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Love Who You Are

December 4, 2007
By Anonymous

I am 14 about to be 15.I am a black african female and diffrent backgrounds mistake me for being a person who is nothing just because the color of my skin. Im the type of person who knows what she wants in life and will achieve it.I play basketball and I sing,dance, and look in the mirror everyday being proud of who I am. I wanna finish school and prove to those who put me down that i can achieve anything.I lost friends because of gang violence and I learn alot from it.So many black people are suffering. My kind suffures more and each night I pray for my kind to get stonger and have good health. I want my kind to get along and show the other backgrounds that are kind sticks together, but the world is getting worser everyday and people are dying every second of the minute of the hour everyday. I am loved by so many people and still cant see. Some people even risk there lives to show me they do care. I would love to be treated as others.People talk about me everyday and I keep standing strong and feeling proud cause of the way god made me. people tell me to go back to africa where i belong and they talk about my shoes clothes and color.Some people find me as a threat.
I love working with kids no matter what color they are and I will stand up and say "Im black and Proud". Im happy the way god made me and I cry every night hoping that so many people wouldnt put me down. Why is there so much violence? i just wanna get up in front of people and speak my mind. People always blame things on the blacks like we start every thing. We dont only start it, the diffrent backgrounds need to open up there eyes and just look because guns dont kill people , people kill people.Blacks dont only kill all colors kill. Back then yall was against us and now were ok. The thing im trying to say is its all gonna happen again.Diffrent backgrounds wanna be like us but yet Yall always disrespecting and all were trying to do is be friends.Open up your eyes and look were suffering and how come im the only one that can see. I feel pain everyday and Im hoping that mind kind isnt causeing the problem. Not only my kind but every kind is causing the problem. Im only one person and one day im gonna finish school have a career and create my next generation.
My dream is to become a singer,actress and model but I cant cause people wont let me. Diffrent backgrounds wont let me. Im to young to die I wanna live life facing responsibilities and loving life while Im still on earth.Gang violence is happening every where and everyday. People need to open up there eyes and look.There not doing good enough because my kind dies more then the other backgrounds. I love my color i say im beautiful everyday and i dont let no one take my happiness away for i am loved.Im not weak and the streets i know now i cant beat, for i still stand black and proud and never to be in a crowd. My pain and sorrow is within me and i feel for every child no matter what color they are, i Feel there pain and as i pray im never to go insane for god is with me and love there still remain.I hang with peopl i trust and believe in. The people who wanna make something out of themselves. I hang with all colors and i tell them never worry what color you are cause your the same as everyone els just a diffrent personality.Ive seen death,Ive felt it, I dont like it. I want everyone to know love who you are and dont ever try to impress any one for you are watched and will be punished. I love all kind and I have love for everyone no matter what skin color you are. Just know you are loved."Im black and Proud". Love me or hate me cause im still standing strong and tall.

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