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National Go Skateboarding Day

June 3, 2008
By Anonymous

Every year on June 21, it is national go skateboarding day. This is a day for skaters every ware to attend contests, fund raisers, races or other activities. It is one of my favorite days in the year because I do nothing but skateboard all day. I get to go to many of Oregon’s famous skate parks and ride the day away. Last year I attended over 4 skate parks, and I plan to attend even more this year. Every skater across the nation takes this day to promote the sport us skaters love. Hopefully skateboarding will continue growing at the rate it is. It is becoming one of the most popular sports in the world. More and more professional skaters are popping up from all different countries, and more and more parks are being built or improved on. Skateboarding is one of the only sports that has NO rules, unless in a competition but that is different. Who knows if this sport will ever die, but once you start it seems to take over your life, and it takes all your time. It seems all you want to do is skate. Hopefully this years go skateboarding day will bring more people, respect, and parks to us skaters. And remember, SKATE OR DIE!!!

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