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Trip to st. louis

October 10, 2008
By Anonymous

Through all of the hard work, sweat and anticipation it was time for my sister and my family to go to one of her college picks. We were excited yet full of emotion to be going to St. Louis were my sister could possibly be going to college. Along this journey was enthusiasm, hardship, tiredness, and fulfillment.
It all started when we were at my house. My mom told me that we were going to St. Louis to Washington University, which happens to be one of the top colleges in the United States. When there we would go to my sister’s tour. We would also possibly be able to go to the arch “ahhh”. Patience was shortening as my excitement was building.
Are first stop was at the lavish Argosy hotel in Kansas City which happens to be my favorite hotel. As you walk in the rich diversity almost sticks to your body. After that stay we were on are way to St. Louis Missouri. After the five-hour drive we arrived although it wasn’t easy with the big city traffic. The shadow of the arch looked as though it covered the city. The arch was are first stop and we were not quite sure if we were going to go that day and as it turns out we couldn’t because they were closing soon. Although when we were inside we bought the best salt-water taffy that we have ever tasted. After that we went to the Union Station, which is known for being an old and rustic train station. It was a interesting historical experience. That was pretty much are day and it was time to hit some ZZzs….in the not so nice Hotel eight. The birds were chirping and it was time to get up. Are morning was filled with “I am so excited,” from my sister and “Uh, I am so tired,” from my mom. We finally approached the anticipated university in the process of guess and find. Ellie was feeling excited and nervous and we all had the small yet putrid sweat as the result of the intense heat and humidity. We got in are group and started the tour. I think the college was beautiful in my sisters perspective but not quite what she was looking for. Are last and final stop was the Arch. After are long tedious wait in line we finally approached the tiny cable carts that we would soon be loaded into. Personally I am scared of heights so the trip up wasn’t the best experience for me. But boy once we got up there we overlooked the building with the spinning top and the miraculous view. As we descended and started to leave my mom spotted somebody. “Who could it be,” I thought in my head. My sister said “the Jonas Brothers.”
My sister was full of a lot more excitement then I was as you could imagine but it was still cool meeting celebrities. We took a quick pick and started are long ride home.
The trip definitely felt worth it to me. Although I was sad to come home there was a few things I missed. Such as my dog and my bed. Road trips sometimes are more fun even thought more time consuming. My sister decided not to go to that college, because she said it was not as cool as she thought it was.
I hope that my family and I will be able to go to a different road trip and continue the tradition. Along the journey was enthusiasm, hardship, tiredness, and fulfillment but that is what made this trip more interesting and compelling. My sister did not go to Washington University but she sure did get a full ride to Georgetown University.

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