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Cruise Season

April 23, 2021
By Anonymous

It’s cruise season. Finally, the stress goes away as you step on that cruise you’ve been waiting to get on, sipping on your drink, laying under the sun, and soaking in all the goodness, it seems harmless.

But is it really harmless? These big boats we call vacation are actually evil polutants in disguise. A recent study from The United Kindom Local Enviromental Groups found that “The biggest issue with cruises are the levels of nitrogen oxide that link to acid rain, higher rates of cancer and other respiratory diseases.” These cruises are hiding their dark truth and hiding the fact that it can cause long-term diseases in humans on land, onboard, and boat workers. 

Yet people still want to enjoy them. Cruises are like mini floating cities. They got restaurants, pools, malls, food courts, entertainment, beds, everything someone needs to live as they would on land and people are mesmerized by it. And the ship companies are doing everything to keep people addicted.

Up until thousand of years ago, ships were to go explore new land, fight wars, and barely used toxic chemicals to function the boat. They were used wisely and not much of a problem. Now millions of people a year board ships for vacations/entertainment and millions of toxic particles are being released into humans. 

Today there are so many chemicals that “40,000 to 100,000 Britons die every year because of emissions from shipping and cruise industries”. Compared to back then that number is enough to make a whole village of people. A single cruise ship can produce as much pollution as 700 trucks and 1 million cars. This explains to us that pollution coming from one single boat is enough to do tons of damage to the environment and hurt humans. These mini floating cities we think are cool are actually slowly killing humans and endangering our health.

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