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Hockey Lockout MAG

By Anonymous

   Hockey Lockout

by T. C., Framingham, MA

First it was the baseball strike. Now it is hockey. It's like a disease among sports. What's next? The whole point with the lockout is that the owners of the hockey teams want to put a salary cap on each of the teams in the National Hockey League. This means that teams will only be able to spend a certain amount of money on teams and players yearly.

Now that this is under argument, we are without hockey until a settlement is reached between the organizations and its players. The players do not want this because they will not be getting as much money as they would have liked.

I think they should stop arguing and start the season, because it's unfair to the fans to postpone the season because some players are too greedy for their own good. These players make plenty and they should take what they have and get back to playing some good old hockey again so everyone can once again be happy including the players, owners, and their many fans.

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