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Instant Replay

September 22, 2008
By Anonymous

Instant replay, a hot topic to debate about on every sport show on t.v. my take on it is it is a good idea but why in the middle of the season. I get Bud Selig's idea that they want to go into the playoffs knowing they know how to use instant replay. But why not just start next year. It is taking attention away from the actual game of baseball. Also instant replay doesn't guarantee you will get the call right. The first time it was used I was watching the game as an avid Yankees fan and in paticular an Alex Rodriguez fan. A-Rod hit one over the foul pole and they initally ruled it fair. Naturaly I was thrilled for Alex. After several replays on the television the broadcasters saw and pointed out that there was a foul pole continuation on the back wall of Tropicana Field which showed the ball clearly foul. No many how many sports comentators review it I like the idea of the rule just not the timing that the rule was put into play.

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