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The Moment I Will Never Forget

April 17, 2008
By Anonymous

As the players stand on the cold, hard floor
Everything is going through their mind.

Everything they’ve learned, everything they’ve heard.
This is the game they have to win

If they don’t it will be over,
It will be the end.

The game starts
As our team scores the crowd roars!

The shiny bright orange ball going
Through the air and bouncing on

The rubber hard ground.
When the ball hits the glistening rim,

The ball begins to spin like a tornado
Faster and faster then drops dead.

Swish, swish is all you can hear,
When the ball gently goes through the soft net.

When time is running out
Things begin to hurry,

The crowd screaming louder and louder
The pressure is on more than ever!

Thinking can they win,
They’re losing by 3

One second left the clocks running out
The shot goes up,

Three pointer by us wins the game!

Everyone in the stands comes running out
Hugs, kisses, screams and tears.

Throughout the gym noises are everywhere
We won the game we did it!

That right there was the best day of my life,
That day we won the basketball championships!

That day right there
I will never forget.

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