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September 22, 2018
By Lisa0228 SILVER, Richmond, Columbia
Lisa0228 SILVER, Richmond, Columbia
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Have you ever visited a place that can catch your attention no matter how many times you visit? Well, Tokyo never gets boring for me, and I will tell you why.

Japan is a caring country. It is the only country that has airports where the luggage is pulled from the luggage belts by workers who line it up according to color. Passengers can easily get their luggage without pulling and tugging or using a lot a energy. It’s a huge benefit to those who have physical issues. Tokyo also has hot seats on the subway to keep you warm. Likewise, even in winter, my family and I can feel the warmth coming from the Tokyo citizens.

Tokyo is a neat and organized country. Even in the most deserted places, the public restrooms are shiny and seem brand new. The mirrors don’t have a single dust speck on them. At these washrooms, even when I’m in the worst mood, I will feel happy and relaxed. Tokyo is also known for its innumerable subway lines. But because the people of Tokyo are so organized, the subways never bump into each other and passengers move efficiently in and out of the subway cars. Passengers will never get lost because the subway signs are clear and written in various languages. So, don’t worry – just ride with the wind!

Of course, one of the best reasons I like Tokyo is because of how fun it is. Everywhere, you look, you can find cartoon characters, dolls, and fun posters. My favorite character is Totoro, that little gray mouse created by the famous and imaginative cartoonist, Hayao Miyazaki. Even the grown ups in Tokyo are willing to play like children. There are also many stationery stores in Tokyo, where paper and pens reflect simple beauty. My favorite pen is wine red with a tiny label that says “ Great Day.” A single golden line twirls and circles the pen’s body, like a great dragon. The pen is not just beautiful, but also powerful and can write delicate words.

Just like this pen, Tokyo is a city that is beautiful on the outside with skyscrapers and cartoon-painted walls. At its core, Tokyo is smart, clean, organized, fun, and caring. I will always love this city.

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