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The Celtic Football Club

May 19, 2008
By Anonymous

The Celtic football club was found in 1888. They are a Scottish team based in Glasgow. They compete in the Scottish premier league which is a football (soccer) tournament. The name is the Celtic Football Club until 1994 it was changed to The Celtic football Club and Athletic Company Ltd.

The Early Years

Celtic was founded in 1888 by Brother Wilfred an Irish Marist. They formed the Lisbon lions the manager jock stein and famous outside right jimmy Jhonstone. In 1965 the first issue of Celtic view came out which was the first ever football club newspaper which still goes on today.


The Rangers are another football team also in Glasgow. Together the Rangers and Celtic form the old firm. The first ever game Celtic ever played was against Rangers. Celtic and Rangers are the most popular teams in Scotland. The supporters of the two teams take it very seriously.

The Old Firm

The old firm is a rivalry between the Glasgow Celtics and the Glasgow rangers. Not only are they the most popular teams but the most successful. The SPL which they compete in they are together at least twice a season there are four seasons a year. On May 5th, 2005 it was official that Celtic and rangers played each other three hundred seventy five times.

Celtic and Media

Celtic has its own newspaper Celtic View and its own TV channel Celtic TV. Both are very popular and make the team a lot of money with the internet TV channel or Celtic replay.
Recent Seasons


In the 04-05 seasons Celtic and rangers were in a close race for the title. But the rangers were behind Celtic and didn’t make it to the cup but Celtic did against Dundee United a took the win 1-0.


The 05-06 seasons for Celtic was a great season they won the cup but let me tell you what happened before that the beat rangers both times. They knocked them out of the cup. The cup game was Celtic vs. Hearts.

Celtic records

Celtic holds many records such as the record for biggest victory 11-0 against Dundee that was set in 1895. Their record defeat was 0-8 against Motherwell. They have a record attendance of 146,433 in 1937. In one game Celtic beat rangers 7-1 in the SPL finals. Celtic park is the only park to have a motorcycle speed race.

Major Honors

Celtic has many major honors and even world records. The first major honor for Celtic is 41 SPL cups. They hold the world record for nine cups in a row. They have thirty four Scottish cups. They also have thirteen Scottish league cups.


I have told you about Celtics early years and the arch rivals. I told you about the Old firm and the recent years of the great team. I told you about the only football newspaper and all the media channels. All the major records and all their major honors. That’s the Celtic football club and all its surroundings

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