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Be a Champion

March 17, 2009
By Ricky BRONZE, New York, New York
Ricky BRONZE, New York, New York
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To be a champion you feel great about what you have achieved and what your coach, teachers, parents or friends have taught you. When I won a championship, I felt great because I found out what it takes to become a champion. It takes hard work, practice, discipline, learning new things, responsibilities, sacrifice and most important teamwork. Sometimes, I had to go practice instead of hanging out with my friends. We practiced three times a week. Our coach made us run suicides and do up-downs if we acted out or started fighting. We had to learn how to play as a team in order to win.
Last year, when our team the Rosedale Jets played Copiague, we won the 2nd place championship. I was elated even though we came in second place. I didn’t get a jacket, but I still appreciated that my coach taught me how to play with teammates and how to play the golden, glorious game of football!
This year, I’m still playing football and I’m close to getting to the championship. The Rosedale Jets will get that 1st place championship and a championship jacket because I’m working hard for it. We deserve it because my coaches taught a lot of fundamentals, drills, and plays to beat the other teams. This year our team is unstoppable because the Rosedale Jets never lose. We are talented with the athletic gift of football.
One day soon, when I hope I make it to the NFL, I’ll feel great if my team wins a championship. I’ll help them win a super bowl, so that the team will be in the Hall of Fame. If my team makes it to the Hall of fame my face will be in the hall of fame. Also kids would look up to me, if they want to become an NFL football player, as I did when I looked up to my favorite football players. NFL players probably feel like champions everyday. Finally, in my own way I now know how it feels to become a champion in my own life.

The author's comments:
this is an artical to inspire people and kids how 2 be a champion and it takes and what you have to do 2 succed in being a Champion and not just that succeding in life

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