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My Dream

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

“Those who are given much have much expected from them.”
Yeah, that’s what I live by. Ever since I was born. Believe me, I was given much. I played futbol. I was the best at my age. At age 6 I started playing with Sheffield Wednesday, my club. But, I found my real talent, my amazing skills at my 3rd game.
We were playing Tottenham, the 1st place team. I had the ball and nutmegged the captain. Breakaway the goalie, and me my heart was going to come out of my chest. Than I fell a tackle from behind it was like being hit by a truck.
“Pk, Pk, Pk, Pk, Pk,” was all I heard from the ref.
I took the shot. Seconds became minutes, minutes became hours, hours became days. The ball was spiraling upper 90. The adidas panels facing me, the stitching smiling. It hit the crossbar. Oh no, I thought. But it hit the turf across the line. GOAL!

I couldn’t believe it! I won the game. Being crowded, I started to feel like a star.

Well, I’m18 now and still playing for Sheffield Wednesday. My manager called me into the office. I walked in sweating bullets of fear. “I’m cut,” I thought.

“ Well son, you’re going to Chelsea,” said the manager with his jet-black hair, in his tux sitting on his chair. I smelled his American cologne and heard his pen tapping.

“YES!,” I screamed, “My dream”. I had the oh –yes-I-can’t-believe-it look. I started to hug him all over. Running to my friends, yelling across the field, tripping on the bumps, I told everyone.

On the plane ride over, I was stuttering like Nemo and the word “anemone.” I landed and to my amazement, the team was in front of me. Didier Drogba at the front. My very, very favorite player. They took me to the stadium it was the perfect field. I took my first shot POP! was all I heard upper 90. They congratulated me and welcomed me.

5 months later…….

Ball! Ball! Ball! Sprinting past the defense I was the wind. Blasting the ball, bouncing, and hitting I went into the 5th season. Fans cheering, players celebrating on our win.

Driving home to join the party, every headline of the newspaper was about sme.


I loved it. I didn’t need a team I’m a one-man show. Until the day I got caught late to practice. No one to back me up I was alone. Coach gave me a 10 game suspension. Everyone ignored me. By myself I thought about it.

My suspension was over and instead of scoring I passed. I was the playmaker. To my surprise I was still in the newspaper

So I kept that role and became captain. I always remembered “To whom much is given, much is expected from.”

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