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The Game

December 19, 2018
By Anonymous

Author's note:

I am a active personn that took a class required to turn in something for publication.

The author's comments:


It felt like  a regular game day, but as I was showing up to the fields , it started to feel different. After a few minutes of stressful waiting my coaches told us that it was almost warm up time. As I was putting  my pads, and cleats on the coaches started to talk to us. They said, today should be an easy day, but as we walked up to the field there was a different team there. All of us were confused. It was supposed to be an easy day. When the refs showed up after a few minutes of cluelessly waiting, it turned out that the team my team was supposed to play were not showing up. So me and my teammates thought that we would get to go home and get the win. Little did we know this moment is where the whole day changed, we went from playing the 13th seed to the 3rd seed.

The author's comments:


I started to think well there goes our playoff chance. As we started stretching in the end-zone, you could feel the tension pulsing on the field. The refs blew the whistle.  When the team captains went out for the coin flip me and the rest of my team sat on the sideline with an eerie feeling. The ref signaled that we would receive the ball. Me and the rest of the kick return team lined up. My teammate Ben caught the ball. We started to sprint to the nearest opponent, as we clashed together it was like slamming into a brick wall. The first drive of the game we had a 20 yard run. The next play was the one that made the day troubling, the quarterback passed the ball to our wide receiver, but then it was like a soaring hawk dove down and snatched the ball, it had been intercepted. My coaches were furious. Luckily we got a three and out. When we got the ball back my coach called a play that required me to do a reverse. As I went in motion I could see the linebackers staring me down. I got the handoff, I ran outside the tackle who was supposed to block for me, but unfortunately my tackle did not block for me and I was hit by the biggest guy on the opposing team, it felt like an elephant had just stepped on me.  After that play we had to punt again. My coaches were furious once again, they were like a pack of wolves staring you down. The first quarter was over.

As soon as the break ended we rushed back to the field. On the first play of the quarter the other team threw a 40 yard touchdown pass. Once again all I could think is our season was over. As the game progressed we had scored one touchdown run, but no extra point. It came down to the fourth quarter. They had scored twice now the score being twenty one to six. My team had lost all hope. Until our running back got a breakaway run for about forty yards. At this point we needed a touchdown and a two point conversion. There was just ten minutes left. We took a break as a hurt player got back up. When the hurt player got up a spark of hope arised. My whole team had mixed feelings. We were happy that their best player was out, but at the same time we felt bad, because we didn’t want anyone to get hurt.

It was all going well until at were at the ten yard line and the ball was intercepted, the hawk was still hungry. When the last drive showed up they were at the 10 yard line. You could hear the screaming of 10, 9, 8, but suddenly the ball was fumbled. We all dove for the ball and there it was the touchdown we needed like a shining trophy. The clock had been stopped by our last timeout, and we scored the two point conversion to end The Game 22-21. Playoffs here we come my coaches said to us as we all cheered with excitement.

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