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Gone with a Bang

June 14, 2013
By PIRHNA-CHICKEN SILVER, seymour, Missouri
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Gone With a Bang

My name is Nikolai Putin. I am Former KGB Agent, I am now Spetsnaz (Russian Special forces). I have killed terrorists, world powers and other Special Forces like the British SAS and German KAS. I grew up on small farm in Siberia. We had dogs and cats. We grew corn and raised cows. We always had problem with wolves. They would kill the cows. My papa would try to kill them, but he had glaucoma, so he could not shoot too well. I had to go out and kill them. Then one day, one of the worst, my dad went out to kill the wolves and… but the wolves got him. That was back when I was young. I am about 23 now. Just waiting for my life to start.
I joined the KGB and spied on biggest countries in world; America, China, Great Britain, France, Israel, Italy, Spain and Australia. I spent all my time I could, so I decided to continue to serve my country. I joined the Spetznaz at age of twenty two. I have down a couple missions.

Me and my comrades were flying in a helicopter, trying to get to the destination zone. Suddenly about 50 Chinese men shot down our helicopter from AA guns and we crashed.

My team of four Spetsnaz all died in crash. I was seriously wounded when my comrade’s ballistic knife went off and stabbed me in small intestines, but I was slowly crawling to nearby cave with the commies running after me. I got to cave only to find myself trapped. The Chinese tried to enter slowly, but I killed each one that entered. Boom dead. Boom dead. They were dropping like flies. Left and right, they were yelling at each other.
“來吧,我們需要一個計劃。我們不能讓更多的人死於!” (Come on, we need a plan. We cannot allow more people to die.)
I had no idea what they were saying. I was not scared. I did not think I would live, so I just kept firing at entrance of cave, killing lots of them. Just as they all were dead, I ran out of ammo in my AK-74U. I was slowly dying and when I examined my hand, it was covered in blood. I looked up and saw a figure drop down behind them. Then I blacked out; smearing blood on my face and making a hand print.
When I awoke, I saw a man crouched down in front of a fire. The bleeding had stopped, so I slowly got up and sneaked up behind him. I put him a head lock, but he flipped me over his shoulder and punched me in the face. So I kicked him in the nose and immediately blood started to run down surface of his face. I picked him up and started to body slam him, but he grabbed hold of my head, so we both went down.
He yelled, “Comrade! Comrade!”

“Yeah, I see that now.”

“What? How?”

“I saw the American Special Forces pendant on you collar.”

“My name is James Mason, you?

“Nikolai Putin. Why are you here?”
“Well I saw you getting shot at and then run into this cave. I went away from my orders and came down here to help. I’m the one who patched you up.”

“What is your mission?”

“Assassinate the Korean general, you?”

“Also kill General.”

“Well, what do you want to do?”

“Let’s get to it.”
We headed out to Wonsan, North Korea where the general was in command at their military base. We were walking along when we saw a platoon of Chinese men. There were about thirty men and one T-99 tank. We saw they were carrying a Chinese flag, so we knew they were Chinese soldiers. They had stopped for the night to get some rest and we saw our opportunity. Making as little sound as possible, Mason and I dug a hole about six feet deep in front of the tank and camouflaged it up with sticks and leaves. We had stuck cotton balls in their ears so they wouldn’t hear anything while we worked. I got out two ballistic knives and crept down the middle of the group of men. I stabbed each man in the throat and blood squirted in my face. I killed twenty of the thirty, while Mason killed the five that were to patrol the area. We left five sleeping, but alive, so when they would get into the tank, they would fall in the pit and get stuck. We stayed back in the shadows and watched the five men in the morning to make sure they did not get away. Everything went as we planned. The next morning the remaining men were horrified to see their fallen soldiers. When they got in the tank and started to drive onward, it fell into the hole and became useless. As the men were climbing out of the tank and the pit, we shot them with our silenced pistols.
I went to a few of the dead soldiers and found some RPGs (rocket propelled grenades), so we picked them up, just in case we run into any trouble. After walking a ways about two miles in fields of North Korea, we saw a Humvee afar. I hid in bushes with my knives ready. Mason played dead in middle of road, hoping they would stop to investigate. His plan worked because that was just what they did. After they stopped and got out of the Humvee to see what had happened to him, I used my knives to shoot them. I stabbed them in back of head and killed them instantly. Mason got up and we both gave each other high five and jumped in vehicle and drove off to Wonsan to fulfill our mission.

“How do you kill so easily, Putin?”
“Where I come from it is kill or be killed. You got wolves, bears, all sorts of danger. They will kill you; I have seen it happen. People go out to tend to animals and then BOOM, they are dead.”

“Where are you from?”

“Siberia, you?”

“Fort Stockton, Texas.”

“I have no idea where that is.”
“Oh, it’s just an army base; my father served America as long as he could. He loved his country and his job and was so depressed when they discharged him we had to put him on suicide watch, but I knew he would never leave his family like that. He was a great man and I respected him highly.”
“Yes, my papa… was killed by pack of wolves. I had to bring his body back home in middle of winter. We didn’t have enough money to bury him because ground was frozen. I had to cremate him. It was hard growing up without him; I had to be the man of the house.”

“Sorry to hear that.”
“It’s fine. It’s in the past so I say we leave it there. We have to live now, in this time. You only live once.”

“So, what did you do before becoming a Spetznaz?”

“I was a former KGB agent. You?”

“My dad opened a restaurant, a burger joint.”
“What’s a Burger?”


“Nah. I’m just joshing with you.”
“Oh. Ha, Funny.”
“Is this your first mission?”
“Scared yet?”
“Only when I think of what they could to do to us. Where do we have to go to get the general?”

“Wonsan.” Nikolai said, looking at a map.

“Where are we now?”

“Ten miles past Anbyŏn.”
“How much longer will that be?”

“About a minute or two. Be ready. Load your weapons.”

“Ok, got it.”
Just as we were done talking, we arrived at the city. We saw a convoy of tanks moving down the streets. We turned off the Humvee and jumped out to get to cover. We believed that one of the tanks saw us and just as we got to shelter, one of the tanks blew up the Humvee. We ended up on different sides of the street. Mason was in a grocery store, so I did not know what he was doing. I was in an office building and when I started walking, I saw about twenty enemies coming toward me. We exchanged fire and I shot about ten of their men. As I was reloading, I heard more gun shots and when I looked up I saw an Israeli MOSSOD (Israeli special force). I was relieved that he was not another enemy. After he killed the other ten soldiers, I got up and walked over to greet him. As I was walking over, he pulled his gun out and shot at me. I barley dodged the bullets as I pulled out my ballistic knife and shot it at him, hitting the gun knocking it out of his hand. I ran up to him and punched him in the face, blood coming from his mouth. I jumped on top of him and wasn’t letting up. Punches left and right. He finally got a good one on me. I fell over he got up and kicked me in the face, breaking my nose. I held my nose and saw blood streaming down my face as I got up and looked at him. I managed to show him my patch and after he looked at it, he nodded his head and looked out the window and pointed to the RPG (rocket propelled grenade). I nodded. I walked up to the window and shot an RPG at the first tank. As I was reloading, another tank aimed at us. As we were running, the tank fired and blew up the window. Glass flew through the room, cutting my face and deeply embedding shards into the MOSSAD’s leg. I reached for my sniper rifle and saw about ten men approaching. I shot about seven of them. Right before I could shoot the last three, they entered the building. After that, all I saw was a big explosion; I could see bloody body parts flying out of the building. I looked over and saw the MASSOD shooting the RPG at the tanks while getting shot at by the Chinese 50 CAL. I started to shoot the men in the tanks and as I was shooting at them, he was blowing them up. He got the next two and with his last shot, bodies flew out of it like salmon trying to swim upstream.

I looked across the road and saw Mason throwing explosives on the tanks and he blew up the last ones. The MOSSAD and I ran down the stairs to get to Mason. He saw us and then approached. He noticed the gash in the MOSSADs leg and he looked it over. The two of them started speaking Hebrew while Mason started working on his leg.

“What’s his name?”

“Adam Packer.” Do you need medical attention? ”
“I’m fine, I can handle it. You better work on him.”
When I finished talking, I took my thumbs and realigned my broken nose. My face was bleeding badly, so I ripped off a piece of cloth from the uniform of a nearby dead Chinese soldier and wiped my face. Mason and Packer continued to talk. I got up and walked over to the remains of the tanks and noticed that somehow a Chinese map had survived. I picked up the map and walked back over to Mason and his new friend.

“Can you read this?”

“No, maybe he can.”

Mason spoke to the MOSSAD and then turned to me.
“Yeah. He said that the general is at the X.”

“Ok, well let’s get to it.”
After Mason bandaged up the MOSSAD, we all headed toward the direction of the X on the map and it turned out that the location was only about 2 miles away. When we reached the building where we believed the general was being housed, it had about three 50 cals in the front of the building, guarding it. We slowly made our way onto the base. We went through an opened door on the side of the building and made our way to the center of the building. Mason was taking point, Packer was in the middle and limping along, while I was covering the rear. As we were walking, we suddenly heard a noise, so we stopped and listened. While we leaned against the wall, we noticed there was a door between me and Packer. As I turned to continue walking, the door flew open and a big guy grabbed hold of me and threw me into the room. I fell and hit the ground hard.

I heard Mason yell, “NO!”
I turned and saw the general and two of his body guards. I slowly got up and looked at them. The smaller body guard moved toward me and looked into my eyes. He suddenly grabbed me by my throat and pinned me up against the wall. His eyes opened wider when I just looked at him and grinned. I took out my ballistic knife and stabbed him in the right eye. He screamed and covered his face while blood ran through his fingers and down his face. The general watched me and the look on his face was confused and fearful. I aimed my ballistic knife and shot it at him. The knife hit him in the stomach and the bigger body guard turned and ran after me. He knocked me down and began punching me in my face, breaking my nose again, busting open my lip and parts of my face. Blood gushed out of each of the wounds. I pushed the big guy off top of me and punched him in his nose and hard enough to blur his vision and slow him down. Then I pulled out my hand gun and shot him six times in the chest, but he wasn’t dead. He rolled to his side and pulled out his gun and shot me in my leg.
After the gun shots were fired, I heard more coming from outside the room. I glanced at the man I had shot and saw that he was slowly dying. The general pulled out the ballistic knife from the guard and came up behind me as I was limping over to the screaming man. I turned around and back-handed the general, knocking him down. As I was turning around, the screaming man had taken out his gun and now he shot me in the stomach. I fell to the ground and then saw that the other man had also fallen to his knees. I pressed my hands over the gunshot wound and slowly got back up on my feet. I knew I couldn’t quit; I couldn’t give up. As I was slowly getting up, I saw that the general had also gotten up and grabbed a fire extinguisher. As I turned around, he was running at me and hit me square in the face and knocked me to the ground. I spat blood on the floor and looked up at him with an evil grin. I forced myself to get up and then I grabbed hold of him and pulled him toward me with extreme force. As I pulled him toward me, I made a fist and punched him in the nose and smiled again when I heard the sound of breaking bone and saw the blood gush from his nose. He started screaming and fell to the ground with a big thump.
I moved over to the man with one eye; he looked up at me and spat in my face calling me what I assumed were vulgar names. At his silence, I put my hands on the front and back of his head and snapped his neck. His body fell with a life less stare and I laughed a little inside. As his body fell, I turned to find the general again charging toward me. I ducked to block his attack and stabbed him several times in the stomach and chest. This time I was fairly sure he was dead. As he fell against the door, I knew I had to leave. As I dragged myself across the floor, my wounds left a big bloody streak leading to my exit outside the building. I found a jeep in the yard and hoisted myself in the driver’s seat and drove to safety. I hoped that Mason and Packer would find their way to safety, too.
Three months later…

I was in a bar in Vinci, Italy having a nice drink while waiting for two men I was told were supposed to meet me with Intel. I turned around to lean up against the bar and pulled out my pocket stone and used it to sharpen my knife. I heard a Hebrew voice and the sound of American Combat boots hitting the wooden floor. I slowly looked up started to smile as I saw Mason and Packer walking towards me.
I was smiling at them when I said, “Welcome.”

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