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Once Upon a Time

August 4, 2012
By ahagen0412 BRONZE, elmwood park, Illinois
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ahagen0412 BRONZE, Elmwood Park, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"Well of course this is happening inside your head, but why on earth should that mean it's not real."
- Wise words of Professor Dumbledore.

Act I
Jenny is going through her everyday life. She is asleep on her couch in her house which is in the woods. Suddenly out of nowhere, this woman is staring at her with a big smile on her face.
Jenny: What? Who are you? Why are you in my house?
Fairy God mother: Oh, sweet Jenny, don’t be alarmed, I am your fairy god mother!
Jenny: Okay, yeah, well I’m not a princess now will I ever be so why don’t you just scoot out of my house.
Fairy God Mother: I know you may not be a princess, but the other princesses, they need you! I swear I have never seen them so—
Jenny: I’m sorry. Princesses aren’t real. I’m not sure who you think I am or how willing you think I am to just go wonder around saving princesses. Isn’t that the prince’s job?
Fairy God mother: Settle down dear. Here eat some of this chocolate; it will calm the nerves.
Jenny: You’re lucky I love chocolate.
Jenny eats the chocolate and falls to slumber. She wakes up on the side of a mansion. She looks around and there is no one in sight. Apparently being lost, she walks into the mansion. She looks around, climbs down some stairs and soon finds herself in front of a crying woman.
Jenny: Um, are you alright ma’am?
Belle: huh? How did you get in here? Did he see you? Are you trapped here now too?
Jenny: hah, what now?
Belle: Beast! Where is he? Does he know you’re here? Oh how rude of me! I’m Belle! You are?
Jenny: I’m Jenny… Who’s this Beast you’re talking about?
Belle: I’m his house keeper. I came here in order to save my town. Funny when I first came here, the house wasn’t even dirty. Frankly, I thought Beast was just lonely. He just wanted somebody around. It’s a shame he can be so cruel to others. But he’s just as sane and wonderful as the next. I wish more people would realize that.
Jenny: Wow looks like someone’s in love…
Belle: Well, I don’t know I thought we were headed here, but then out of nowhere he shoved me back into this dungeon.
Jenny: Well did you ever try telling him you loved him?
Belle: No not yet I was going to last night, but as I said I was shoved down here.
Jenny: Hmm, well looks like you two have a lot of talking to do. But Belle, I really need to get out of here. I mean, you’re more than welcome to join me if you prefer but I feel like you have a lot of loose ties to knot-
Belle: WHAT?! Of course I’ll go with you! Maybe then Beast will truly know how much he loves me.
Jenny: Right of course you want to escape but wouldn’t that make you a fugitive?
Belle: I’m sorry dear? I am not in this dungeon for doing any wrong.
Jenny: Well all right then come along…

Jenny and belle look around for way out. Soon they try the simplest way. They head to the door of the dungeon on miraculously find it unlocked. As they wander the building belle begins to feel a little guilty about her actions.
Belle: Jenny, are you sure you want to go through with this? What if Beast catches us?
Jenny: Well at least I’m not the fugitive in this scenario
Belle: *gasp*
Jenny: Oh calm down, it was a joke!
Belle: well it wasn’t very funny

They wander for a couple more minutes when suddenly there is a loud bang from downstairs. As if that wasn’t enough, there is a holler.
Belle: Oh, no! Oh, no! Jenny you got me into this mess, you can get me out!
Jenny: What? You wanted to come! This is not my fault.

Before they can say anymore a huge fury beast appeared before them. It had a crazy look in his eyes.
Jenny: *screams*
Belle: Jenny, that’s rude! Umm, hi Beast! What’s up…?
Beast: *casually talking* well I was about to offer if you would like to join me for a lovely dinner date. Alas, I see you are trying to break out.
Belle: That’s insane! Why would I ever try to leave you? Jenny over hear-
Jenny: Hi I’m Jenny-
Belle: she was trying to break me out! She wouldn’t take no for an answer! Beast I would never try and leave here! I love it too much!
Jenny: What?!
Beast: Jenny, is this true? You wanted to break me up with Belle?
Jenny: What?!
Beast: If you think you can separate my love from me then you have another thing coming-
Jenny: wha-
Belle: Your love?

All the tension was diverted to Belle and Beast. Jenny then felt very awkward.
Beast: Yes, my love. I love you, Belle.
Belle: I don’t understand, why did you lock me up in the dungeon then?
Beast: I was preparing that dinner for the two of us and I wanted everything to be perfect and you to be surprised.
Belle: Oh! Oh yeah, I love you too!
Jenny: Well, I should be on my way…

Before Belle or Beast has any say so in the matter, Jenny darts through the nearest door. She finds herself in another mansion. Only this time she sees a blonde woman slaving to keep it clean. Jenny turns around, but the door is gone. The blondie speaks to her:
Cinderella: Hello, my name is Cinderella, is Lady Tremaine expecting you?
Jenny: Umm, hi, I’m Jenny. No she isn’t. Who exactly is Lady Tremaine anyway?
Cinderella: well she is my stepmother. Currently she is getting ready for the ball with my stepsisters Drazilla and Anastasia. I would be invited, but I have so many chores to get through before I’m even allowed to think about going.
Jenny: Awe, that’s terrible! How about I help you so you can go to the ball?
Cinderella: You would do that for me? That’s so kind, and we’ve just met!
Jenny: Yes, well, this day could not get any weirder so I figure why not?
Cinderella: You are kindest! I will be so grateful. These Balls only happen once every 20 years. Alas! I don’t have a dress!
Jenny: You get started on these chores. I’ll take care of these chores.

Jenny walks outside and finds herself staring at a flock of blue jays. Ironically, they’re carrying a lovely blue dress. The birds plop down the dress and Jenny picks it up. Then the birds turn away and fly away.
Jenny: Well all right then!

Jenny runs back into the castle to look for Cinderella. She sprints up the stairs and finds her sitting down beside a window bawling her eyes out.
Jenny: Cinderella! Stop crying I have the dress. We can get you to the ball now! There’s on;y a couple of more chores that will take an hour.
Cinderella: No, it’s not that. Stepmother said I could not go. She didn’t even say why. Besides they left.
Jenny: No! Stop moping! I’m getting you to that party. Now hurry get into this dress and find shoes. I’ll finish up the chores.
Cinderella: You’re really kind. One of the kindest people I’ve met actually.

Jenny finished the last couple chores and goes to find Cinderella. Eventually she does and Cinderella looks awesome. She’s wearing the blue ball gown the birds dropped off, and golden shoes. \
Cinderella: The shoes were my mothers.
Jenny: That’s so nice! But! We have not time to spare! You need to get yourself to the ball like now! What time is your stepmother coming home from the ball?
Cinderella: She should be home around 12:30.
Jenny: well then it looks like you need to be back here by 12! We can’t your sisters or mother spot you or else you’ll be in trouble.
Cinderella: Jenny, how will I get there?
Jenny: You have two legs, run! And don’t forget, midnight, on the dot!

The hours tick away. Jenny reads a book she found on a shelf. Shoe dozes off for a little while and when she wakes back up she is alarmed at the time. The clock reads 12:15. Oh no she thinks. If Cinderella isn’t back In time…
Cinderella: *Bursts through the door, out of breath* Jenny! Oh, dear! Jenny! Did I make it?
Jenny: Yes you made it, but just barely! What happened to you?
Cinderella: Jenny it was marvelous! I danced with the price! Me, Cinderella, danced with the prince! But then the clock, it stroke twelve. I didn’t even get to explain to him what had happened. I just ran out of there as quickly as I could. But then, I left my shoe! My shoe just fell off and I don’t know what happened to it!
Jenny: Cinderella! Calm down! Go upstairs and change before they get home. I’ll try and find a hiding spot so they won’t know I was here. Remember, nothing happened. You were here all night.

Jenny watches as Cinderella dashes upstairs. As if perfectly cued, Lady Tremaine bursts through the doors with Drazilla and Anastasia. Jenny overhears that they’re talking about the girl with the missing gold shoe. Apparently, the prince will be coming through the town tomorrow in search of such a woman. Only the woman with the matching pair will he then wed. Jenny rushes to go find Cinderella. After delivering the news to her, Cinderella is speechless.
Cinderella: The price, wants to marry me? I cannot believe such a thing! Surely I have to go and make myself presentable! Jenny thank you so much for all you have done. I am so lucky to have found you.
Jenny: Well this is just what my day is like, helping people find their true loves. I’m thinking about making it a career. Well I should be on my way. I really need to return home.
Cinderella: Well I will always remember you. Thank you.

Jenny secretly walks out of the house. As she closes the door she looks in front of her and sees a forest.
Jenny : Are you kidding me?

Act II
Jenny wanders around the forest for a while. There are so many trees, she honestly has no idea where to go. She sees an opening through the trees and decides to go and check it out. She fights her way through and soon finds herself staring at, yet another, castle. Only this one was different. It was a single tower, that had no stairs and went about 200 feet into the air.
Jenny: huh, lovely. HELLO? ANYONE UP THERE?

As if by magic, a blonde figure popped into the window.
Rapunzel: Hello? Any one there?
Jenny: Yeah HI! LOOK DOWN!
Rapunzel: Oh hi, I’m Rapunzel, who are you?
Jenny: I’m Jenny. I’ve kind of had a crazy morni-
Rapunzel: I can barely here you, why don’t you come up?
Jenny: Oh, oka-

Before she can say anything the blonde silhouette disappeared. A second later, a big blonde mess was falling down in front of her.
Rapunzel: Grab on, and don’t let go!
Jenny: Well this day couldn’t get any weirder so okay!

Jenny grabs on and gets pulled up. IT takes a couple minutes but she finally reaches the top and climbs in. The tool she used to climb up is now being pulled away from her, and into Rapunzle’s arms. It does not take her long to notice that the hair belongs to Rapunzel.
Jenny: fantastic.
Rapunzel: I know it’s crazy that I have so much hair, but my foster mother says I’m not allowed to cut it. Personally I hate the fact that it’s so long. But I am eternally grateful for Miss Elizabeth, my foster mother. Without her I do not know what I would do without her.
Jenny: So let me get this straight. Elizabeth keeps you in here, won’t let you leave, and won’t allow you to cut your hair?
Rapunzel: Yup!
Jenny: Wow. Seem like a legit life.

Before any of them can say anymore they are interrupted by cheering and fireworks.
Jenny: What was that?
Rapunzel: Miss Elizabeth says those are the cheers of the people who attend the annual ball for the Prince to find a wife. Secretly I’ve always wanted to go.
Jenny: Umm, where is Elizabeth now?
Rapunzel: Oh, she’s gone for 3 days. She left to get more supplies.
Jenny: Well then let’s go!
Rapunzel: where?
Jenny: To the ball!
Rapunzel: WHAT?! Are you crazy? I’m not to leave this tower.
Jenny: Oh, come on! You’ve been cooped up here your whole life, live a little!
Rapunzel: well all right, but only for a little bit!
Jenny: Fine, now get a dress and let’s go.

Jenny and Rapunzel get dressed and head to the ball. There they stand in line waiting to meet the prince. A little while later it’s their turn.
Rapunzel: Oh, gosh, it’s our turn. I don’t know what to do! What do I say? Wha-
Prince Charming: Good evening. I am Prince Charming. May I ask who you are?
Rapunzel: Umm, hi. Oh! I’m Rapunzel.
Prince Charming: Nice to meet you. I’ve never seen you around before.
Rapunzel: Oh, that’s because I’ve never been to one of these balls before. I live in the woods. This was actually a spur of the moment decision.
Prince: huh, you’re different. I like you. Care to join me for a dance?

Jenny notices the two of them run off together and decides she is done here. She heads to the front door and walks out. Yet again the scenery changes. Only this time the scene is dull. No one is moving. It looks like everyone is sleeping. She hears galloping behind her and spots a man on a horse.

Prince Charming (2): Oh, dear! I’m sorry I almost hit you!
Jenny: Uhh, no. You’re fine. So mind telling me what’s going on? Why is everyone…sleeping?
Prince Charming (2): Well then; you must me new here.
Jenny: How did you guess?
Prince Charming (2): Hah, I’ll give you the short version. About 23 years ago a princess was born. Evil Fairy cursed her said she would die by the age of 18. Another fairy counter-cursed the spell saying that she would only fall asleep for 100 years unless the kiss of a true love awoke her. Dozens of Princes tried but failed when it came to the dragon.
Jenny: well that all sounds…awesome. I presume you’re here to do the same?
Prince Charming (2): Right you are, err- I don’t have your name?
Jenny: Oh, I’m Jenny.
Prince Charming (2): Prince Charming.
Jenny: Well are we going to go fight off this dragon or what?

Jenny and Prince Charming (2) make their way through the village. Jenny sees all the sleeping people and wonders why they’re asleep too.
Jenny: Hey, I thought only the princess was supposed to fall asleep. Why is everyone out?
Prince Charming (2): The curse was so big it wiped out the whole village. Luckily for me I live far out south, in another village.
Jenny: yeah well as for me, I have no idea how I got here. Last thing I remember is eating chocolate.

Prince and Jenny continued their journey. Soon enough they heard a roaring coming from a short distance.
Prince Charming (2): It can be far off now. WE should start devising a plan.
Jenny: Okay well I’ve never slayed a dragon before so I have no idea what to do.
Prince Charming (2): Lovely. Well let us keep in mind that there is two of us and one of them.
Jenny: Yes two average people against one go foot tall dragon.

The prince and Jenny devised a plan to just wing it. Try to get the dragon cornered or something. They reached the dragon and it was as scary as all the descriptions of it. The prince handed Jenny his spare sword and they got to fighting. Jenny noticed how the dragon looked old and was limping on its right ankle.
Jenny: Prince, go find the princess. I know how to beat this thing.
Prince Charming (2): Are you crazy? I’m not leaving you out here alone!
Jenny: Dude, it’s been a long day. If you don’t go and find her I will. Then she won’t wake up properly.

The prince finally obliged and fled the scene into the building while Jenny distracted the dragon. When he coast was clear, Jenny bent down and ran for her life under the dragon. The dragon started to run around but as he did, Jenny stabbed his right ankle with the sword. The dragon came down with a roar, but he wasn’t dead yet. Jenny climbed a nearby tree. She leapt off it and stabbed the dragon in the head. This time it was dead.

Jenny looked around and saw no one. She figured this was her time to go. Jenny started to sprint out of the forest and when she got to the other side of the bushes, she saw that she was on the street of her home town. She could do nothing but smile.

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