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Island Adventure

March 6, 2008
By Anonymous

February 10, 2005 was my unforgettable moment for me that take place in the Bahamas; it was for my dads’ work. We stayed there for about a week, because I remember staying there and spending Valentines Day with my parents and being away from my boyfriend, then. The first day that my parents and I got there, it was cold; it had to be like 65 degrees Fahrenheit. When we arrive at the hotel we were greeted by Bahama Mama Drinks, and piña coladas; other people from all over the world were there to for this work convention. The food in the Bahamas was not all that different, compare to here in the States, but it may look the same, but definitely taste different. A lot of seafood and fruit were popular on the island, and again they served Subway, Burger King, and other fast food restaurants. Every morning my father would go downstairs to where the hotel had a bagel stand, and buy my mother and me a bagel with butter. I do remember this one place in the market area, where this restaurant had a blue fence, a white roof, and in the inside of the place was like a bar table there; but it wasn’t a bar, and they had white fans throughout the place. The restaurant had a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. The food was delicious; I got the egg and cheese sandwich on a burger bun. The incredible weather on the island my father and I swam with the dolphins and took pictures of us swimming with them and doing tricks, but the water was cold from the sea water. The pool at the hotel was different than any hotel pool. It look it was in a shape of an “S”, but had cut into two sections for people to walk through, like a bridge. There was also a pool bar, the pool water right by the pool bar, the water looked like it drops off the edge, but it doesn’t. There was also a hot tub that felt so good when the weather was windy, a volleyball court, and a little ceremonial place for couples to get married under. I hope that I will get married in the Bahamas.
Later during the week, my father and I went parasailing; there we saw an astounding view of the island that we were staying at and the harm the hurricane left behind. The birds’ eye view of the ocean was an incredible, with all the different colors of the sea from a teal green to the light aqua blue. Every Tuesday night, you could hear the sound of melody playing and people chanting some words, and the beautiful clothing they were wearing, the Bahamians really wanted to make their visitors or foreigners never forget what they just experience. Every morning when the sun set and rose it was beautiful, up in Kansas you can never get the same feeling when you see a sunset and sunrise, with the sun on the edge of the earth with the ocean looking as if it is touching the sun, you wonder about life and how precious life is. On the last day on the island, my parents and I went to the beach for the last time. It was a windy day for the early morning, just like every morning when we stayed there. Even though I didn’t meet any cute island boys, the bell hopper that help my parents and I was extremely good-looking; we even flirted a little bit. I love the fact that I got to stay on the beach, swim with dolphins, going parasailing for the second time in my life, buy some crazy souvenirs from the market and try some new authentic Bahama food. When I have kids I will take my children to same hotel that I stayed at, and give them that experience of what I felt when I was 15 years old.

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