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Before Each Game

April 20, 2008
By Anonymous

Before each game of lax, I walk
Across the field to the lines of chalk
I think about all the moves I can make
So on the field I don’t make a mistake
The team walks out to practice their skills
The first things we do are our line drills
We practice like we play
So we are ready to play on any day
The team runs into the locker room
We all talk until we hear the boom
Coach walks in with a deadly grin
Then he yells “WHO WANTS TO WIN?”
Everybody screams and gets ready to play
This is our home and this is game day
I walk into the bathroom to put on my eye black
I look like a warrior ready to attack
The team lines up 2 by 2 behind the door
Our cleats are clicking and clacking all over the floor
We are all quiet and ready to play
This is lacrosse and this is game day.

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