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World War Three

May 15, 2019
By kallenbachoshoe BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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kallenbachoshoe BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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Author's note:

I wrote this piece because of my love for adventure, sacrifice, and war.

The author's comments:


Carter Kallenbach-James Brown Isaiah Mercado-Edward Holloway Erik Gillham-Aurick Andersson Everyone-Gordon Phillips Everyone-Mark Hall Everyone-General MacIntosh James Brown It’s January 12, 2089, and James Brown, a twenty five-year-old airline pilot, is walking down Gormond Street to the barber shop.The freezing wind of January slaps his face as he turns the corner towards the shop. He lives in Old Town, Maine, but he’s ready for a new adventure and a new city. Just before he walks into the shop, he sees a poster on the wall that reads, “I want you for the U.S. Army.” “Nah,” he says to himself as he walks in to wait for his turn. One month later, James is arguing with his friend about who’s going to win the war. “I say we’re going to win,” argues James. “No way!” Mark replies, secretly hoping the other side will win. “Yes way!” yells James. “Wanna bet?”, asks Mark. “Sure”, said James. “I’ll bet you twenty pegs!” said Mark. “Fifty!” “Forty!” “Deal!” replies James. After that, James spends all his free time studying the war. James doesn’t know it, but Mark secretly sneaks away to enlist as a soldier for the other side. A few weeks later James decides to go and check on Mark. When he knocks on the door, a stranger appears. “Where’s Mark?” James asks. “He moved. He went to fight in the war”, replied the stranger. And before the stranger could finish his next sentence, James ran for enlistment. James had been waiting for hours. His name was finally called. He was freaking out in his mind, but looked cool. He walked in. “On the scale!” yelled the doctor. “Okay, geez,” replied James. “Height!” screamed the doctor. “Okay!, what the #### is wrong with you?” said James. “What’s wrong with you, young man?” replies the doctor. “Move on!” screams the doctor! “OKAY! I hope I never see you again!” James stormed out of the doctor’s office and moved on. One day later, he got his answer. He made Boot Camp. On March 12, 2090 he left for the Boot Camp. ... Edward Holloway It’s January 12, 2089. Edward is working on a jetpack. Edward is 23 years old, and he is a Co-Pilot. He flies an airplane called The Hornet. Although he lives in North America, Edward comes from England. He came here in 2080 with his family. He had always wanted to fight in the war. Eventually, he hears the news. A war is raging. The only question is, where?... In early March, 2090, Edward leaves for boot camp because he wants to fight in the war. “Hello, Mr. Edward,” says the general. “Hello sir,” Edward replies. “Your room number is b-432.” “Yes sir! ” Edward packs his stuff and heads to room b-432. In the hallway, he runs into James Brown. “Watch it!”, yells James. Edward turns around and jumps. “AHHH what was that for?” screamed Edward “Sorry! It’s not my fault!” “It’s fine...So you're the new pilot I hear?” Edward says awkwardly. “Yeah, how about you?” replies James. “Well I am your co pilot,” Edward says. “You better be good. This isn’t going to be an easy war”, says James. “Yea, I know this war is tough. Did you get your rocket shoes?” asks Edward. “Yeah, how about you?” replies James. “I did too, but look. This is for the both of us,” said Edward. Edward shows James a picture of the airplane. “That’s a nice plane, what’s the name of that baby?” asks James. “Actually that's your choice. What's on your mind Mr.James?” Edward asks. “Nothing much”, replies James. Suddenly there is a loud BOOM! “What was that?” asks James. “OH SNAP! HERE, TAKE THIS!” yells Edward as he throws a chrome gun to James. “Nice gun!” “Thanks,” says James. “No problem, but the problem is that we are being attacked!” yells Edward as the alarm suddenly goes off. “This is not a drill, get to your stations,” yells the speakers. “GO, GO, GO!!!” yells Edward, as he shoots an enemy that got into the room. “We need to get to our plane immediately!” screams James. James and Edward run to the plane, and James shoots an enemy in the head on the way there. “Start it up, pilot!” “Yes sir!” replies James. “Let’s see your skills,” says Edward. “Alright, let’s get this plane in the air”, says James “You got that right. Just get this thing flying,” says Edward. Edward opens the glass window and starts shooting enemy troops while waiting for James to fly the plane. “Cover for me while I get this plane started,” asks James. “That’s what I’m already doing. Start this baby!” yells Edward. “Alright”, replies James. James starts the plane and he and Edward start flying to a campsite not far from where they are. “It’s going to be a little while, get comfortable”, says James. “I’m running out of fuel James!” yells Edward. “We just started flying, there must be a leak. Check!”, yells James. “Alright,” replies Edward. Edward looks and finds a laser hole that has been shot into the plane. “I found the leak!” yells Edward. “Where is it?” asks James. “Back with Robert.,” yells Edward. ”What about Robert?”asks James “He just vanished, replies Edward. James and Edward are able to fix the hole, but they have a malfunction which causes them to crash in Quebec, Canada. Aurick Andersson: January 9th 2090 Gaspe Quebec Canada Aurick woke up to screaming. He had never found himself in this situation before. In Quebec,not much happened.He knew what this was about though; it had been happening to people all over town. Conscription.The very sound of the word made him loathe his Government. The Canadian-American Alliance had been causing anarchy in Canada and all the commonwealth.This is the first time men had been required to serve in any war the English have been in.He wished he was back in the States,but he had learned that it had become a one party rule system.The soldiers don’t even know who they are fighting. “This is outrageous!” “I am sorry sir, but we need every able bodied man in this war!” He heard a loud slam on the door. He heard his father coming upstairs. “Lass, I got to tell you something. You’ve been conscripted.” His father handed him a letter with the military’s seal on it.His father left the room and, for the first time in his life, Aurick realized that he would be forced to kill people.He was to be sent to Australia,so many miles from home. January 10th 2090 As Aurick drove to the airport,he had an urge to turn around and go anywhere else but here. Sadly,that was not possible at the time. “At the time” Aurick thought to himself. He knew desertion would result in his arrest,but he was starting to consider it.Suddenly,as if it came out of nowhere,there was a huge explosion. An American plane! It seemed as if its engines had blown up.It was going down fast,but whoever was piloting it must be good at gliding because they landed just outside the airport. “Anyone there?” yelled a voice.There was some mumbling,and Aurick heard a sigh of relief. “Is anyone there?” Aurick yelled. “Yes”, said the man in a faint voice. Minutes later,a military response team was on sight.They taped off the area and Aurick was forced to leave.He entered the airport terminal like nothing had happened,and everything was smooth from there on, except for the fact that he was put in a holding cell because a K-9 unit smelled bomb residue. Afterwards, he met the crew in the downed plane,and they asked him to join their crew because they had lost a man in the crash.Aurick went through boot camp and passed. March 17, 2090 Aurick, James, Edward, and Gordon wake up to the sound of an alarm. “GET TO BATTLE STATIONS!THIS IS NOT A DRILL!” the alarm howled louder than 7 siamese gazelles. Immediately,James,Edward,Gordon,and Aurick jumped out of bed and got their uniforms.They entered their plane they called “The Hornet.” James started the engine and they taxied down the runway. “You boys ready for this?” yelled Aurick over the screaming engines. “I was born ready!” yelled Edward. Not a minute after the plane took off it seemed that alarms were going off. “What the #### are we up against?” Yelled Aurick “LOOK OUT!”, yelled Gordon. There was a plane headed right for them. “SHOOT!”, screamed James over all the noise. The plane flew past them with the speed of a hundred engines.They realized that they were right over enemy territory! But something didn’t make sense… they where only a few miles away from base! They were just realizing that there has been a hidden base underneath them this whole time, and they had been planning their attack for who knows how long. There was a sudden boom and we heard Edward and Gordon’s screams before they were shot out of the plane. We watched our mates fall to their deaths realizing that this is the end to their lives and ours. The plane was in terrible condition and it was slowly, but surely plummeting down into the abyss... Then out of nowhere a plane came in and hit us in the back. Aurick just fell and didn’t get back up.The plane that had hit us just exploded. “Goodbye world.” Then James hit the parachute button and watched his plane fall and enjoyed the sunset.He knew that he had betrayed his comrades,but he didn’t feel any remorse. They were dead anyway... Loud explosions and screams of terror could be heard everywhere. Buildings were missing. Loved ones were gone. Nobody knew what just had happened. It is unclear who started the war..All of the press had been banned, besides the government propaganda was to much to decipher. This was just the beginning. Just imagine what will happen next. America is being ripped into crippled pieces of metal... \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ YOU ARE ABOUT TO EXPERIENCE A GREAT STORY. Behind the wire January 10th 2090 Edward Holloway Fort Alexei All I remember was an explosion. The plane was falling,my world seemingly coming to an end. Aurick was right beside me as the plane plummeted down, then- “Where is he now?” The situation was an ironic one. The place Colonel Edward Holloway had once called home for several months was now his prison. The enemy infiltrated us. Bribes,threats,and corruption were all forces acting against our faithful Colonel. He had been alone for days, his mind forcing him to replay the moments before the crash. The fire, the blood, the steel, the scorched earth. Not a day went by without him thinking about it. Thinking about his brothers in arms, thinking about how long it has been since he entered this compound. He would never get out. Edwards background James Brown, January 10, 2090 For the first time I actually enjoyed watching both sides blow up. Life as we knew it was over. The Russians had won. I knew they wouldn’t hesitate to kill me. At least I was able to serve my country. I was only a couple hundred feet in the air. I had absolutely no idea where my other comrades were, but I assumed they were dead. I was only like 100 feet in the air now. Suddenly, I heard gunshots. I started descending very quickly. I thought I should be dead by now but I wasn’t. I suddenly realized that this wasn’t a mill base at all, it was a prison. They were just shooting at me so my parachute would give away. That’s a big risk, but why would they care if they shot me by accident. When I realized that I would survive, I felt guilt filling me up, like a bathtub full of cold water. I felt absolutely horrible. I knew this wasn’t the best thought and I was definitely against it, but I was thinking that it would be better to die than to live like this. I felt like the world was revolving around me. My mind was out of control. Suddenly I was on the ground, not even noticing that I was lying down. I felt boneless. They were now telling me to stand up. They were yelling “Вставай!”, in a nasty tone. I had no idea what that meant, but once I stood up, they stopped yelling. I wondered what would happen next... James depressed. January 11, 2090- James Brown I’d been in a dark room for hours wondering what would happen next. All I had was a piece of bread and a small glass of water. Suddenly, a man walked in and asked me to sit down. That was dumb, because I was already sitting. He started talking about stuff and asked me weird questions. He suddenly mentioned someone named Edward Holloway. I asked him questions but he didn’t answer. Just then someone who looked like a General shot the man square in the forehead. Then he grabbed a knife and threw it at me. I dodged it and he said “Good.” Then he left. Later that night I was taken out of my mystery cell and taken to what I thought was a huge cell. Actually, it was just a large cafeteria. There were at least one thousand prisoners. Somewhere deep down I hoped my comrades were there. I didn’t think they were, especially Edward and Gordon, who fell out of the plane. I shouldn’t be the one alive right now. I should be dead for all it’s worth! I’m nothing...but there is something...something greater. They served their country well, and all I did was dump it in the end. All I deserve is death. Someone tapped me on the shoulder and as I turned around I got punched in the face and the world ceased around me... I turn around and see Edward and Aurick standing there. They suddenly grab me pick me up and slam me down on one of the cafeteria tables. “What the #@#@!, you left us to die.” “Look who’s back! Look who didn’t die! LOOK!!!” “You may wonder where Gordon is. He’s dead thanks to you.” “That wasn’t my fault.” “Oh really. If you could fly a plane right he wouldn’t be dead!” “Your deserve to die JAMES!” “You think I don’t know that. You think I don’t want that. I do. I’d rather be dead than to live with this burden. I’m sorry… I’m sorry.” “You don’t deserve to say that!” “I know!” “I have a question. How in the #@#@ did you survive?!...” Our prison camp. “I could be asking you the same thing!” Aurick Replied. “I asked first!” “You’re so immature!” “Please!!!” Aurick rolled up his pants to reveal to prosthetic legs. "I would be surprised if you call this surviving. Suddenly,the alarm went off and Aurick pulled out a flashbang. They were gone in a flash. A flashbang takes you anywhere it is made to take you, but in this case it can only take you one place… The POT. The POT is a place where they send you to die. There’s something in there. Something evil…” Now that we're all together, we all get to experience The POT. We we're in a dark room. I couldn’t see anyone. Not even myself. I could hear murmurs all around me. There was a sudden scream, and then it ended in a flash. Something watery had splashed on me. I smelled it, it was the scent of blood. That thing must be close. I then heard another scream. I recognized the voice. It was Aurick! Then the scream stopped. I was speechless. I know that voice and I know he’s dead. Someone then grabs me, all I can see is his eyes and I know it’s Edward. Some strange sort of arms are then wrapped around him and he is gone in an instant. For some reason he knew. He knew he was going to die. I guess that was his goodbye. I know who’s next. I know deep down that this is what I deserve. This is what I earned. “Goodbye world”. I am then grabbed by those same arms and disappear. I look up and see the same darkness. I guess this will be the last thing I see. I feel a sudden pain in my chest and realize that that hairy air has slammed itself into my chest. This is the death I get. No quick death. I get the slow death. There will be no funeral for me for the way I served my country. Then it all goes blank... my mind and my body. Good...bye...World. That was the end of James Brown. He said he didn’t serve his country well… that he betrayed it… but we all know that’s wrong… we all know he did remarkably well… The thing- things. CREDITS James will never know that he was actually the most respected and honored student of World War Three. And after another year of fighting America won the war. Gordon was found a year later living in an abandoned barn. He was in shock for the rest of his life. The General was killed in the last battle of the war. He served his country well. After the battle America was forever feared.

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on May. 30 2019 at 11:48 am
kallenbachoshoe BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
1 article 0 photos 2 comments
so awesome. I love the suspense. I hope you win the contest, because it looks like you and your friends sure worked hard!