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What Volleyball Means to Me

September 23, 2007
By Anonymous

I like a lot of sports,but volleyball is my favorite.I am on my school`s team.I`ve played volleyball for three years.This is the story on how I got interested in volleyball.

At the end of my 6th grade year they had sign ups for volleyball.I knew almost nothing about it but it sounded exciting.That summer I worked everyday more than once to get better.At try-outs I was really nervous and missed every serve that counted.I did pretty good on everything else but I still didnt think I was going to make it.It turned out I did.I was even setter.After the season I went to a clinic that helped me a lot.I got my over hand serve from The next summer I went to a camp and that helped me a lot too.

My eighth grade year I was top server at the end of the season.This year I was one of the worst players at first because I didnt practice at all during the summer.Now we are half-way through the season and I start Junior Varsity and I sit for Varsity in case one of their players get hurt or are having an off game.

Out of all these years, I learned that if you want to get better and stay good at something you love, you have to practice and keep working at it.I thought about quitting volleyball a few times because i kept messing up all the time but then i worked on it and got better at it.If I never would of tryed out for the volleyball team,I would of never done any sports and wouldnt of met half of my friends i`ve met.I`m so glad volleyball came into my life.

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jamboree said...
on Nov. 5 2010 at 2:56 pm

I had volleyball try-outs once, i got all my serves over. I made the team.

The End