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War on Us

May 14, 2015
By CheeNue, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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CheeNue, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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War on Us
Planes crashed into the surface in a little village with flames burning to ashes and smokes spreading miles away turning the color of the sky to bloody red. The ground shook with blood stains that had been spilled that day, and there I was laying there in the middle of a deserted village where everyone died. I open my eyes all covered in dirt, and rip clothes, and I look my surrounding; what a deserted village. I stood up on one knee heavily it was hard to get up, and all I can hear is more bombs coming my way. I close my eyes, and knew I was done for, but in my head i heard voices telling me to run, and run I ran as fast as I could to not get blown away, and hide into the jungle. I trip on my toe, but I was far enough from the bombing, and I was just out of breath, and close my eyes slowly trying to remember who I am exactly, where did I come from, what's my name.
8 years ago i just started boot camp. It felt like it was just yesterday when I started, and met some new people. There was yelling, and marching, and everyone got in line, salute our captain.
“Men”! He walked up to the person next to me in the face, and stared at him for a few seconds. “My name is Captain Lewis, today now you are all here and we are very glad you have devoted your life for the country, but just know this! The rest of you gentleman are the lowest most pitiful beings around here, you are all stupid, ignorant, sissies, and I am the big boss around here, so if you all listen to me, do what I say, I am sure we will have no problems”. Another man to my right stepped out, and raised his hand.
“Sir I have a question”! Captain Lewis walked to the man.
“Who the hell are you”?
“I’m Danny”.
“Well Danny what is it”?
Danny just walked up to Captain Lewis face with a smirk on his face.
“What makes you so tough”? Danny said with chuckles.
Captain Lewis just give Danny a straight up look into the eyes for a while until he had enough of Danny’s crap.
“Well then”. Lewis give Danny a straight hard jab in the face, and Danny just falls backward down to the ground fainting while he is being carried away. “Yea, we get one of those suckers every year”. He wipe his hand on his pants. Captain Lewis is a massive strict leader, and anything little will tick him off. “Men! In position! Hands to the side! Now don’t be like that sad goofball, and start marching to your dorm”! I raise my hand,
“But captain you never showed us our dorm”. I said.
“Yes of course. Lieutenant Sherman! Show them their dorm”.

The dorm was not what everyone think it was. The dorm was ugly, no windows, smelly, and I can even see a rat crawling everywhere.
“Um Lieutenant, this is like a prison cell.” I said.
“Yep good luck”! Lieutenant quickly walked out the door shut. Everyone didn’t look satisfied, and look around with the ewy face. It was hard to decide which bed to choose from, and the only bathroom we got is outside in the woods. It smells like rotten meat, and eggs in the dorm.
“Could of at least clean up the dorm”. I said. There was this guy who chose the bed next to me, and pull out his hand for a handshake,
“Hi, my name is Mort. What’s your name”?
“I’m Jerry”. I shook his hand.
“Jerry? Well where did you come from”? Mort ask.
“I’m from Wisconsin”.
“Hey! Wisconsin! I’m from there too. It was really good to know I have something in common with someone, I feel less nervous. Mort grab me, and pointed out some men across the dorm. “Hey you know that guy over there the big buffy one. His name is Scott from Ohio. What up Scottie”! Mort said.
“Hey there”. Scott replied.
“And over there next to Scott is Gordon from Tennessee, The guy from the far right is John from Wisconsin too, and that’s Bobby from North Carolina, and our friend Danny, you know the guy that got hit in the face, he’s from New York”. Mort chuckles. “Those c***y bastards”.
“How did all you guys meet each other”? I ask.
“Well, you know we just met on our flight here”. I look around at each of every guy Mort pointed out. “Hey! Since we are gonna be together for long time might as well make some friends”. Mort walked past me.
It was 10 minutes later when Sherman came back.
“Men! In position! Hand to the sides”!. Sherman shouted. Everyone stood in front of their bed standing still as Lieutenant walked in the dorm looking at every men in the face. “Alright guys, put all your stuff away, and meet me outside the pond area”! Every men in the dorm was in wonders of why they have to go to the pond. We walked outside and the sun was bright as if its in our face, and Sherman was already half way, and he turn around and said, “Don't walk! Run! Hurry”! Everyone race to the pond with each step of laughter, pushing, shoving, and tripping each other, but i just minded my own bussiness.
“Men! You have all arrived”! Captain Lewis said.
“Hey look its Danny”! Mort said. Danny was sitting on a chair near the pond covering his bruise eye with his right hand. “Hey Danny how you holding up”?
“Just shut up Mort”. Danny said. Everyone laughed at Danny as if it’s a joke, and I laugh a little; it was kinda funny.
“All right all right! Everyone get in line. Y’all getting your hair cut done, then we are gonna go through basic training”. Captain Lewis said. Everyone just stood right where they are not moving an inch. “Well! Let's get things done! Ready now! Go”! Everyone rush to make a single file line, and got their head shaved bald one by one. As soon as every men got their haircut we ran into the woods, and met Sherman and a bunch of loaded guns. We stood in rows facing towards Sherman while he try to explain guns, “Men, this gun you must treat it as if it loaded every time, and if not you will be shot fire at, and remember that guns dont kill people. People kill people”. A long introduction of guns, and I’m so tired of standing up, and now finally the grenade introduction. Sherman took out a grenade, “And this right here is a grenade. Pull this string, you make it live, and you will have at least ten seconds to throw it, or else it will blow right where you are. The best way to keep a live grenade to explode is to pile bunch of bodies on top of it so it explode less, but if not though. Well it's voluntary, but you should do what you can to keep the grenade from exploding”. I really hope Sherman was kidding about the pile of bodies on grenade.
Days after days, and nights after night we ran and ran around boot camp for miles, the struggle of not being able walk, the trials we must go through like being able to swim more than a mile long, and run for more than 5 miles without stopping or walking, three minute lunch time, and the heavy lifting, but if we stop then we die. After the hard training for many days everyone decided to camp outside to tell stories. Everyone was eating and drinking, Scott was knitting a scarf, and Danny is trying to give a story,
“And there I was sleeping in the middle of the woods, and I see a lady calling out my name. Come here Danny. Come here”. Danny said. Everyone didn’t like the story so they threw garbage at Danny,
“That’s B.S. you didn’t see no lady”. Gordon said. Everyone laughed at the dissing of Danny, and he give that face of getting diss at.
“Hey Jerry why don't you share where you came from”. Mort said. I was a bit shy, and kind of hesitate to share about myself, but these were good men,
“Well um, I don't know if I should”. I said.
“What do you mean you should”? John said. Everyone kept telling me to tell about myself, and i took a deep breath, and out,
“Well, My name is Jerry J Lee, I am from Wisconsin, 19 years old, and I lived with both parents. I became silence, and look at everyone.
“Well, c’mon Jerry let's hear it”. Mort said.
“My dream is to become a writer someday. I want to write great big stories to change and impact other people's lives. Write stories about my life, write stories about your lives, write stories of stories of what ever the dreams may come to life. Maybe someday the people in my life will become just stories”.
“What about your parents”? Bobby ask.
“Well, my parents were not rich. They gave me all they had, and we didn’t go broke. My parents loved each other, and even though we didn’t have a lot we helped each other, and that’s how we were able to stay family”.
“I feel the same way you do”. Scott said. Everyone looked at Scott.
“What do you mean Scottie”? Mort ask. Scott gives a deep breath, and breath out.
“My name is Scott Woodmen. I am from Ohio in a very small town. I live with my mom only. My dad i never knew him, but my mom said he was a great man. Me and my mom was very poor. We almost lost our house, but a great man saved me and my mom. Supported me, and supported my mom. He was like a father to me. He died in a car crash when i was 15. Me and my mom were back to square one. I never really had nice clothing. So that’s why she knit and sew me some cloths, and i watch her”. Scott took a moment to clear his head. “She taught me how to knit, and it's the best gift I could ever receive. It’s for my mom”. It was a moment of feelings, and expression for one another. It was the moment we get know about each other, and our self. Bobby stood up and tells about himself,
“My name is Bobby, and I am from North Carolina”. Everyone looked at Bobby. “Well you probably know that, but I want you guys to remember me. My dream is to be a great singer after when i serve the army. I want to be big great things so people can remember me. It has always been my passion, and I want to share my passion with the world”. Then Gordon stood up, and spoke up,
“My name is Gordon, and I am from Tennessee. My dream is to be a teacher. I think inspiring and teaching kids to success is very important, and I want to be that inspiration. I never really had a mentor myself, and it was hard growing up without much teaching and help. I had to learn how to do things by myself, and it’s always been that way.
“My name is John, and I am from Wisconsin. My dream is to build a family, and own my own business so I can help my parents too. I was an orphan so I never really had a family. The only family I’ve got is the kids i stayed with at the orphanage house. I also never really had allot, so I want to make money, and help the kids in the world ”. Everyone looked at Mort and Danny next. “Well guys. What about you? What are your dreams”. John ask.
“Well, My name is Mort, and I am from Wisconsin. I want to be a photographer someday. Capturing moments, and memories knowing they will stay the same. I want to show the world what is really happening in the world with the picture i take”.
“And my name is Danny, and I am from New York. I had never really given up anything in my life, or for other people. In my daily life it’s always about only caring for yourself. My drunk beat up dad beating me everyday. I did not run. I knew I had to be strong so I fought back everyday. Everyday it seemed useless though. I came here to be a soldier is so I can do whatever I want and not be scared of anyone”.
Next morning I woke up went over to the ponds, and just sit there thinking about life. I stared at the water flowing in one direction towards me. It give me thoughts into the sky of wonders, and I like the breeze it felt on me, and the warm sun shining onto me. 

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