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Visions of Purple

November 13, 2017
By Tilley, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
Tilley, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
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Pipkin is just your average teenage girl. She stresses about school, hangs out with friends, and is obsessed with Halloween. Halloween is Pipkin's favorite holiday for one simple reason: she get's to travel to Halloween Lane; a place where Halloween never dies, and magical creatures and beasts roam free. 


During the annual conjuring of the dead, Pipkin and her friends Orion, the water spirit, and Lynn, the vampire come face to face with the very distrot spirit of Pipkin's Grandfather. He informs them that Pipkin's Grandmother has been captured by the dreaded shadow demon clan. 


Together they must travel to the spirit world and brave every fright and obstacle that stands in their way in order to save Pipkin's Grandmother. Along the way Pipkin must prove that she truly isn't afraid of anything, and discover that her destiny is a little bit less than human.


Visions of Purple

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