the cave, still covering my face the dust storm was over in minutes.

As I walked out, a helicopter came over the horizon. The people inside put a bag over my head, and took me I never saw any thing…


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This book has 2 comments.

RoseOzera said...
on Jan. 22 2011 at 4:44 pm

Hey Josh! it's me again . . . i was wondering if you are already writing a sequel to this? if you're not, you should start right now! haha i can't wait to find out what happens! great twist at the end there! it totally took me off guard!

i also love the titles of your chapters! they were way cool.

RoseOzera said...
on Jan. 22 2011 at 4:32 pm

Hey Josh! i love the revisions you put on your story! it's really . . . ummmm . . . grapic? hahaha but great description, and detail! good job!


you should check out the revsions i did on my piece 'one quiet whisper'. i only put a few, but . . . yeah :)