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The Boston Red Sox: Preview For The 1992 Season MAG

By Anonymous

   As the opening of the 1992 season draws near we ask ourselves the same question as we have in past years, "Is this the year the Red Sox will win it all?" The last time the Red Sox won the World Series was 1918. The last time the Red Sox won the America League pennant was in 1986. Since 1986, in the even years (1986, 1988, 1990 ), the Sox have won the American League East. Winning the America League East in 1992 is expected, but can we expect more this year? We hope the answer is "Yes."

A few additions to the Red Sox make them and the Blue Jays the favorites to win in the East on paper. Our new manager, Butch Hobson, has the enthusiasm and competitive drive the team needs. If he can gain the respect he needs from his players, it is going to make it easier to win those 90 to 95 games they need. Frank Viola was the big off-season acquisition made by the Sox. This 1987 Cy Young Award winner has the ability to win 15 to 18 games behind Roger Clemens. Herm Winningham will become beneficial in the upcoming season. His speed on the base paths enable him to be used as a pinch-runner in the late innings and his solid defense allows him to play any part of the outfield.

Spring training has provided onlookers with optimistic views as well as painful disappointments. Ellis Burks looks healthy and ready to put up some tremendous numbers. Tim Nearing looks very flexible in the field and his hitting is pretty good. Phil Plantier appears ready to hit 30 homers and drive in 100 runs. While on the down side, Wade Boggs, Jody Reed, Luis Rivera, and Tom Brunansky are not hitting well. Roger Clemens is not exactly pitching perfectly. Carlos Quintana's car accident might keep him out for the whole season.

As in the past years, Toronto and Boston will be at the top of the East. The changes made in the other five teams will help them get closer, but not close enough. Although this team is not the "Team of the Century," or anything close to that, it is still our team and we hope the best for them. n

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