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My Destination

May 25, 2008
By Anonymous

The excitement builds up inside me as we drive through the giant redwood trees on our way to our destination, Crescent City, California. It seemed like it takes a lifetime, until I get to see the deep blue ocean from the top of the mountain. When I see the beautiful white foamy waves crashing against the soft sand, I know I’m getting closer. It almost feels like a party in my stomach and I can’t breathe from the joyful thoughts of the ocean and the beach floating around in my head.

When we are finally in town, smiles instantly appear across my brother’s face and mine. We roll down the windows to fill the car with cool crisp air. You can smell the ocean breeze, which is full of fish and fog. Even though most people dislike the smell I love it; it means I have finally reached my favorite place. We reach the RV campground and park the motor home. My grandma and I take our first walk down to the beach while my brother helps my grandpa level out the motor home, which normally takes about ten minutes, or at least it feels like ten minutes. As my grand ma and I arrive to the campsite, we can smell the mouth watering aroma of hotdogs grilling on our mini grill and we realize my brother is cooking us our dinner.

The next day we wake up early in the morning and my grandma and I go seashell hunting while my brother and grandpa go deep sea fishing. When we arrive home the boys are cleaning and cutting the fish for our fish frying party we will have soon. Everyone from the RV camp site shows up to feast on the delicious food we have cooked up. We make fried potatoes, salads, deep fried fish, corn on the cob, corn bread, and other amazingly tasty foods. Other people who arrive also bring good food to enjoy.

When we go back home it takes even longer to get home then it did to get to Crescent City in the first place. We are all relieved to be home from our tiring trip. But after about a week or so of being home you just miss that nice ocean breeze and the people who surround you when you are at my favorite place, Crescent City.

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