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I dont really care at this point

December 19, 2018
By BTX7276, Houston, Texas
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BTX7276, Houston, Texas
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i like memes

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I thought about what it should really be about but I decided to keep it about this one person so I kept it at that

Day 1

Before i start with my journal entry I just wanted to point things out before I start with my long, very complicated journal. I first initially started this journal in hope that I would meet amazing people and go to places I never even went before so that is the first. The second reason why I started this is well i don’t really have a good answer for that but I thought it would be better to add something in this ungodly long story blanks to make it less bland so I would just leave it at that maybe . I wished that I would have thought of something that will add excitement What i’m doing to do is going to a lace that is no other than Wotsterald kingdom, though I had other plans to go somewhere else but the kingdom is the only place that is closest to where i’m living and it’s final.After I set up my stuff for the travel I said my final goodbyes to my younger sister and my granddad and this is how my amazing story began. This is Asura Belcoff signing off… wait what?

Day 2

It has been a while since I’ve been on this long road and everywhere I go things have been getting interesting ever since i left to the kingdom. I never really know what the kingdom is like but I heard a lot of awesome stories about it mostly about the things that is happening in the undergrounds of the kingdom but there were two people who interest me the most. I thought most of the things out about what will happen if things go haywire or something but you never know. I should probably stop writing because the train is almost about to go. I don't really want to be late now do I?

Day 3

I managed to get on the train that headed to the kingdom. The first time I ever heard of that place was when i was a little kid. I thought it is a place that is close to heaven you can get. I’m sure that once I get there I can find a person who is willing to guide me in the kingdom but here I am overthinking things through again, maybe that one day it would save but that will never happen. I’m just gonna go with the flow at this point until I reach the kingdom. A few hours have passed already and I already feel bored as if there is literally nothing to do on this train. Well there is some things I can do but none of them interest me. I can't really play with the other kids because that would be weird. A few hours have passed and it feels like i’m being bored literally to death it’s ridiculous so I might as well start with the two most dangerous criminals in the kingdom.

They were called the king and queen of Wotsterald Kingdom’s underground city. They also have been considered the most dangerous people out of all the other gangs and killers in the entire kingdom combined. The first person who calls himself the black tiger is no other than Diablo Aristenes who uses brawn and skill and mixed them together like peanut butter and jelly. One time he was up against 20 people fully armed and he sent all of them into the hospital for broken bones. It was rumored that he killed his own master in self defense but others suspect that is not true. Next up is no other than his sister Clara Aristenes who is also known as the silver phoenix. Her abilities are something that others like to call as “strange magic” as to say she control something called “white flames”, and with that she can also turn it into any shape or form she wants at will. Her backstory is a little bit stranger than her brothers, it is said that it was handed down by her mother who died trying to keep its secrets from falling to the wrong hands.Over the years noone never know about when the duo actually appeared but during the first few years they were nothing but a menace to society. Over the years they caused and commit almost every crime known to the kingdom, they have even able to take over more than half of the undergrounds. It had gotten so bad that the kingdom resorted to some desperate measures to taking down the moist dangerous duos. The kingdom even hired other dangerous criminals to take them down but ultimately failed in the attempt. Over the years the crime had slowly died down. People said that they changed and now started to fight for the people who are poor so it must seem that everything is fine in the undergrounds not that I know of, but i has been a few days since I have been in the kingdom and most if the information I got is little over a month and a half ago so I’m not sure where are they at now but I will continue in my journal until I gather any more information about those two once I enter the kingdom. Though I have many questions regarding them, why did they started their life of crime?, is the crimes they committed really that bad? If so then what was the crime and then I may be able to help them someday.

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blank :3

Day 4

Here I am, I finally made it to the entrance of the kingdom. I explored the front gates of the kingdom to see what they had in their markets. I didn’t really bought anything while I was there but I did bought a decently sized satchel so i can replace my old one for a good price, now I have to ask someone if they know the place. I asked the lady in the front gates for a map and she gave it  to me and asked where did I came from. I said I was from a small town that is pretty far from here. She said she was raised in a village before she came here and right after that we had a good long conversation until I had to get out of the line. By the time I headed out of the front gates my jaw jaw had literally dropped in excitement. The whole place was completely different to what I saw in those small pictures. I walked around and everywhere I go there is always something exciting that is happening the buildings are beautiful in color looking completely new, the streets are constantly filled with people both human and demi human alike. And to think that I would be here for a few days just so I can document what it’s like to live in such a wonderful place but it’s like they this is truly a place that is close to heaven. A few hours have passed and I finally settled down in a small hotel for a surprisingly good price. I looked out of the window to see the tallest tower with it’s bright lights. I had this random thought in my mind about this place but I forgot what it was so i’m just gonna leave it at that for tomorrow.

Day 5

I woke up realising that it’s already early in the morning at 7am on the clock. I put on my clothes and my satchel and I was already out of my room. I walked around the are to see if anything happens again but today the day day is actually pretty normal around here and I felt kinda happy about it although there is really nothing much to do besides walking around the city and doing nothing all day. I kept walking until I heard something in the alley, it sounded like a girl screaming. I slowly snuck by the wall to see a better view of what’s happening. I saw 4 guys ganging up this one girl. One of the guys walked up to her and shoved her to the other guys and they seem to be enjoying it. I couldn’t truly explained how much i wanted to save her from those guys but i didn’t know how to do it. But just when I was about to go after them I heard a really loud “stop right there you criminals!”

I turned around and i saw this man with a super serious look on his face. I had no idea who he was but he had that “good guy” energy coming from him. One of the guys walked to him and told him to back off or else. He stood his ground to them and said “as if I would walk away from a bunch of cowards like you”. Irritated one of the guys pulled out a knife and then charged at him, I turned around for a second then I heard a loud POW! I turned around and i see one guy on the floor face down. I couldn’t really believe that i am witnessing a fight and I only been here for 2 days already. The other guys looked afraid to fight him after they saw one of them got knocked out cold but seconds later the other guy brought out a knife and charged at him and then after that he just grabbed the hand and seconds later he was sent flying across the alley and landed on the dumpster where I was hiding. The last guy just standing there shocked at what happened. The man later then turned towards the last guys general area and then he said he doesn’t want any part of this and ran away leaving his friends behind. I thought the bad clouds had blown away, then the guy looked at me and said “you can come out of your hiding spot now”. I realized that he was looking at me the whole time. He looked at my general direction while I looked at him. He had silver white hair with a streak of black hair on the left side of his head, he had greenish- brown eyes and the way he looked at me as if he was saying “you could have helped but whatever”. Then all of a sudden I spoke out to him “what is your name?” I was so scared that i nearly lost balance when i saw him. Then he said that he didn’t want to say his real name because it would cause mayhem in the streets so he told me his name was “Mr.Bosley”. I don’t know who would want to come up with a name like that but whatever. After that he then told me to take the girl to the authorities and tell them what happened and after that he left without saying anything else. I then look after the girl he left me with. She had short brown hair and a scent of the black roses I had back in my small town. I told her that it’s okay and she didn’t have to worry about anything. I thought that is a weird thing to say when I was hiding from a fight earlier today. After that I took her to the authorities and that was the end of that long day. I didn’t expect something like that to come out of the blue so unexpectedly but i couldn’t get that “Mr. Bosley” guy out of my head, just who is he? Why didn’t he tell me his real name? Well it doesn’t matter, i’m too tired to think.

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