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Travels With Grandma

September 17, 2008
By Anonymous

“Passengers on flight 3020 to Los Angles please begin boarding.”
“We made it.” It was an hour before take off and we had just gotten to the air port. As we approached the counter I noticed all the people in lines. It was a birthday gift to travel to Los Angles without my parents. My grandma was the only person traveling with me. I was hoping to learn to be more independent. Above us there was giant listing board showing us every flight in the different terminals. For every person that came through the electric door I felt a chilly breeze from the October air. I pulled my jacket a little tighter and began to move forward

After we made our way through the maze of gates we were at the check in desk.
“Please place your bags on the scale. Then follow the gates to security.” We placed our bags on the scale and dashed to security.
“Ladies and gentlemen, place your shoes and carry ons in a tub. Then place it on the scanner strip.”
After receiving our plane carry ons my grandma went through the metal detector first once she was done then I went through.
“Sorry I forgot my watch.” After giving the security guard my watch I made it through then when we put on our shoes we had to sprint to the terminal to board the plane.

“Passengers, please fasten your seat belts and prepare for take off. We will be showing a short film on plane safety.” My mind was racing; I had been waiting for this moment for what seemed like forever. The only thing that separated me from the free world of L.A. was a 4 hour plane ride. From my seat I could see the long plane wings. The no smoking sign turned on and along with the long floor lights which led to the nearest exit.
“Are you excited?” whispered my grandma.
“Yes!” I whispered back.
The world around me began to move and the jet engine began to whine. We kept on gaining speed but we were losing run way. Suddenly my ears clogged up and the world around me quieted, I knew that we had taken off.

The flight was uneventful and we landed smoothly. I was so excited that I was done with that long plane ride. I couldn’t wait to go on my L.A. journey. I knew that it would be full of fun and adventure. After all of that I had overcome my anxiety. I knew this trip would help make me who I am in the near future. When ever I am facing a problem I can always look back and remember what this trip meant to me.

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