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Children from the Stars

October 10, 2019
By Superbell57, Hill Air Force Base, Utah
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Superbell57, Hill Air Force Base, Utah
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"Ever wondered why you're stuck on the ground? Well then pick yourself up and fly!"

9 children born from the stars.


One a leader, who will lead his sister and brothers with Pride

One a healer, who will save the last Brother

One a destroyer, cursed to break things with a single stride

One a warrior, who mourns her dead Brother



One a commander, who leads his reckless brothers

One a soldier, who disobeys his commands

One a student, learning to take his brothers' places

One a survivor, who listens without listening

One a ghost, who is returned to his birthright in the end



Only 7 are Angels

One is a Devil

8 are cursed with enemies forever

It was a rude awakening.

                16-year-old Arcelia Armens was never a morning person, but the shouting of her younger brothers – as well as older ones – were not making the situation any better. She tossed over, pillow over her ears. She wanted the noise to end.

                It didn’t.

                Arcelia groaned, getting up and selecting a black tank top and black jeans, slipping navy blue socks onto her feet. Her short brown hair and pink streak gave a touch of rebellion to the look.


                Arcelia smiled at herself in the mirror, grabbing her navy blue and pink motorcycle jacket and finding her way to her brothers’ rooms. There were 3 of them – one for Orion and Ian, one for Braxton, Wade and Ulysses, and the last one for Christopher and Benjamin. The arguing was coming from Orion and Ian’s room, and she opened the door to find-

                Video games.

                All seven of her brothers were huddled around the TV, watching as Ulysses and Chris tried to finish an Injustice 2 match. Chris was dominating the field as Red Hood – which was surprising with his constant arm and hand spasms – while Ulysses was struggling to keep his Superman alive. Half of the boys were cheering for Chris while the other half was encouraging Ulysses. Arcelia wasn’t even going to be surprised if Benjamin’s hearing aid was off so that it didn’t break with how loud the crowd was. She walked over – just in time to see Chris finish Ulysses off.

                “Red Hood wins.” The half of the boys cheering for Chris – Wade, Ben, and Braxton - cheered louder, while Orion, Ian and Ulysses groaned. Arcelia cleared her throat and seven heads immediately turned to her. Her annoyed look said all that she needed to say. Wade cleared his throat.

                “Uh, sorry, Cee, we didn’t know that you were still sleeping.” He smiled sheepishly and laughed nervously, while Ben got his hearing aid back on. Ben nodded.

                “Yeah, sorry, it was just that Ulysses and Chris wouldn’t stop arguing on which was better again.” Arcelia sighed at her youngest brother’s comment.

                “Lemme guess, Transformers vs Marvel?” All but Chris and Ulysses nodded. Those two hung their heads in shame. Arcelia frowned at them. “Seriously, guys? We’ve talked about this – both Transformers and Marvel are great franchises, everyone has their own opinion and we can’t change those opinions. You need to be better about that.” Chris and Ulysses nodded.

                “Sorry, Arcee.” The two boys apologized at the same time, not even doing jinxes.

Arcelia nodded and started to make her way out the door. “And Chris?” She asked before going out.

“Yeah?” Chris shuffled his feet. Arcelia smirked at him.

“Transnerd for life.” As she walked off, Arcelia could hear him bragging to Ulysses.

“See, she did pick a side!”

It was going to be a long day in the Armens residence.

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