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The Dragonstone Defenders Series: Book 2

August 9, 2021
By Juniper_Swift, Atascadero, California
Juniper_Swift, Atascadero, California
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It is about a trio of teenagers who are called on a quest to save their dimension from a growing evil. The problem is, they don’t know what the threat is, all they know is what The Dragonstone has told them. However, right under their noses, is the fact that war is coming because the land lacks unity. It is filled with disharmony because a fallen goddess is secretly corrupting their world. Hence, the teens are given a heroic task to complete in order to prevent the enemy (secretly the fallen goddess’s “puppet”) from rising to power. However, they are blackmailed into giving up to their enemy. Yet this does not stop them and they return to fight him (and in later books the fallen goddess as well) in a battle between his nation and one of theirs, to which they unlock their true magical potential and overcome him... for the time being. The series continues to show how three teenagers complete another task each book by traveling all over their world until they overcome the enemy and save their land. 


The Dragonstone Defenders Series: Book 2

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