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Candies and Goblins

June 30, 2020
By echo0110, Irvine, California
echo0110, Irvine, California
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Korean-American 12 year-old Angela loves candies like a gorilla loves bananas. It’s all she eats. She is thus a squishy person: squishy cheeks, squishy arms, squishy belly.
Her mother constantly berates Angela for her poor eating habits and weight, putting her on strict lettuce-only diets, while her “friends” compare her to an orange-skinned oompa-loompa.
Angela never believed in ghosts, or monsters, or any mythical creatures for that matter. So she never, even in her wildest dreams, expected to meet a dokkaebi during a trip to South Korea. The mythical Korean creature from her Grandma's folktales lives in a blue-gray rock, but is as powerful as he is strange. He offers Angela one wish: a chance to change anything in her life.
Even her appearance.


Candies and Goblins

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