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Vacation Get Away

May 29, 2008
By Anonymous

My day started out great, the sun was shining throw the glass, and today was the day my family and me go on vacation. My family and me haven’t hang around each other since last years vacation, but this time I think all of use are going to get along. I got dress and got my suit case ready for the trip, and pack my favorite thing that I care about the most is my old stuff animal sheep, I had it since I was born, my mom gave it to me, it white with little sheep ears, and a short tail, and the fur on the outside is bump.

I walk out of my room and down the hall my little brother was still asleep so I had to wake him up. I put my suit case to the side of his wall, I walk into his room, it’s a real mess and every time I take a couple of steps I almost fall over, as I look at my brother fast asleep I see a cup on his desk, I walk over to his desk and pick up the cup. I walk to his bathroom it looks like his room, his sink is all messy and his clothes are pouring out of his hamper. I slowly started to fill the cup slowly, try not to make a sound to wake him up, and the prank goes wrong.

I started to walk slowly to his bed looking at the floor, trying not to fall and get myself all wet, and embarrassed. I got really close to the side of his bed, pick my hand up and started pouring like am really watering the plants, he started to twitch and then he open his eyes, I put the cup on his desk walk out of his room, closed the
door and walk down the hallway into the kitchen to get some breakfast and see what the plan was for today.

As my mom, and dad talk about the roads that we should take to Disney land Resort, Florida. It has been a awhile since we last went their, I think I was three years old and my brother wasn’t born yet. My brother walk in put his suit case down and said “ How long is the trip today”, my dad said “ about a day and a half”, my brother moaned. I didn’t touch my plate it was full of bacon, scrabbled egg, and sausage, and cold, my family was already done, and packing up the SUV, it’s a red SUV, holds up to six people but mostly half of my brother’s and mine friends fill up the space. I decided to just eat something from in-a-out, or McDonalds.

My dad came in told me to get my suitcase, and put it in the back of the car. I got up, cleaned my dish and put it in the dishwasher, I walk over to pick it up, it was heavy, and crammed full of my clothes so if I need anything to keep me warm, or cold I got it. I walk outside to my the car, my brother gave me a glare as he was coming in and sat down in the back, I got close to the edge of the car lifted up my suitcase, but as I was halfway there I lost all my strength and left a large thin scratch on the shiny red paint, it was hard to notice but if you really look at it you can see it, so I tried lifting up my case again, “I made it”, it was a lot of strength but I lifted it off the ground and pushed the suitcase to the top. I closed the hatch with a honor face, and walked along the side of the car, climb into my seat got everything set to enjoy this ride like a DVD player, with some headphone set, and a big bag full of junk, to satisfied my taste buds.

My mom, and dad got into the car, dad was driving, and mom was in the passenger seat next to him. Dad started up the engine, put the car in drive, pushed the button to open the garage and drove off, closing the garage seeing the last of the house until our two weeks are up. As we drove down the neighborhood I looked at every house of my friends, none of them were home, and so if we didn’t go on this vacation I would be board, at home with my little brother.

As my dad drove onto the highway it was traffic time, Georgia is a very busy place, every time in the afternoon it always gets backup, so my dad turned around as the traffic wasn’t going any were and told use our plan B, we were still going to Disneyland but we are going to spend the night at my cousins house, They live about five hours away and my aunt and uncle have two boys one is mine age and the other is about my brothers, it has been about two years since I seen them face to face, I was excited to see my cousin Sam again, and my little cousin Billy, both of them are well mannered and help you anytime you need it.

After a hour of moving up and slowing down, we got to our exit that would take my family and me down a whiney road, about four hours away from my cousins house, they live kind of in the forest, and city, I love the smell mixture of pine, oak, and the mountains wild flowers, they have a big back yard. As I woke up from my day dream I started to remember the roads that was coming up ahead I notice we were about two hours away the forest seemed dark but some light showing throw, I was glade that we were getting closer to my cousin’ house, my stomach was starting to hurt I know I was starting to get excited but I feel like I was going to throw up, I look at the clock it said five o’ clock we were about a half hour away and I told myself to come down take a little nap and wake up when you get there.

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