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A Particular West Mage: Operation Tonbogiri

October 19, 2012
By Anonymous


Fate Avogadro, an incredibly powerful mage in the West gets caught up in a magical fight when he's taking an newbie mage out on a tour. Then after defeating the enemy mage, Fate is transferred to Japan for a cooperative investigation with the Japanese Magic Branch, Twilight Emissary. There he meets several powerful East Mages, accompanying with an old grudge of the West. There, he learns that a mysterious mage bomber called "Kamikaze" is putting bombs in random people, ad having them blow up in public. Along with the United States and several other countries in Europe and Asia, the same things are happening. He must work with mages that hate him because he's a West Mage, and solve this case "Kamikaze" before anymore deaths are unleash. But the more he dwells into this case, the more he realize that "Kamikaze" is connected to something bigger, grander than anything else he'd ever encounter in America. What would he do and find in the limited amount of time he has? And will he be able to get along with his new allies in the East?


A Particular West Mage: Operation Tonbogiri

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Nice, I love it! Great work!