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Letter to Sadness

June 11, 2018
By cabarker BRONZE, Hackettstown, New Jersey
cabarker BRONZE, Hackettstown, New Jersey
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My Dearest Sadness,

For years you have been a loyal companion of mine, but it is time for me to be completely honest. I know that I need you, that without you, Sadness, the happiness wouldn’t feel as genuine.

Despite knowing all of this, it is time to take some distance. Sadness, my dear, it is not because I don’t love your tender pull towards depression. It feels like it would just be so easy to let go and fall into your arms. If I allow you to consume me fully, I will lose my joy, I will lose myself, so I must take my distance.

There have been many times when everything felt so heavy that I couldn’t walk anymore; it felt like I was sinking through the ground and you gave me a river of tears to float on. When nobody else would listen or care, you were there letting me scream. When I felt trapped, you opened a door, and you let me sit for a while, away from reality.

I’m not sorry to tell you that things have been getting better, but I am sorry that it means you have to go. I no longer need my river, because my passions have let me fly. I no longer need to scream, because my joy has left me singing. I no longer need to escape, because where I am is my happy place.

I do not want to let you go completely, there will still be days that I need you to hold me. There will still be days that I so desperately need your affection to remind me that it’s okay to be upset. There will always be times when I need a river of tears, but through this I just hope I won’t be drowning in it anymore.Sadness, my love, you are holding me back. When I get home and you are waiting, I know that nothing will get done, because I only want to be with you.

So, my dearest Sadness, I hope you know that this is not your fault, you cannot change who you are. I love you for you, but ‘you’ is just too much for me to handle. I need to stop filling my days with sadness and start focusing on positivity.

No hard feelings?

Much love,

Corinne B.

The author's comments:

This is a letter that I decided to write to my sadness. In a time where I feel that I am finally starting to get past many of the issues I have been having in life, I decided to write something more positive. I get so used to wallowing in my sadness and letting it consume me, that I forget that it's okay to be okay. This piece was a milestone for me. Thank you.

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