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New York City

October 10, 2008
By Anonymous

You can see it from a distance as you cross the George Washington Bridge. The massive buildings that stand stories and stories tall, and the magnificent architecture. My family and I drive around until we find a parking garage that’s not filled to capacity then we pull in. When we pull in, it is all dark and dirty, people walk to the front desk to pick up their cars, and employees yell, “Go get a black Mercedes on level four . . . pronto.” Then my dad gives the keys to a complete stranger and our totally cool mini-van is taken away to some unknown level in the garage from where it is possible that it may never be found or returned.
After, we walk out with all our belongings in hand and take in all the different aromas that fill the city air. We walk aimlessly to wherever, and make sure that I hold my little sister’s hand. We smell foods like grilled hotdogs, roasted peanuts, soft salty pretzels, and, of course, there is the awful smell of smoke from the taxis and buses. Yet, without all the smoke, stenches and aromas, the city would not be the same.
The city attracts millions of people who come from all over the world just to see what it has to offer. They spend hours in the Museum of Natural History, cruise around the Statue of Liberty, eat dinner in Little Italy or Chinatown, ice skate at Rockefeller Plaza, take a tour of the Empire State Building, enjoy long walks and have a picnic in Central Park, go see Hairspray, Mamma Mia, or a number of different shows on Broadway, and my personal favorite, walk up and down Fifth Avenue and pass by all the expensive stores. I just want to buy everything in sight, but I window shop instead.

My family and I spend hours going to all our favorite hot spots and walk up and down each block until we have had enough. Being in the city is the greatest feeling because I never have a worry on my mind; it’s always so relaxing and it’s time that I get to spend with my family. So, we walk and walk until we stop at our favorite Italian restaurant, Tony DiNapoli’s, which is known for their atmosphere and their family style foods. We have bread, salad, Tortellini al Fredo, and Chicken Parmiggiano alla Vodka. It was all so delicious, but there was just too much food for five people, so we had it wrapped to go. We were going to order dessert, but we were so stuffed that we skipped and my dad paid the bill. I walked out feeling like I had gained at least ten pounds, but the good thing was we had about ten blocks until we reached the car. My little sister wasn’t so thrilled about the walk because she was so tired, but I sure was. We got to the parking garage where the day had first started, and guess what, we got our amazingly cool mini van back. My dad paid the garage employee and soon we were on our way back. We passed by Fifth Avenue, Tony DiNapoli’s and all the other streets we roamed, and kissed the city goodbye, as we drove back home.

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