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The Lost Trait MAG

By Anonymous

   Sportsmanship: has it really gone by the wayside? Do all athletes have poor attitudes and poor conduct? Are fans becoming less and less supportive and more abusive? Unfortunately, this is the impression that viewers get when watching any sport. However, not all athletes and fans exhibit poor sportsmanship, despite what is seen on the court or field, as well as in the stands.

The game where Dennis Rodman kicked a photographer was a blatant demonstration of how every game we watch seems to contain some poor sportsmanship. Athletes are frequently seen throwing elbows or getting into fights. Some athletes even physically and verbally abuse officials. These acts of poor sportsmanship cannot be tolerated at any level of sports.

The athletes aren't the only ones guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct. Fans can be poor sports too. The fans may seem like an insignificant part of a sport, but they play a major role when they "boo" athletes. Recently during a varsity basketball game, I was on the floor playing hard, giving it my all. In the stands an upset supposed "fan" of my team stood up and yelled at the coach to take me out of the game. I might not have been playing well, but that is no excuse for ridiculous behavior. These actions can also make a player lose concentration. In extreme cases, fans will throw debris on the playing field and verbally or physically abuse players and officials. Fans often get into fights in the stands, getting so malicious that it interferes with the sport. This must not be tolerated.

Despite the poor sportsmanship, there is a good side to sports and its fans. There are more athletes and fans with good sportsmanship than with poor. Athletes who commit violent or offensive acts usually get attention, but the athlete who helps an opponent from the ground after falling gets little attention. Also, the fans who applaud and cheer for both teams and have respect for both players and coaches don't get recognized.

Sportsmanship is slowly becoming a lost trait, but it is not extinct or even endangered. However, there is much unsportsmanlike conduct that must be done away with. The athletes and fans who practice good sportsmanship deserve more credit than those who behave poorly. l

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